The Missing Cross to Purity

Part 23

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Robert Tuchin, John Barnes, Edward Buckler, Robert Dingly, James Crosswick, John Martin, Vincent Sparke, Joshua Tompkins, Simon Pole, Thomas Clarke, William Harby, Martin Wells, William Bignall, Richard Beminster, Matthew Herne. Their principles are as follows, who are teachers in and about the Island of Wight; and these fifteen priests are in the rear of the army of Babylon against the Lamb.

Principle. ‘That the good things, which the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ brings to sinners, was first heard at Jerusalem.’

Answer. The gospel, which is the power of God, which is the glad tidings to sinners, was preached to Abraham, before ever it was heard at Jerusalem, and the shepherds in the field received the message of the good tidings of the glorious gospel from the angel, which was sent to them of the Lord; who said, ‘Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy,’ and this was before the gospel was heard at Jerusalem. And all the fathers and prophets, that heard the power of God, heard the gospel; for the gospel is the power of God, glad tidings to the seed, and great joy to the poor captives. And this gospel was preached to Adam; the seed of the woman was promised to bruise the serpent's head, and that was, and is, the power of God, the glorious gospel; but as for such as know no gospel in manifestation nor operation, but only the scriptures which do but declare of the gospel, show that they are without, in the world, and have no other knowledge of the gospel, but natural knowledge, which is not unto eternal life, nor can edify the body of Christ, which is immortal.

Principle. ‘The good tidings, which the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ brings to sinners, was a great mercy to the Jews, and a very gracious dispensation to us sinners of the Gentiles.’

[Yes, the gospel is good news to sinners who mourn under their burden of sin, for it is a promise to release them from the captivity of their sin. But there is a class of sinners who look for a way to keep their sins and still escape hell; to such, these men are what their itching ears want to hear, who cannot stand the doctrine of dying to self on the cross, who therefore surround themselves with teachers of fables, such as these men, who speaks so many lies in the hypocrisy of still sinning himself, that their consciences are seared, as though with a hot iron. To men such as these, preaching a different gospel than Paul, who Paul wished would be cursed, the true gospel will remain a mystery, until these false prophets' death, when they are shown the truth, with the fury of God in consequence to them.]

Answer. The good tidings, the glorious gospel, is in itself a mercy to all; but only a mercy in manifestation and operation to those who receive it, whether Jews or Gentiles, and it is a judgment and a condemnation, to all that do not receive it, both Jews and Gentiles. But as for you fifteen priests, you have included yourselves among the sinners, showing that you are yet unconverted to the precious faith, which brings out of all sin and gives victory over it. And they who are converted are changed and renewed from being sinners, to be righteous, and these are not sinners of the Gentiles, (as is manifest you yet are), but they are believers of the Gentiles, who are made righteous in the righteousness of the second Adam, who has quickened them from death to life, and from sin to God; but upon such that remain sinners of the Gentiles, and receive not the gospel which is the power of God, the dispensation of it is judgment and condemnation; and this shall the testimony of God in every man give witness to.

Principle. ‘Dark we are since the cloud of sin overshadowed our minds, our brightest notions are stained, our light eclipsed by nature, we are chained up into a cave of darkness; taking mere notions to be things substantial, and substance to be shadows; and as our eyes are dim and cannot see much, so our sloth is great and heedlessness inexcusable, our ignorance of God may be charged on the want of meditation in all men, the sins of teachers being teachers' sins. Admit the minister be sinful, shall the people despise his doctrine? Scripture is scripture though uttered by Satan.’

[These men admit they are blind guides leading all into the ditch, where they are; and whom Jesus told us: leave them. They admits they appear outwardly righteous, but inside are full of iniquity, like whom Jesus said woe to. They admits they sit in darkness with no light, whom Jesus said did not know where they were going. They admit they are slothful and without excuse, such whom Jesus said he would cast into outer darkness. They admit they are ignorant of God and so being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work. One might think they are humble men, except they then have the audacity to suggest that people should still listen to their preachings because, even if Satan preaches scripture, the people should listen. Paul described such men as ministers of Satan, thinly disguised as a minister of righteousness.]

Answer. The ministers of Christ Jesus who were called and sent of him, were light in the Lord, and were translated from darkness to the light, and from Satan's power to God, and the cloud of sin was not over them, for that was removed, and they were as a city set on a hill, and were the lights of the world, and their minds were spiritual and enlightened, and not overshadowed with the darkness nor with the cloud of sin, as it is with these fifteen priests, whose brightest notions are stained, and their light eclipsed by nature, as they confess. But thus it was not with Christ's ministers, for their knowledge was in the spirit, and what they knew, was in, and through the spirit, and they were changed in nature. And their light, which was Christ, was above nature, and beyond nature, and not eclipsed thereby; neither were they chained up in a cave of darkness, but were as candles lighted, and as a city set on a hill that could not be hid, and they delivered forth to the world the pure truths of the gospel of Christ, which were not stained nor polluted, but pure and holy. And in that you take notions to be substance, and substance to be shadows, this is your great ignorance and blindness; but thus do not the true ministers of Christ, neither are their eyes dim, but the Lord is their light, and this promise is fulfilled to his ministers whom he has sent, the Lord is become their everlasting light; but to you his promise is not fulfilled, whose eyes are dim, and sloth great, and heedlessness inexcusable; as it was with the false prophets and dreamers of old, whom the Lord never sent, and thus it is with these fifteen priests, according to their own confession! But the ministers of Christ were not so, neither were they in sin, nor in ignorance, but had received the knowledge of God, and were known of him; and if the minister is sinful, he is not sent of God, but has run and never was sent, and his doctrine is despised, and not profitable, for scripture in the mouth of the devil, is but a temptation, no more is the doctrine of sinful men, as taught by them; for if the minister is sinful, he cannot convert sinners to God, nor turn them from darkness to light, nor from Satan's power to God, which is the work of the true ministers that have received the gift of the Holy Ghost; as it is manifest these men have not by their own confession.

Principle. ‘We are presented with a necessity of acknowledging that the light of the moon with us is as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun as the light of seven days.’

Answer. How does this confession of yours answer to your last? Let all wise and sober people judge, how confusion has uttered forth itself. What! your light eclipsed, and you chained up in a cave of darkness, and your eyes dim, and yet the light of the sun with you as the light of seven days! Is there anything in both these confessions, except ignorance, and a heap of confusion, and plain contradictions, that all may see your own confusions, out of your own mouths? But to them who are come to the fulfilling of the promises of God where the light of the sun is as the light of seven days, sin and iniquity are blotted out, and transgression is done away, and life and immortality are brought to light, and the glory of the Lord is revealed; and they who are in this promise, have come out of the apostasy, and out of the beast's kingdom of darkness, where you yet remain, as is manifest; for you are such as Christ said should come, and as John saw were come, who went into the world and deceived nations, but now the nations are gathering from you again, into the fellowship of the mystery of the gospel, which gospel has been lost, (I mean the receiving of it by the Holy Ghost, and the preaching of it as the spirit of God gave utterance), for many generations. But that gospel again is to be preached, and it is going forth to nations, tongues, and people, and great Babylon shall be confounded, and all her merchants shall weep and lament for her fall.

Principle. ‘We, the unworthy ministers of Christ, whose names are under written, having waited upon God in a way of earnest prayer, have jointly agreed to communicate our thoughts.’  

Answer. They who are true ministers of Christ are not unworthily so, nor in the unworthiness; and being unworthy, to what purpose do you wait upon the Lord? For those who are in the unworthiness, God does not hear nor regard, nor give his answer to such; and you having no answer from God, you must needs agree in your thoughts. But have you nothing to communicate to your people, but your thoughts, which are vain? how shall thoughts convert any to God, or establish any in him? And your prayers that are in darkness are not accepted of him; for they who are heard of the Father, are in Christ Jesus, and are new creatures, being changed from death to life.

Principle. ‘Our deep sense of the ignorance of our hearers puts us upon our prayers to God, and counsel one to another, what further course to take.’

