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Advice to and Regarding Children

As the Site Editor, a father to grown men, and grandfather to a young grandson, I have created this page to index several writings of the Early Quakers to their children. Each writer was a totally regenerated, entirely new creature, dwelling in the Kingdom of God. Each writer was a giant in the Early Quaker movement, whose writings live to posterity.

After our wife, children are a man's greatest treasure in this world. So, when we can see how these worthies of the Lord instructed and advised their children, we know it is their best; and it is the best advice available from anyone in the world, because all of these men lived in close counsel with our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Francis Howgill and Isaac Penington wrote to their children when long imprisoned. As William Penn was departing for the colonial wilderness of Pennsylvania, he wrote to his wife and children, not knowing if he would see his wife or children again. So their advice was somewhat of a last will.

No, their knowledge and wisdom was not earthly — their wisdom was from above, for they were the oracles of God, convincing thousands of the Truth, and then counseling them as the convinced worked out their salvation.

The writings indexed on the left side bar are treasures. May they be helpful to you in ordering your life, and then to your children afterwards.

Some Additional Guidelines to Those Newly Convinced Parents with Children

On this site we are counseled not to teach until we have been specifically authorized by the Lord. But what about our children? We have a responsibility to raise them with proper values, which includes a true description of God and what He expects from every person. I have a few suggestions for how to approach children.

  • Certainly you should tell them about God and Jesus, as well as right vs. wrong, particularly honesty.  Teach them the Golden Rule: to treat others as they would have others treat them. Mat 7:12. Teach them not to lie, not to steal, not to speak bad words that they hear others speak, not to fight with other children, to obey their teachers and parents, etc.

  • Be sure they understand that Jesus created the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them, before He stripped himself of his Godhood, to come to the earth and teach us as a man; and though He lived as a man while on earth, He is not a person like you or them, but rather He is a spirit that fills the heavens and the earth, is radically different than a man, is before all things, and by him all things consist.

  • Explain to your children that they are created beings and because they were created by God, they should be curious to know Him and wish to please Him.

  • Tell them they are here on earth to seek the Lord, and perhaps might feel after him and find him, though he is not far from every one of us; and in the process of seeking Him, learn how to conduct their life to have the greatest happiness possible, which God is eager to teach them.

  • Tell them that there is a small measure of God, (the Light, Christ), in each of them; and sometimes in our lives God anonymously reasons with us and pleads with us without identifying himself, showing us what we should not do, and urging us to do good. His explanations are always perfectly true, and if we love the truth, and follow his urgings, He will give us even more counsel for how to live successfully, be the most happy, and please Him too. You need to stress that His pleadings with us are anonymous; He doesn't identify Himself. Also He doesn't start giving commands; rather He reasons with us, showing how our evil behaviors harm us and others; in other words, He presents the truth about their actions, and should they selfishly turn away from His truth about the consequences of their continued evil behavior, their denial of the truth and refusal to give up their selfish ways will be vividly replayed to them after they die; and then they will be deeply ashamed and horribly regret they did not heed the Lord's counsel. (This you need to stress with them.)

  • As I sat down to begin waiting on the Lord, I had been thinking how to further explain God to my 3 1/2 year old grandson, who was very curious about everything, and heard the Lord say to me: "Hide and seek," which I immediately understood was a perfect explanation for a young child. God is hiding to see who will seek Him. That is the sole purpose of our life: to seek the invisible God and find Him so that we hear Him teaching us how to live properly and changing us to be like Him — to then see Him and be full of indescribable joy and peace forever, knowing all things.

  • Tell them that He is like a kind father or older brother, who sees and hears everything they do or say. So they should always fear doing bad things, knowing that He is aware of everything they do, and that bad things we do makes him sad; but He is happy and pleased with them when they act and speak correctly.

  • That we need to practice being quiet to listen and watch for his teachings, because He speaks to us with a soft voice and shows us things about ourselves —if we persistently and patiently sit in silent humility and wait on Him, as we listen, watch, and follow His instructions to us. It is usually easier for children to hear God than it is for adults; they are still relatively innocent, particularly the very young.

  • You should invite them to wait and listen with you on a daily basis when possible, but also to listen themselves, particularly before they go to sleep and awakening.

  • Based on the message received from the Word of the Lord within: "Children are taught fellowship with some other being rather than with God," by persistent listening for the Lord to speak to them, children can immensely benefit from the Lord's counsel, teaching, correction, love, and encouragement. Several of the early Quakers wrote of the Lord counseling them at an early age.

  • Tell them that if we listen and follow his counsel, He will change us to become more like him.

  • Tell them that they should not be angry, be mean, be rude, think they are better than others, be disobedient to teachers and parents, do foolish things, boast, lie, tease, steal, etc.; and they need to be on their guard to reject thoughts about doing those kind of things themselves; and that God is in them to help them guard against doing things like that.