Answer. Indeed a sad complaint may be taken up concerning this matter, for ignorance abounds, and many other grievous evils, in your church, and among your hearers, showing that your church is not the true church of Christ, nor you Christ's faithful ministers. But where or what is the ground of this ignorance that is among your hearers? is not the ministry in a great measure the cause thereof, and does not the blind lead the blind, and have not you been unjust and unrighteous in taking money and wages of people for teaching of them, and yet they have not received knowledge, but continue in ignorance? And as for your prayers and counsel, the Lord takes no notice thereof till you purge yourselves of your iniquities; and how should you profit the people, and bring them to the knowledge of God, while as yet yourselves are shut up in a cave of darkness, as you confess.

Principle. Speaking of your children, you say, ‘do not they come into the world with souls naked as their bodies? Nothing but filth upon the one, and nothing but sin upon the other.’

[Sorry, children do not come into the world full of sin. Children are innocent, and unless you become like a little child again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God, for to such the kingdom of God belongs.

Answer. It is manifest then that you are unbelievers and have not received the faith of Christ, but are yourselves in an unconverted estate; for the apostle said concerning the believers' children, that they were holy. If you can receive it, you may. But as for the soul, that is immortal, for ‘God breathed into man the breath of life, and made man a living soul,’ and sin came by disobedience, and that separates between man and God, who is pure, and has all souls in his hand. But as for you who are in a cave of darkness, the mystery of the soul is hidden from you, but you confess it is by your means that sin is conveyed to your children; yes, take responsibility for it yourselves, it is your work, and the Lord has no hand in it, not in sin, nor in making sinners; and it is manifest you are out of the power of God, remaining iniquity, and are out of the covenant of reconciliation.

Principle. ‘For sending children to us, we shall briefly offer the duty of it in these particulars: we are to feed the lambs of Christ as well as the sheep, they are part of our charge who are to watch over souls.’

Answer. What! Are children now the lambs of Christ, and were they in the last, having nothing but sin upon their souls, being begotten and born in sin? Sinners are not the lambs of Christ, but children of wrath; the lambs of Christ are such as are regenerated and born again. And as for feeding the lambs, how can you do it, who are taking substance to be shadows, and shadows to be substance? The bread of life you know not, which feeds the lambs and the sheep. But how many sheep and lambs are found in your flocks? Do not they by their fruits rather appear to be in the nature of wolves and swine? Let their fruits witness against them. And as for your charge, who committed any charge to you? and as for watching over the soul, the soul is immortal, which you watch not for, but for money and hire, and casting people into prison if they will not give it you, and causing the servants of the Lord to be persecuted; these and such like are the fruits of the priests of England; but if you watched for the soul, it would be otherwise with you. But who can gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Principle. ‘We should be full of affection to ourselves if we desired to work upon our hearers; and our authority in preaching is marred by unholy living.’

Answer. We do believe you; and it is manifest to the whole nation that your unholy living mars your preaching; for unholy men have not received commission from the Lord to preach his word. So you have run and not been sent, and there is no possibility of working upon your hearers by words, who give them so evil examples by your practices, by your unholy lives: and no authority of God's presence can be in your preaching to convert sinners, till you repent and come to live holily and like God. And this confession of yours has shamed you; for Christ's ministers never made such a confession; but they witnessed the authority of God's presence in their preaching, whereby they wrought upon their hearers, and they answered their preaching by a holy conversation, and did not mar their preaching by unholy living, as you confess you do.

Principle. ‘Sad one day will be the account of sleepy watchmen, blind seers, and dumb dogs, that cannot bark to fright the wolves or warn the sheep.’

Answer. Then look to yourselves; for blind seers are such as do not convert the people who speak imaginations of their own hearts, and not from the mouth of the Lord, and use their tongues, when the Lord has not spoken unto them, and preach for hire and divine for money, and seek for gain from their quarter; and that cry peace to those who put into their mouths, and prepare war against them who do not: such are blind seers, sleepy watchmen, and dumb dogs, of whom you speak; whose account indeed will be sad one day. These are the wolves that must be feared, that do put on the sheep's clothing, but inwardly are raveners and devourers, which went out from the apostles in the days of John, and which Christ prophesied should come; of whose generation you are, and not of the generation of the sheep, who ever were persecuted; and the Lord is beginning to frighten you and to gather his sheep, and this is the Lord fulfilling in this day.

Principle. ‘Many congregations still continue waste; none compassionate to tell them of the fire and brimstone from heaven for their sins; how many shoot off a few pop-guns against their gross sins, and then lick them whole with ill applied promises, but the blood of the people shall be required at their hands.’

Answer. Many congregations are waste, and ten thousands of people are as a wilderness, untilled or unploughed, or unplanted, in the way of righteousness, and the guilt of this will be laid upon the teachers, who have long been teaching and have been well paid for the work, and yet left whole congregations waste. But it was not so in the apostles' days, nor among their churches who were in the faith of Christ Jesus; but when the wolves in sheep's clothing entered, then began congregations to lie waste, which has continued for many generations, even while the beast and the whore have ruled over the nations; all nations have laid waste and been void of truth to the Lord. And who is it except yourselves that shoot pop-guns against their gross sins, and then lick them whole? Is it not common to cry peace to those who put into your mouths, and to prepare war against those who do not? and is it not common among you to apply justification by Christ to people that are uncovered and unrenewed, and to apply the promises to that birth that is not heir of the kingdom? and this is ill applied. And though you may cry against their unholy lives, yet yourselves being unholy, this is but hypocrisy, and sewing pillows under arm holes; and the blood of the people will God require at the hand of such teachers and such shepherds.

Principle. ‘The most faithful messengers of Christ will acknowledge they came short of their duty.’

Answer. They who are faithful messengers of Christ, have the answer, ‘well done, you good and faithful servant.’ Where did Paul, or John, or Peter acknowledge they came short of their duty? Have not you slandered the servants of the Lord, thinking them to be like yourselves, and falsely accusing those who you may seem justified, who are false messengers, and come in his name when you have no commission from him? And you come short of every good work, but thus it is not with Christ's true messengers, for they fulfill his will that sent them: and it is the Lord who works in them whose they are, and whose duty they perform by his spirit.

Principle. ‘The best of us have stammering tongues in this great work, and oftentimes we do it coldly and by halves, like Pellifer we see but with one eye; like Milkes, hear but with one ear; like unicorn, push against sin but with one horn. Place not good preaching in large speaking, judge of a minister by his brains, not lungs, by his heart, not throat.’

Answer. This is confessed to your own shame, who do your work coldly and by halves; it shows you have not the same spirit that was among the apostles, who were zealous, and faithful in the work of the Lord, and did it not coldly nor by halves as you do. And they saw with their eyes and heard with their ears, and their hearts God had opened, and they were a terror to all unrighteousness wherever it appeared. And the way to judge of a true minister is not by his brains, nor lungs, nor throat, but whether he has received the Holy Ghost, and whether they have the same spirit that was among the apostles, and whether the presence of the Lord be with them, and effect his own work through them? These are the signs of Christ's ministers to judge them by. So you have missed the true character to judge justly, and your judgment is false, and it shows you are not guided by the infallible spirit of God.

Principle. ‘We must attend to the words of the minister, though he himself is fruitless; in which sense we may be said to gather grapes of thorns, and figs of thistles: unsanctified ministers may possibly convert and comfort sinners, though our candle be in a dark lantern, and the saints know not what God is a doing.’

Answer. Christ said, ‘Either make the tree good, and his fruit good, or the tree nothing and his fruit nothing,’ and ‘none can gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles;’ but you say the contrary; and you are pleading for fruitless ministers that they should be attended to, but the apostle exhorted to turn from those who had the form of godliness, but not the power. And judge in your own selves how your words agree with Christ's and the apostles, they appear to be quite contrary. And unsanctified men are not Christ's ministers, nor did Christ ever send unsanctified persons, and they who run and were not sent, should not profit, nor did profit the people at all, could neither comfort saints nor convert sinners. But you are pleading for unsanctified ministers and for sinful ministers, and say that people should not despise their doctrine; yes, the doctrine and words of unbelievers are despised and rejected by the saints, and though you say, ‘scripture is scripture though uttered by Satan,’ yet I say, scripture in the mouth of Satan is temptation and not edification; and it is true your hearts are dark, and minds are dark, even as a dark lantern, we do believe it; and the light in you shines in darkness, and is held in the dark lantern, and no light in you appears unto the dark world, but your unholy lives and unsanctified spirits, and you know not what God is doing, who are unbelievers. But the saints have the mind of Christ, and know what God is doing; for his spirit dwells in them, but you have shut out yourselves that you are ignorant of God and what he is doing; but Christ's ministers, their light shines among men, and their good works are seen, but you have showed your folly and ignorance to all the world.

Principle. ‘But what if somewhat in the lives of ministers, contradict the word they preach; disorderly teachers are pretty well purged out; if any continue, it is the fault of those who do not bring their wickedness to light, that such may be rooted out, who make the offering to be abhorred, the sins of the teachers being teachers' sins.’

Answer. The true ministers of Christ, their conversations were in heaven, and their good works and holy lives were agreeable to the word they preached; but disorderly teachers are not purged out. To preach for hire, is a disorder, and to cause people to be put into prison, and to be persecuted, and to be whipped, and to have their goods spoiled, these are disorderly practices, and such are disorderly teachers, many of whom there are yet not purged out. But now the Lord God is arisen to try and to purge, and to bring wickedness to light, and to condemn the sins of teachers, and teachers for their sins, and such shall be rooted out, whose offering is abhorred of the Lord, because iniquity lodges in their hearts, and their lives are unsanctified, contradicting in their practices what they preach in words; such are hypocrites whom God will judge, and the law will utterly root you out in his season; you who are disorderly, and out of the order of the true church of Christ.

Principle. ‘We do not thunder in our pulpits, nor lighten in our conversations as we might; our thunderings are no more heard by glorifying Christ than their hallelujahs are by us.’

Answer. You lack the word of the Lord, which is terrible, it is not in your mouths, but the words of your own imaginations; and your words do not answer to the witness of God in the people's consciences, but you are like the dreamers the apostle speaks of, whose conversations are bad examples to all that look upon you; your unholy lives give an ill savor, and do not enlighten any man in the way of truth; and saints, who are glorified, do deny you, and do not hear you, excepting to give their witness against you. Neither do you know what the saints' hallelujahs are, who rejoice over the whore that has made all nations drunk; but of these things are you ignorant, and you are shut out from the assembly of those who can sing hallelujah to God and the Lamb for evermore.

Principle. ‘It is treason to undertake an embassage [negotiate with a foreign government]  without commission: I did not send them, yet they run, said the Lord, not knowing why, nor whither, they can tell no tidings for climbing on high, with the ape they do but show their own deformity.’

Answer. There is none more guilty than yourselves of this treason, and out of your own mouths will the Lord judge you. Where is your commission, and what is it? Do you have any other except such as the pope gave to his ministers? You have your degrees in your schools and attaining from one office to another, till at last you profess to be attained to the ministry; but this is not God's way of commissioning, but antichrist's way, and the Lord God is risen who will confound it. For the Lord has not spoken to you, neither has he revealed his glory to you, you have neither seen his shape nor heard his voice, neither are the tidings you bring, effectual to convert sinners; for you have climbed up another way, and do not enter in at the door, and the ape [beast] is truly your figure, for your deformity appears to the saints, and all the children of light see you and your original, which came up in the falling away of the true churches, when antichrist took the throne, and the man of sin got up into the temple, who for many generations among you has shown himself to be God, and has been worshipped as God.

Principle. ‘The accomplices of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, who usurped the priests' office, were destroyed, a warning piece for those who usurp the ministerial function uncalled, and unordained; let them take heed, when they presume to vent their illiterate, rude incoherence, and blasphemous stuff.’

Answer. This belongs to yourselves, you men of unholy lives, who have usurped the ministry uncalled and unordained by the Lord, and by his spirit; and you may take warning at Korah's destruction, whom the Lord shall as surely destroy with the fire of his jealousy. For while the beast has had power over nations, and the whore made nations drunk, all this time your authority has been exalted, by which you have been set up, and your ministers, without the life that the true ministers were in, and without that call and ordination which they had, for you are of man and by man [unlike Paul], and you do not effect the work of the true ministry of Christ, but are left desolate, and are desolate of the presence of God, being yourselves unlearned in the doctrine of Christ, venting your imaginations out of the truth, and out of the power of God, and there stands your ministry.’

Principle. ‘Unsanctified ministers may possibly convert people to God.’

[No, they make converts twice as fit for hell as themselves. Why? Because they will ask even less of their converts than they themselves have given to God; so each generation of convert becomes more and more fit for Hell.]

Answer. No, he who is unsanctified is out of the power of God, and the word of God does not abide in him, and he runs and is not sent, and it is not possible that such can convert sinners, who are themselves unconverted from their iniquities.

Principle. ‘That some learned Christians have been able to squeeze the greatest mysteries of our religion out of the writings of some heathens.’

Answer. This is the sum of your principles, you fifteen priests, and here is the sum of your ignorance and wretchedness discovered, and the vanity of your religion, whose foundation is the writings of heathens, and the heathens who did not know God; out of their writings your religion is made up, as you confess. This is the whore's religion that sits upon the beast, that the world has long wondered after, and not the true religion which the apostles and true churches were in. And they are no Christians, no saints, nor true Christians who go to the writings of heathens to squeeze out mysteries; they who do so, are the Christians in the apostasy, who have fallen from the life of righteousness, such as you and thousands are, at this day, being without the spirit, and without Christ. Therefore you run to the heathen for knowledge, and shame true Christianity, and true Christians, in reputing the heathen wiser than yourselves, who are willing to run to their writings to make up your mysteries. And such is your religion, deceit, and vanity, and the mystery of it, studied for, out of the heathens' writings! This is Christianity in the apostasy, and the religion apostatized from the life of true Christianity; for the true Christian religion, the foundation of which is Christ, who is the mystery of God, and of life, and salvation, and the mysteries of our true Christian religion, which we live in who have come out of the apostasy, are revealed to us by the spirit of the Father who dwells in us, and is in all who are in the true Christian religion, who deny the heathens and your apostatized Christians, and have come into the mysteries of eternal salvation, which are not squeezed by the imaginations of men, but revealed by the spirit of God; the great mystery, Christ in us, and the mystery of the kingdom, all this is made manifest to us, and to true Christians, whose religion stands in the power of God, and not in the tradition of men, nor fetched from the heathens' writings. And this religion will stand forever, but your religion, and ministry, and church, the Lord will confound, the author of which is the heathens' writings; and how then shall it stand? It is out of the bottomless pit, and arises out of that, and there shall it be turned into the pit that has no bottom. Oh! How have you blind leaders led the blind, who have been professing to teach Christ, and faith in him, these many years. And have you taken so much money from the nations, and do you now tell us that the greatest mysteries of your religion are squeezed out of the heathens' writings? O you unrighteous men, blind leaders! the Lord God Almighty has now risen, and the nations can no longer be satisfied with this religion, but the Lord is gathering out of your mouths, and you must howl and lament; all the idle dumb shepherds shall be confounded, and souls delivered, of which they have made a prey; for the souls of men have been the merchandise of Babylon's merchants, they have bought and sold the souls of men, they have blinded the eye of the soul, and trodden it down, and the immortal soul has not been respected otherwise than to make merchandise of it, to get gain [money] by it. There have been many traffickers since the days of the apostles, who have made merchandise of souls, but the judgment of the great whore has come, and of Babylon the mother of harlots, and the Lord God and the Lamb will plead against her, and the jaws of the wicked shall be broken, and their hearts shall utterly fail in the midst of them, and the Lord will reveal his righteousness from heaven, and by his judgments shall he be known in the earth, a mighty God, and a dreadful; and his dread and terror shall take hold upon your consciences. Come down and sit in the dust, for the Lord's controversy is against you; he will bruise you with an iron rod, he will break you as a potter's vessel, and you shall not escape his hand; for you are only like briars and thorns in battle before him, and like the stubble in which the fire is kindled, and you will be as the dross in the time of purging, and as reprobate silver: the Lord God has said it.