  • Teach young children to share their toys with their friends when they are playing together, and not to be selfishly possessive. Teach them the satisfaction of seeing their friends joy in having a turn in playing with their toys. In this way, they can begin to learn that it is more blessed to give than receive.

  • Tell them that He is pleased when they obey their mother and father, following their rules and orders.

  • Tell them that what is important in this life is not good looks and/or strength, but a kind, humble, gentle, patient, quiet disposition, which is highly valued by God.

  • When your children get old enough to use the computer, download and install a porn filter to prevent them from being corrupted.

  • Young children can benefit from reading or being read to from The Golden Children's Bible, widely available. As children become more curious and mature, show them the web site, and encourage them to read the on-line Bible of the site. For very young children, there are Toddler Bibles also available.

  • When they are old enough to show preferences, discourage their desires to follow the latest in fashion, the root of which is wanting peer approval for their appearance. Stress that they should want the approval of God, not other children with little to no understanding of who God is and what he desires.

  • Can young children hear and even become servants of the Lord?—below is an extract from The Journal of George Fox, showing how eight year old Mary Fell, the daughter of Margaret Fell and later to become a step-daughter of George Fox, was a servant of the Lord delivering a prophecy to a priest of the false church:

    "And this same year Mary Fell, the eight year old daughter of Judge Fell, was moved to go to priest Lampitt, (the priest of the Calvinist Independent church that her family previously attended), to tell him that the Lord would pour out the vials of his wrath upon him; and when the King came in, he lost his job as a priest."

    All four daughters of Margaret Fell became prominent ministers of the Lord. (Margaret Fell's husband, Judge Fell, later died; eleven years after her first husband's death, Margaret was married to George Fox.)

  • George Fox said: Do not encourage either your wives or children in seeking the world's fame and honor for that which encourages you to do so, is carnal; and the carnal mind is not subject to the Law of God.

  • George Fox also said: Those who have wives, or who have husbands, or who have children that are not [yet convinced]... can be won over by your exhibited chaste conduct and good works.

  • Do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. Eph 6:4

    William Penn's letter to his children on the side bar has excellent advice on discipline of children, an extract of which follows:

    "love them with wisdom, correct them with affection. Never strike in anger, and suit the correction to their age as well as their fault. Convince them of their error, before you chastise them; and try them, if they show remorse, before severity; never use that, but in case of obstinacy or impenitency. Punish them more by their understandings than the rod, and show them the folly, shame, and lack of duty of their faults rather with a grieved than an angry countenance, and you will sooner affect their natures, and with a nobler sense, than a servile and rude chastisement can produce."

Communicate the essence of following writing by George Fox to your young children:

"And the Lord said to Jeremiah 1:5, ‘Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you; and before you came out of the womb, I sanctified you.’ And so here all may see, and consider, and know themselves to be the great work of God; that when God that forms and fashions you in the womb, and brings to birth, and has brought you forth, that you may choose the good and forsake the evil; that you may remember and consider, that you are the work of the Lord, and remember your Creator, and who has fashioned you and formed you in the womb, and has brought you to a birth, and has brought you forth to fear, and serve, and worship, and honor him that has made you, and brought you forth. For as Solomon said in Eccl 12:1, ‘Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not, or before the evil days do come.Now this is the duty of all youth, let them be males or females, to remember their Creator, and let him not go out of their memory, so that they may be fitted to stand in the evil days when they come; for when they grow up to be young men, then the evil days will appear, in which they may be tempted to ‘adultery, fornication, drunkenness, theft, murder, lying, cozening, cheating, unrighteousness, ungodliness, lightness, wantonness, pleasures,’ and other evils, by which they may forget their Creator by going into such evils, when they are tempted to such things. The evil days come to try youth, for those who yield to such evils before mentioned, forget their Creator, and forsake him; for Solomon said, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ Pro 22:6. Here is the duty of parents, and the duty of children, which is to be practiced and followed. Now here is the duty of youth, ‘to remember his Creator in the days of his youth, before the evil days come.’ But what must we do when we come to be young men? What is their means and duty? David declared in Psalm 119:9, ‘How shall a young man cleanse his ways? By taking heed to and watching for your word, .. I have retained your word [spoken commands] in my heart, and I will meditate on your precepts, that I might not sin against you.’ So now, for all young men to take heed to the word of God in their hearts, and hide [retain] it in their hearts, and to meditate upon it; for the word is called a hammer, and a sword, and a fire, to hammer down, and cut down, and burn up that which would defile them in their ways, words, and hearts.

And the apostle said, ‘that the word of faith which he preached, was in their hearts and mouths, to obey it, and to do it.’ Rom 10:8,17. And ‘the engrafted word was able to save their souls,’ James said. And Peter said, ‘that they were to feed upon the sincere milk of the word;' but they which are hearers of the word, and not doers of the word, deceive their own souls.' James 1:22. And Christ said to his disciples, ‘Now you are clean through the word [which I have spoken unto you.’ So this word will keep the ways and the hearts of young men clean, the word of God, which is a sanctifying word, a reconciling word; and Christ told the Jews, his word had no place in them.