W. S.'s book, called ‘A Parson's Guide, concerning Tithes and the Law of Tithes.’

Principle. And he said he supposes, ‘that taking away tithes from ministers, but not taking away tithes from other men.’  

Answer. The law that has set up tithes, since the days of the apostles, is from the pope, the false church, the whore. The true church set up none among the apostles; and so tithes must be taken away from men as well as ministers, for they have been set up since the days of the apostles, by the pope's law, and not by the law of God, but by the false church, the whore, who have set up their tenths, and keep people in the ninths of the earth, with all their images. For the true priesthood that took tithes, among whom were all the figures, and types, and shadows, who took the tenths of the earth, among them was a storehouse for all widows, and strangers, and fatherless, to come and be filled within their gates. But there is no such thing among the pope's church, not in Christendom, no such storehouse for widows, and strangers, and fatherless; but the widows, and strangers, and fatherless beg up and down at the mass houses' doors. Those who set up their lying signs and wonders, who have tithes in the earth, who take tenths, and keep people in the ninths of the earth, God has discovered them, and the false church that set them up, and their law, since the true church went into the wilderness. And the apostles who preached Christ witnessed the seed of God, which ended all the figures, and types, and shadows, and the tenths, and ninths, and priesthood, and all types, and figures, and shadows, and bowings, and brought to the beginning, to know the election before the world was made, and so they witnessed redemption, that brings up out of the earth, into the everlasting priesthood and covenant, out of the ninths, as well as tenths, all being offered up to God. For signs were given to man since the fall, and tithes since man was driven into the earth; so man who comes to Christ and the church, comes out of the earth to the beginning, to reign upon the earth. And so the Papists are those who lead the people into the earth, with all their earthly images set up by the earthly, such as went out from the apostles, who have set up tithes since the apostles, and bring people quite into the earth with all their earthly images. But the apostle brought them up out of the earth, and into the redemption, out of types, figures, and shadows, and out of tithes, to the election before the world was made, and so into the everlasting priesthood. Now the false prophet, beast, and antichrist, the great whore, this woman, the false church which went forth from the apostles, brings people into the earth, from the life and election both, so that none there are assured of it; but they bring them into images, and into lying signs and wonders, and into ninths and tenths, and there nations stick in the earth, out of the image of God, and this has been set up by the beast, dragon, whore, and false prophets, who had the sheep's clothing, but are out of the sheep's life, and who are now with that seen, and with that judged.

Principle. And you say, ‘Tithes by our law were counted an ecclesiastical inheritance, oblation, obvention, offerings, this was called mere spiritual, as were offered to God and holy church.’

Answer. Here you have drunken the whore's cup, who came up since the church went into the wilderness. And do men hold their estates by ecclesiastical laws, and ecclesiastical inheritance? Indeed it is a Popish, superstitious inheritance, and so you may see where your inheritance comes from, and who has given it to you; but the church of Christ never required any such thing, but these things have been set up since the days of the apostles, your oblations, obventions, offerings; and this has been your cover, to say they were offered to God and holy church, and you say, tithes, the tenth part, have been given by the law, to the ministers of the gospel.

By the ecclesiastical law it has been given to clerks, and vicars, and parsons, and their curates, and you say our laymen by the common law could not have had their inheritance of tithes inheritable and grantable as of other temporal possessions, neither will they pass by the same words in grant, as other temporal possessions will do. Then men do not hold their temporal possessions by ecclesiastical laws, but by what you call your common law. So all these laws the pope, the whore, the false church were the author of, which have gotten up since the days of the apostles, by those who went forth from the apostles, into the earth, who keep people in the lying signs and wonders in the earth, under the false prophets, and the people must give them their tenths, and put [food] into their mouths, and they live in the ninths, though they have no storehouses for widows, fatherless, and strangers; and this is done by the corruptible mystery Babylon, got up since the days of the apostles and their church; by us she is judged, and all their ecclesiastical laws and government, by those who are in the law of Christ, the law of life, who witness the judgment of the great whore to have come, and the lamb and the saints have the victory, who have come into the power that the apostles were in. And these witness the marriage of the lamb, Christ Jesus, in whom there is no shadow of turning, him by whom the world was made before it was made, who was glorified with the Father before the world began, who ends the first priesthood, and its tithes and storehouse, and redeems men out of the earth up to God, from where they have been drawn, to know the word of life, which was in the beginning, by which all things were made. And who are in it, are in the life, and the word of wisdom by which all things were made and created, with which wisdom they know how to use all things again to the glory of him that created them. And thus men glorify God, in their bodies, soul, and spirit, which are the Lord's, among whom the blessing of God is felt, who in his kingdom reigns, and among whom the life and power of God dwell.

Thomas Hodges, bachelor of divinity, rector of Soldren in Oxfordshire, his principles in a book, called ‘A Scripture Catechism,’ as follows, where he goes about to confute errors, who confutes himself among them.

Principle. You say, ‘What godly heart without sorrow should see Christ's witnesses prophesy in sackcloth.’

Answer. Instead of sorrowing, you are those who kill them, and persecute them, and imprison them, as you have done to many who have prophesied in sackcloth, and with ashes on their heads in this nation among you, the false church, who are in sheep's clothing, since the woman went into the wilderness; so instead of sorrowing, you persecute, and so you confuse yourself, and are finding fault with the Papists and bishops of Rome, and speaking of their errors, and are found in them. Did they not set up the tithes, and the mass-houses, and the colleges where you were made a minister, and give you the names of rectors and curates, and your means to your colleges and old mass-houses? Are you not found in them and among them, their errors, false church, and great whore, since the true church went into the wilderness, among those who drink the blood of the saints, with sheep's clothing, not having the spirit as the sheep had, nor in their nature, so in the error?

Principle. You say, ‘The scripture speaks of God after the manner of men.’

Answer. The scripture speaks of God after the manner of the spirit, and to the spirit, by which men might receive him, and know him by the spirit, which natural men cannot.

Principle. You question to know, ‘whether the Holy Ghost is a distinct person, and the worship of God in three persons.’

Answer. Are you going about to refute the Papists' errors, and yet you hold them up, and justify them, which the scripture does not? For the Papists' common-prayer-book, and old canon-book speak of three persons, but the scripture speaks of Father, son, and Holy Ghost; and you speak of Christ, but you have not come to the light which Christ has enlightened every man who comes into the world with. And you speak of Adam's being the image of God, and yet have not come to Adam's state as he was in the beginning; so therefore do not know redemption, nor predestination, nor election, but are found in Adam's state, in the fall and reprobation. You speak of ordinances, and yet are a transgressor of the commands of Christ, who are called of men master, and are an imitator of the Pharisees' doctrines. You speak of the church, but are found to be one of those who are dressed with the whore's rags, since the true church went into the wilderness. You speak of the magistrates, yet are not in the higher power, which goes over all sin and transgression, which answers the transgressed in every man upon the earth. You call them dogs, evil workers, seducers, and heretics, who are doing their work, as your jails and prisons may witness in the nation and whole Christendom, [this imprisoning being] the fruits of dogs and evil workers, and seducers, and heretics, which was not Christ's work nor the apostles'. You speak of the commonwealth, but yet are out of what is the general good to all men, Christ, the light of the world, who is the saving health; all power in heaven and earth is given to him, in whom men have wisdom, by whom all things were made and created, to order the things by the wisdom by which they were created. You speak of soldiers, and yet have not come to John, a man sent from God, but are from the colleges, the Papists' houses, since the church went into the wilderness, and made by the will of man, and set up by the dragon's power, so have not come to the light that John came to bear witness to, that enlightens every man that comes into the world; so are short of rectifying the soldiery, who stop up the eye by which they should see. You speak of the error of the Quakers, who are found in error yourself; not come to see that which must be shaken, before that appears that cannot be shaken, nor even come to the trembling of the devils; not knowing the strong man bow himself that has kept the house, who is at peace, who is the author and ground of the error, and he who is stronger than he who kept the house, to make the devil tremble, and shake the earth where he has had his foundation, yes, and the heavens also. You also speak of the first birth, whose habitation is in the earth, and property there; ‘Who made me a divider of men's inheritances,’ me, who am the end of the law? For the law is just among you to divide to every man his right, but I who am the end of the law, redeems you from under the law, and out of the earth, but you who are found in this first birth in the earth, have set up your tenths, and keep people in the ninths, your greediness of it your presence declares. You speak of mine and yours in collections, so, you are found in self, and your coldness in collections for the blind and lame, fatherless and widows, the streets in London declare you, and the countries abroad. Yet you are all 'Christians' and baptized, yet you wear rings and scarves, and points, and others are crying for bread. You speak of buying and selling, &c. who are arming yourself to hold up the honor of the beast; and as for your buying and selling, the fruits of the great whore have declared themselves, who make merchandise of souls, and all other things, being out of the law of equity, which who acts in, acts in the will of God. You speak of good-morrow and good-evening, and would blind the world, though you brought scripture for it, and make them believe it is the Quakers' error to say the contrary. The morning is good, and the evening is good, and all is good that God created and made, as it was in the beginning, but by transgression they come to be vile and evil, by going out of the truth, as things were created; and by standing in the truth are all blessed. You speak of giving of thanks, and craving a blessing, and yet you say you must have a body of sin while you are upon earth; so your thanks and your blessings are from unclean lips, in the mouth that blesses and curses, and so proceed from the bad spring. You speak of Christian magistrates, and higher powers, and you speak of saluting and honoring, and bowing down before men, who have not come to Christ the power of God, who has all power in heaven and earth given to him. You have not come to the light that enlightens every man that comes into the world, and has all power, who subjects all magistrates to himself, who enlightens them to see him; and you have not come to the angel's state, who told John, not to bow to the angel, but worship God. John saw all the world worshipping the beast. In the old time they had bowed to the angel, but Christ is come, to whom the angels must bow, and those who are in him, have life and worship; and that is honorable which is in the truth, for he who honors God, God will honor, but honor to a fool is not seemly, but like snow in summer. And you speak of Christ's freemen, and you’re choosing it rather than to serve idolatrous masters; and these freemen who have chosen their freedom, and cannot serve you who are idolaters, who are spiritual Egypt, to work in the earth for you, to make you brick to set up your building, you persecute them as idolaters, you imprison them. You have the form of godliness, and deny the power; who will talk of the words but deny the freedom you speak of, one sitting and another standing to serve at meat, and so you put yourselves among the Pharisees; and does not Christ serve the children at the table who is the master? But in the world there is the lordship and exercising authority, and men do not know their own brethren; but masters and servants, as the scriptures declare, is owned, as Paul wrote to Philemon. You speak of Cain's and Abel's offerings, you who are the persecutors, and slayers, and prisoners of the just, offerers up of the earth, and are the city got up since the true woman went into the wilderness; but the city of the living God is known again, and you are judged, and your false church. You speak of salutations, and saluting enemies; how do you salute those that you imprison till death for your tithes? What a salutation is that! And cause them to be whipped and imprisoned for speaking to you! This is like Judas' salutation to Christ when he betrayed him, and not the salutation of the saints. You speak ‘of calling days by other names than the first, second.’  yes, you and your mother, the Papists' church, and the heathens, contrary to the Jews, and true apostles, and true Christians, call them Moonsday, and Sunsday, and Friday, after the name of the great idol in England, and Wodensday and Saturnsday; and this is contrary to the scripture and the form of sound words, and contrary to the law of God, which judges the heathen, and every day is the Lord's. And many names you give to your months, which the heathen are willing to teach you. You speak of interpreting the word, and giving sense and meanings, and thus with your interpretations, and senses, and meanings, you have brought whole Christendom into heaps; your fruits declare it to be out of the scriptures, to be out of the spirit that gave it forth; so your own spirits give the meaning in which lodges the envy, and serve your own bellies. But it is the spirit that leads into all truth and not you. You speak of singular and plural, as though you neither knew scripture nor accidence. You speak of the ministers going without gold and silver, brass, or purse, or scrip, &c. yet you will not go without augmentations, tithes, and glebe-lands [land belonging to a parish church], among those you call brethren, your baptized people. And you speak of taking a purse, and scrip, and sword, and selling his garment to buy one; Christ did so to fulfill the law, and bids them put it up again, and said it was enough, who ends it; so you are out of the faith and patience of the saints. You speak of good men, and calling them good; yes, I say, those who are full of the Holy Ghost and of faith; but wicked men, wolves, and beasts would have this title, persecutors, warriors, and devourers, in sheep's clothing, therefore is that angry which is exalted above all that is called God, who sits in the temple of God, that man of sin in you all, who cannot have that given to him which is given to God, by those who are in the discerning. You go about to prove the word landlord, and would thrust that into the scripture, when the scripture speaks no such word; but the law of righteousness which comes from God which is equal and just, and the prophets, to do as you would be done by. You are speaking of the angels who said, no, they would tarry all night in the street, and yet went in; the angels are servants, and their time has not come, and they may say nay, and yet afterwards see their time to go in. You speak of perfect, and yet in your doctrine says, none shall be perfect while they are upon the earth, and so you have denied the work of the ministry, so profit people not at all. And you say, ‘who can understand the error of his ways;’ and what you do, you do not allow, and sin remains in a man, then the devil has a habitation there, and there is death; but he who believes is passed from death, and so from the sin. And what gives a man to understand his error, turns him from his sin; those who come to know the anointing within them, that teaches those who continue in the son of God, and in the Father, these know all things, but those who are in the transgression [sin], not denying themselves, do not know the error of their ways, as you may see yourselves what you have run into, whose fruits have come to public view.

Principle. You speak ‘of Christ speaking in the synagogue, and false Christs, and false teachers in corners and chambers, and ministers must prove by scripture, for with that they convince the Jews.’

Answer. Christ went into the synagogues, and the apostles, to show the fulfilling, and him who was come to fulfill what they had in the synagogues, and the apostles showed them out of the prophets and the law that Jesus was the Christ. And the apostle was not a false Christ, nor a false teacher, who preached in his own hired house; nor the saints that met in several houses, who had come off from the Jews and the synagogues; but they are the false teachers and false Christs who deny the light that enlightens every man that is come into the world, which Christ has enlightened them with; and they are those who draw people into corners, and chambers, and deserts, and say, lo, Christ is here, and lo, Christ is there, who have gone and ravened from the light in their own selves, that Christ has enlightened them with. And such are the corrupt trees that cumber the earth, whose fruits have sufficiently declared themselves, who are to be thrown down into the fire, who will be condemned by the light which they have ravened from in their own particulars; and to you this is the word of the Lord; in the day of your visitation, the witness in your conscience shall answer it. And as for all the rest of your stuff to the Papists, who would make people believe you were not found among them, for the errors in this book, first came out of the Papist's work, before you find fault with them and cry against them, consider whether you are not one of those who kill and take possession? But the time is come when you are all comprehended, and you and the Papists found in one bond, one accord, one city against the elect. But he is set over you all, and the judgment of the great whore has come, who is got up since the true woman fled into the wilderness, and the man-child was caught up to God; but now has the man-child come again to rule the nations with a rod of iron, and the lamb, and the bride, the lamb's wife, is known, and the mystery of iniquity is discovered, and the mystery of godliness is revealed, and the saints shall have the victory, and the beast, and the false prophet, and the old dragon shall be taken, and cast alive into the lake of fire; and the everlasting gospel shall be preached to those who dwell upon the earth, to all nations, and kindreds and tongues, which is the power of God, which brings people into unity with God and the scriptures, and the mystery of God is revealed, and the mystery of iniquity discovered, and he who was dead is alive again, and lives for evermore.

Several scriptures corrupted by the translators (according to George Fox).

[A few of these errors have been corrected in later translations.]

  • Jude 1:14. ‘Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of his saints;’ in the Greek it is, ‘ in ten thousands,’ .