And again, he told the unclean Jews, ‘You do not have his word (namely, the word of God) abiding in you. John 5:38.’ So these Jews made a great profession of the scriptures, but did not have the word of God abiding in them; so they were not likely to be made clean by it.

And Christ said, ‘Sanctify them through your word, your word is truth,’ (namely, his disciples and believers). And again Christ said, ‘I have given them, (namely, his disciples), your word, and they have kept your word,’ (namely, the word of God). John 17:17,14,8.

Now here you may see the disciples kept the word of God, which was the means to keep their hearts, ways, and words clean; but the Jews, priests, Scribes and Pharisees, that made a great outward profession of the scriptures, whose ways were unclean, and mouths full of foul unclean words against Christ, Christ told them, ‘that the word of God did not abide in them.’ And therefore, though they had the scriptures, and made an outward profession of them, like the professors of our age, and others who go from the means, the word of God in their hearts, to keep their ways and lips clean, and to sanctify them; therefore they plead for a body of death to the grave, and a purgatory when they are dead, who live in a profession of the letter without the word.

And John said, ‘I have written unto you young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you; and you have overcome the wicked one,’ namely, the devil, by the word of God, which was before the devil was. So here you may see, what is the means by which the young men's ways are cleansed and sanctified, and what makes them strong, and to overcome the wicked one—the word of God abiding in them. And therefore, every young man, and all young people are to love, and obey, and do the word of God, by which their ways, words, and hearts, and all may be kept clean; for the word of God is a hammer and a sword, to hammer down, and cut down the devil and his works, and a fire to burn them up. So it is the word of power, the word of wisdom, the word of reconciliation, and the word of patience, by which they overcome.

By the grace of God, Christ the word and light is given to every man so that He might believe and obey — including to believe the truth of a man's ways, which the light reveals within him. God then visits every man at some time in their life, anonymously pleading with them to turn from the evil of their ways. The vast majority of men do not comprehend this anonymous pleading to come from God; and so if they don't love the truth of what they have been shown by the light of God within every man, they reject the truth, loving their evil ways, and in effect hating the truth, which is to hate Christ, who is the truth. The few that feel convicted as they are shown their evil ways, who acknowledge the truth of what they have been told, and who resolve to change their life accordingly — because of their love for the truth, those few men and women are then chosen by God to be given a spiritual experience that gives them a taste of the goodness of God, which is given to motivate them to seek He who has been hidden to be revealed. For those few, thus starts their spiritual journey to: 1) first discard the broad easy ways that lead to destruction and find the narrow, only way to God: the cross, and 2) to make the difficult journey to full reconciliation with God, restored to what Adam and Eve lost, but even better: to be translated into the heavens, to sit in the heavens with Christ, protected from ever sinning again, and be in their presence continually — all while still alive on earth and then forever.

Remember the scripture: Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. Only the Lord can give a man, including your children, the desire and hunger to seek Him; that is why this scripture limits your responsibility to the way he should go, not in the way he goes; the way he goes is your child's response to the call of the Lord.

If you read some of the writings on the left side bar, you will find further suggestions. When your children are old enough to read these letters on the sidebar for themselves, guide them to read the wonderful advice in those letters.

Now some warnings:

  1. Don't give you child a computer or access to a computer without first installing a porn filter. Pornography on the web can seriously disadvantage your child from hearing the Lord's calling.

  2. Be very careful with your child's choice of computer games. Keep away from games of violence and revealing images of bodies ; and be certain there are not demons within the game. There are games with demon characters, with which you must make a deal in order to succeed in the game. There are games with Satanic ceremonies, rituals, and word-for-word Satanic prompted recitations, etc. Participating in these games, your child can become demon possessed very easily; and there is no easy way out of that possession.

  3. Experimenting with magic and Satanism is all over the web, urging the reader to recite a particular Satanic Prayer or mantra; and this can result in serious demon possession. Warn you child to not ever experiment with magic, often disguised as innocent-looking games such as ouija boards.

I have heard from several people that have become demon possessed by playing with magic, through computer games, through participating in witchcraft rituals, etc.; and even when they realize they have become possessed with demons and turn to true Christianity, (the way of the inward cross), in hopes of ridding themselves of the demons, they are then attacked by the demons. By waiting on God with obedience to His commands to repent, He will eventually rebuild the walls in their heart to keep the demons out; but this is very long and difficult because the demons are continuing to talk to them, lie to them, torture them, fill them with doubts, discourage them, and confuse them.

This web site's purpose is to show how to become
free from sin
by benefiting from the changing power of God through the cross,
which leads to union with God in his Kingdom.


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