[This is a critical difference in understanding. Christ's coming, or appearing, occurs in the hearts of his purified believers, which has occurred in all generations, including the generation 2000 years ago after Christ ascended into heaven. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus is recorded saying that some then standing with him, 2000 years ago, would see his glorious coming with the Kingdom before they died. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus is recorded saying all the end times prophesies would be fulfilled before the generation of 2000 years ago died, (click here to see all). Tens thousands means at least 20,000 but is less than hundreds of thousands, (less than 200,000); these men and women were redeemed from the earth, the first fruits; they had followed (were obedient) to the Lamb (Jesus), and had overcome their sexual desires. These men obtained salvation by listening, hearing, and obeying the Spirit of God's leading while on the earth.

You too can see that the translators had a choice between with and in. The translators were all unregenerated men of the false church, and so had no idea what the Lord's coming (or appearing, or arising, or come into) even was. It never occurred to them that the Lord appeared "in" individuals who had been purified by his grace on the inward cross of self-denial, and so they naturally translated it as "with." You can see the options of the word "with [1722] " in the full verse by hovering your mouse over the underlined number "1722," or by clicking here for the detail of 1722. You can see the optional definitions of the translated word "coming," by hovering over the word "coming [2064] ," in the full verse, or by clicking here for the detail of 2064.]

  • Heb 1:3. ‘Express image of his person.’In the Greek, it is substance, or subsistence.

  • Heb 2:16. He took not on him the nature of angels. In the Greek,  which is by true interpretation, 'he does not take hold of angels.' As for the word nature, which is in our English copies, there is nothing for it in the Greek.

  • Mat 3:11. In Beza's Latin Testament, and our English copies, it is tendered, ‘I indeed baptize you with water,’ and from the word, with water, is the act of sprinkling pleaded for; in the Greek it is, I dip, plunge, or baptize you in water, in it.

  • Col 1:23. In the Latin and English copies it is thus: ‘the gospel, which you have heard, which was preached to every creature which is under heaven;’ in the Greek, it is, ‘ in every creature,’ .

[This is a critical difference in understanding. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were named "gospels," but not by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John; (Luke called his book a declaration). They were incorrectly named "gospels" by men in the apostatized church without spiritual discernment to even know what the gospel was. The gospel is a mystery, the gospel is the power of God, which cannot be contained in a book. The gospel has been (past tense) preached in every creature. The the grace of God has appeared to all men, Tit 2:11. And in Romans, the good tidings were described as: But I say, Have they not heard? Yes truly, their sound went into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world, Rom 10:18, Psa 19:4. The gospel was preached to Abraham, when no scripture at all existed. Gal 3:8.

The gospel is by revelation, received from God, particularly addressed to the individual receiving it. It is preached in a man by the Spirit of God. If there is a preacher, who can speak directly from the Spirit of God words supplied by the Spirit of God at that moment, the Spirit of God in the listener's heart will bear witness to the words being truth coming from the Spirit of God, which witness will be abundantly clear to the listener.]

  • Luke 16:15. In the Latin and English copies, it is, ‘what is highly esteemed among men;’ in the Greek, it is 'in men.'

  • 1 Cor 15:31. In our English copies it is, I protest by your rejoicing, ... Now, I protest is added, for there is nothing for it in the Greek.

  • 1 Cor 2:6. ‘We speak wisdom among those who are perfect,’ in the Greek it is, in those who are perfect.

  • Rom 8:29. In the English and Latin copies it is, ‘that he might be the first born among many brethren,’ in the Greek it is, in many brethren.

  • Mat 28:19. In the English and Latin copies it is, ‘baptizing them in the name,’ in the Greek it is, ' into the name.'

  • Mat 6:7. In the English copies it is, ‘for they think they shall be heard for their much speaking,’ in the Greek it is, in their much speaking.

  • 1 Tim 3:16. In our English and Latin copies it is, ‘great is the mystery of godliness, God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles;’ in the Greek it is, preached in the Gentiles.

  • Rom 11:2. In the Latin and English copies it is, ‘know you not what the scripture said of Elijah;’ but in the Greek it is, in Elijah.

  • Heb 1:1. ‘God, &c. spoke to the Fathers, by the prophets;’ in the Greek it is, God spoke to the fathers in the prophets.

  • Heb 1:2. ‘Has in the last days spoken unto us, by his son;’ in the Greek it is, has spoken unto us, in his son.

  • Rom 15:6. ‘That you may with one mind, and one mouth, glorify God;’ in the Greek it is, in one mouth,  

  • Rom 1:19. In the Greek, Latin, and English copies it is, (speaking of the Gentiles), ‘what is known of God, is manifest in them,’ or, made known in them, though some dare say, and do say, among them.

  • Amos 3:6. ‘Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord has not done it?’ This is the English translation; in the Hebrew it is, ‘shall there be evil in a city, and shall not the Lord do somewhat?

  • Heb 5:14 ‘Strong meat belongs to those who are of full age:’ in the Greek it is, ‘strong meat belongs to those who are perfect,’ .

[Translators have choices of words to chose because certain words can translated in several different ways. The translators in all languages had a difficult time accepting that anyone could be perfect, so they often, but not always, chose alternative words such as complete, mature, full age, etc., instead of perfect.]

  • John 8:6. In our English copies it is, ‘Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not,’ as for the words, (as though he heard them not), they are added by the translators, for there is nothing in the Greek for them.

  • John 1:14. The word became flesh, and dwelt among us; in the Greek it is, in us. By true interpretation it is, the word became flesh, and pitched his tent in us.

    [All the translations have among us instead of in us. The translators were unredeemed man, without knowledge of the true gospel nor the promise of Jesus dwelling in a man. And so on examination of the verse in the original Greek, the word was was en, typically meaning in. Notice in verse 26 in the same chapter, John the Baptist tells the Jews: there stands one among you, whom you do not know; for which among in the original Greek word was mesos, entirely different than en; and mesos means middle, midst, in the midst - amongst. Mesos is totally different than en. Also, the word translated for dwelt has no tense, so it could just as well be translated as dwells in us; in complete harmony with as God has said, "I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people."]

  • Heb 10:20. In the English copies it is, ‘by a new and living way;’ in the Greek it is, ‘of late slain, and living way,’ properly signifies recens mactatus, lately, or of late slain, said Leigh and Pasor.

  • Isa 8:20-22. Old translation: ‘If any one want light, let him look upon the law and the testimony, whether they speak after this meaning; if he does not do this, he stumbles and suffers hunger, and if he suffer hunger, he is not patient, but blasphemes his king and his God; then looks he upward and downward to the earth, and behold, there is trouble and darkness; vexation is round about him, and the cloud of error, and out of such adversity shall he not escape, even like as in time past it has been seen well.’ This is the old translation.

    Correct Translation: ‘To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them; and they shall pass through it distressed and hungry, and it shall come to pass that when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves and curse their king and their God, and look upward, and they shall look unto the earth, and behold trouble and darkness, and dimness of anguish, and they shall be driven to darkness.’

  • Prov 23:1-3. Old Translation: ‘When you sit at the table with a lord, order yourself mannerly with the things set before you; measure your appetite, and if you will rule yourself, be not overly greedy of his food, for food beguiles and deceives.’

    New translation: ‘When you sit  to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before you, and put a knife to your throat if you are a man given to appetite. Be not desirous of his dainties, for they are deceitful food.’

  • Amos 3:6. Old Translation: ‘Cry they out alarm with the trumpet in the city, and the people not afraid? Comes there any plague in a city without it be the Lord's doing?’

    New Translation: ‘Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord has not done it?’

  • Heb 1:3. Old Translation: ‘Being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person.’

    New Translation:, ‘Who being the brightness of his glory and the representation of his being.’

  • The 2 Cor 2:17, ‘We do not corrupt the word,’ but in the Latin it is, ‘We do not sell the word for money.’

[Site Editor's Additions and Comments:

But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause will be in danger of the judgment; and whoever says to his brother, 'Raca,' [in contempt] shall be in danger of the council; but he who says, 'you fool,' shall be in danger of hell fire. Mat 5:22.

"Without a cause" was apparently added to some manuscripts. See the footnote in the on-line Bible of the site for further detail.

And these are the signs that will accompany those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues;
They will pick up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Mark 16:18-19

Repentance and Remission [Release from the Bondage] of Sins
should be preached in His name to all nations.
Luke 24:47

Remission can mean a process of abatement or destruction; or has been twisted to mean forgiveness. The King James and New King James has remission. The later Bible versions (New International, New American Standard, and many others), changed to forgiveness. The Amplified stated remission and forgiveness. The original Greek for release from bondage of sin could be translated as release from bondage, forgiveness, or remission, of sin. Release from bondage of sin is far more accurate, and perfectly describes the purification necessary to avoid being banned from heaven. The cleansing of the Word, the cleansing in the Light, both attained by waiting on the Lord, listening, hearing, watching, and obeying - such cleansing is a release from the bondage of sin. But the poor souls, who were trying to translate the Bible, had not experienced release from bondage of sin within themselves, and so obviously chose to emphasize forgiveness instead. Yet release from captivity, from the prison house, from the oppression, is what Christ said he came to do:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor [in Spirit]; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted [who mourn due to their slavery to sin], to preach release to the captives [of sin], and recovery of sight to the [spiritually] blind, to deliver [free] those who are oppressed [in slavery to sin], Luke 4:18-19

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me because the LORD has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim deliverance to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound [in slavery to sin]. Isa 61:1-2

you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
Truly, Truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you are truly free. John 8:31-32,34,36

It is obvious Jesus is talking about becoming free from sin, which is a bondage, which is being in captivity. And Jesus sent Paul to the Gentiles with that same mission:

I [Jesus] now send you, to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, release from sin's slavery, and an inheritance among those who are purified by faith in me. Acts 26:18

Clearly forgiveness is not deliverance, recovery, healing, opening the prison, freedom, release, turned from power of Satan, - while release from the bondage of sin accurately describes all.

Forgiveness Explained:

So what about forgiveness; are all your sins forgiven by Jesus? In the beginning if you turn from evil as best you can, those things you have remorse for having done and stop doing are forgiven.

Hate your evil thoughts, profane words, and slavery to your pleasures; they are your enemies. In the beginning you can't totally stop your mind from sinning for your mind is carnal and the carnal mind is enmity with God, (which mind is destroyed on the cross and replaced with the mind of Christ). In the beginning you can't totally control your tongue from sinning, (which total control comes with perfection). However, you can control your feet and hands; and you can learn to control your eyes, by practicing looking away from what tempts you. The fear of God is to turn away from evil. If you don't stop sinning by reaching out with your hands to commit evil, and running to evil with your feet, you are not sincerely seeking God — you have failed to repent from the basics under your control. Turning from evil as best we can, is prerequisite to sincerely seeking God and his salvation. Obedience to what you understand, and what you are able, leads to righteousness. If you deliberately sin, when you could have chosen not to, then you are betraying your sincerity in seeking God; and you can expect to receive little to no help, until you show a true turning away from the evil of which you are able by the grace of God that supports your resolve.

From the Word of the Lord within: "Turn from evil as best you can and set you sight on heaven." Then as you wait on God, the Lord will order your further repentance and show more of what are your sins. Unless you agree* to God's charges of your sins and then forsake them, (repent, stop doing them), there is no forgiveness. "If we do not deny our sins, [when He reproves us] he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness; and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin," 1 John 1:9,7; and "If you will repent at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you," Proverbs 1:23; and Jesus told us that we had to repent. So, the prerequisites of God's "forgiveness" are : 1) remorse for your sin, and 2) a repentance from it. So, if no forsaking of sin, (no repentance, no change of behavior) — then no forgiveness!! From the Word of the Lord within: "Jesus did not die so you can continue to sin. If you are still sinning, you belong to sin and not to Me. At his feetonly then will I pardon and forgive;—come, child-like."

* To agree is not to confess. From the Word of the Lord within: "My true friends take no thought of confessional; don't take the time when you get a clear view." When clearly shown an evil practice or desire in your heart by the light, you may think you need to start apologizing or confessing the sin shown; but that will only draw you out of the light and inhibit your progress. It is enough that you do not deny what you see as true, and the Lord knows that you believe what he is showing you to be true without your taking the time to confess; your assent will be noticed by him without a single thought being formed in words.

Yes, Jesus died for your sins; he died for the sins of the whole world. He died so you could be reconciled to God, BUT to be reconciled to God you have to become free of all sin, be pure, and be holy; and until you go to Jesus to sit in humble silence as you wait on Him, listening and watching, you will not even be aware of many things you do that are sins and must be stopped. This sitting and waiting on Him to speak to you is part of carrying your cross, and when you obey what he orders you to cease, you are denying your own will and following Jesus; this is the inward cross of self-denial. If you disbelieve Him or what He shows you to be sinful, you are not forgiven. If you believe Jesus and repent, you get the power to change with your best efforts; and the desire for that sin will melt away to nothing over time. However, if you deliberately then go back to doing the same thing, you are not forgiven; and it will be much more difficult to repent from that sin a second time.

Christianity's doctrine of false grace has fostered imaginary forgiveness without repentance, and that encourages continual repeat of deliberate sin in their members, which results in their great destruction. The Lord describes this repeat of sin—sacraments, sin again—sacraments again,...... as a conflagration: a great fire or great destruction.

From the Word of the Lord within:

The churches have become the killing ground for the seed of God. This deliberate sin, forgiveness, deliberate sin, forgiveness,... crucifies the Son of God within them. However, until they have killed their conscience through repeated sin, they can still hear and possibly be motivated to renew their efforts to exercise their faith; but for every act of disobedience they committed, after being convicted of some particular sin in the light, they must first effect the same number of acts of obedience before that sin is taken out of their heart. From the Word of the Lord within: "When the light shows you something to do, every act of disobedience has to be carried away by an act of obedience. Whatever you overcome and go back into is far harder the second time to overcome."

This same error was repeated in verses: Luke 1:77, Luke 3:3, Luke 24:47, Mark 1:4, Acts 5:31, Acts 13:38, Eph 1:7, Col 1:14 ]

There are some who think the Bible is not to be trusted because it may have been corrupted by translation errors or even deliberately falsified to support the religious powers that were in control at the time of the translation. The above errors are relatively minor. The earliest copies of parts of the Hebrew Old Testament were discovered in 1947. They are part of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and actually date back to the first century BC. Even though they are at least 900 years older than any parts of the Bible we had before this, they are not the originals. They are copies. The originals have all been lost or destroyed.* Copying by scribes was done with great care in those days and because the text was regarded as sacred, the copiers were extremely painstaking; scribes are reputed to have nightmares that they would make a mistake in their copying and thereby incur the warned plagues of Revelation. Today some 5000 hand-copied documents exist of all or part of the Bible, and they agree in 98% of the text! No other ancient writing has this amount of underlying support with such amazing agreement as to the text.

* All Christian writings were ordered to be burned by Roman Emperor Diocletian in 303, and Roman Emperor Constantine ordered all Christian writings burned that differed from those he approved for inclusion in the first Bible of 331 AD.

When examining the Bible compared to the doctrines of religion, it appears the translators mostly did their best, according to their limited understanding; specifically they maintained most of the wording describing the necessity of purity, holiness, perfection, and righteousness. The core message of the Bible was not deleted, which message was: man must rid himself of his selfish, sinful nature by repentance on the inward cross of self-denial, and the reward for doing so is union with God and Christ when translated into the kingdom heaven, while on earth, and then forever. Rather than deleting the core message, the false church simply ignored it by building their doctrines around a subset of the scriptures that did not include the core message. Further it is logical to conclude that the translators did not add requirements that they ignored, such as perfection, holiness, purity, cleansed, freedom from sin, union with God, being translated into the kingdom of Christ, etc.

The Roman Sect did not bother to change anything that conflicted with their doctrines, they simply ignored it. Bowing and praying to statues, praying to dead people whom they themselves designated as mediators to God, (when there is only one mediator - Jesus), shaved heads, and relics from the dead, forbidding marriage and meat on Fridays, and pretending their mass with bread and wine eaten is a sacrifice for sins, (denying the lasting sacrifice of Jesus), all in conflict with the commands and clear statements in the Bible. The Protestants also simply ignore all of salvation's exclusions, the requirements, and the qualifying conditions, specified in the scriptures. Martin Luther's doctrine of instant sainthood and salvation by instant belief and grace was formulated by his deliberately invalidating the books of Hebrews, James, Jude, Revelation, and Esther, because they conflicted with his instant salvation, which theory was universally adopted by Protestant Christendom.

The worst of both the Protestants and Catholics was their killing and torture of those who had a different religious opinion. Christ's reply to his disciples when they wished to punish the people who would not listen to him, severely rebuking them with: You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. Jesus further said that if someone is violating the standards of the church, (sinning), they are supposed to be warned by one, then warned by two or three, then censured by the whole body of believers, - and if they fail to repent of their error, they are supposed to be expelled and shunned - not killed, or imprisoned, or tortured, or stripped of their property. We are supposed to love and pray for our enemies, not destroy them. Yet, as prophesied in the Bible, Christendom killed and tortured throughout the centuries:

I saw the woman (the false church) drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. Rev 17:6 The Roman sect's Inquisitions stands as history's greatest act of brutality committed in the name of religion. But it was all predicted in the Bible's Book of Revelation: the whore was drunk with the blood of the saints. The Roman sect's inquisitions and slaughters took place throughout Europe during the Middle Ages (800 AD to 1500 AD), in which nine million souls were put to death, accused of witchcraft. The Roman sect's methods and numbers of killing and torture made the 20th Century Nazis look like amateurs. Those intelligent enough to have seen the barbarity and falseness of the Roman religion quickly died from torture. The still-lauded pillars of the Roman faith, Augustine and Thomas, approved and supported such murders in writing; unrepudiated, they stand as testimony to the continued depravity of the Roman Catholic sect.

Following in the footsteps of their murdering mother, the Protestants killed and murdered throughout Europe too. John Calvin, a principal founder of Protestantism still revered by many Protestant sects, forced the citizens of Geneva to attend church services under a heavy threat of punishment by death or expulsion. Because Michael Servetus had disagreed with Calvin's doctrinal writings, Calvin charged and arrested Servetus for heresy, (among other differences were Servetus' denials of infant baptism and the trinity), resulting in Servetus being slowly burned at the stake with green wood. Jacques Gruet, a known opponent of Calvin, was arrested, tortured for a month and beheaded on 7/26/1547, for placing a letter in Calvin's pulpit calling him a hypocrite. Calvin also had thirty four women burned at the stake as witches accused of being responsible for a plague. His theocracy in Geneva is credited with seventy-six persons being exiled and a total of fifty-eight sentences of death, (after being tortured to obtain their "confession"). The founder of the Episcopal sect, Henry VIII, had 72,000 people killed, mostly Roman Catholics. The Peasants War in Germany, led by Luther-inspired religious despots, killed 100,000 of the nobility and Roman Catholics. Between 1650-1700, the Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, and Congregationalists of England and America imprisoned over ten thousand Quakers and killed over 869 Quakers including three Quaker men and one woman hung in Boston by the Bible-believing Puritans. The beast was given power to overcome the saints. The false church, the whore of Babylon, was drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

Another venerated Protestant founder was Martin Luther, full of hate for the Jews. From the Wikipedia article on Martin Luther and from the Wikipedia Article on Kristallnacht, (the Night of Broken Glass):

Luther initially advocated kindness toward the Jews, but only with the aim of converting them to Christianity: what was called Judenmission. When his efforts at conversion failed, he became increasingly bitter toward them. His main works on the Jews were his 60,000-word treatise Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen (On the Jews and Their Lies), and Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi (On the Holy Name and the Lineage of Christ) — reprinted five times within his lifetime — both written in 1543, three years before his death. He argued that the Jews were no longer the chosen people, but were "the devil's people." They were "base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth." The synagogue was a "defiled bride, yes, an incorrigible whore and an evil slut ..." and Jews were full of the "devil's feces ... which they wallow in like swine." He advocated setting synagogues on fire, destroying Jewish prayerbooks, forbidding rabbis from preaching, seizing Jews' property and money, smashing up their homes, and ensuring that these "poisonous envenomed worms" be forced into labor or expelled "for all time." He also seemed to sanction their murder, writing "We are at fault in not slaying them."

The Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany began in massive scale on Kristallnacht, (the Night of Broken Glass), in which 200 synagogues were burned; Jewish books were burned; 7500 Jewish businesses storefronts were smashed, (hence the broken glass name); tombstones and graves were uprooted; 30,000 Jews were arrested and taken to concentration camps; at least 100 were immediately murdered; and many homes were looted. A similar pogrom of similar magnitude took place in Vienna, Austria on the same night. These events occurred on November 9-10, 1938: Luther's birthday was November 10.

Luther's advice was fulfilled on Kristallnacht to the letter. This was beginning of the Final Solution and The Holacaust.

According to Michael, Luther's work acquired the status of Scripture within Germany, and he became the most widely read author of his generation, in part because of the coarse and passionate nature of the writing. The prevailing view among historians is that his anti-Jewish rhetoric contributed significantly to the development of antisemitism in Germany, and in the 1930s and 1940s provided an ideal foundation for the National Socialist's (NAZI) attacks on Jews. Reinhold Lewin writes that "whoever wrote against the Jews for whatever reason believed he had the right to justify himself by triumphantly referring to Luther." According to Michael, just about every anti-Jewish book printed in the Third Reich contained references to and quotations from Luther. Heinrich Himmler wrote admiringly of his writings and sermons on the Jews in 1940. The city of Nuremberg presented a first edition of On the Jews and their Lies to Julius Streicher, editor of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer, on his birthday in 1937; the newspaper described it as the most radically anti-Semitic tract ever published. On 17 December, 1941, seven Protestant regional church confederations issued a statement agreeing with the policy of forcing Jews to wear the yellow badge, "since after his bitter experience Luther had already suggested preventive measures against the Jews and their expulsion from German territory."

The early Quakers (1643-1730) were the first, (after the death of the early church in 388 AD), to embrace all the scriptures and to receive the promises of being delivered from sin, cleansing, perfection, purity, holiness, union with God, and entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven while on earth.]

SAUL'S ERRAND TO DAMASCUS, WITH HIS PACKET OF LETTERS FROM THE HIGH PRIESTS AGAINST THE DISCIPLES OF THE LORD. OR, A FAITHFUL TRANSCRIPT OF A petition contrived by some persons in Lancashire, who call themselves ministers of the gospel, breathing out threats and slaughter against a peaceable and godly people there, by them nick-named QUAKERS. TOGETHER with the defense of the persons misrepresented by it, against the slanderous and false suggestions of that petition and other untruths charged upon them.

Published to no other end than to draw out the bowels of tender compassion from all that love the poor despised servants of Jesus Christ, who have been the scorn of carnal men in all ages.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you, falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”— Mat 5:10-12.


Dear Hearts,—You love the Lord Jesus Christ, and not him alone, but Christ, with all his train. Great shall be your compensation: for your love you shall have loves, (Song 7:12.) Amores, a plurality and infinity of loves; which none but God in Christ has to bestow. The best of his relations upon earth, have but single love (and it is happy they have love) to the brethren; but Christ has loves for the smallest of you, the least of his. May you and all his, (in whom there are yet but buds, scarce visible appearances of graces), prove fruitful vines, grow from buds to blossoms, from blossoms to abundance of fruits; that when the Lord shall get up early to visit his vineyard, you may feast him with pleasant fruits, new and old; you may bless him for his loves of former and latter days, and be ever to him an humble, holy, and thankful, and to his brethren a comforting people. Glory in your habit; you wear the signal favors of the King of kings, and Lord of hosts, the great and mighty Jehovah, love; by which I know to whom you belong, because you love the brothers.

To the contrivers and subscribers of the petition.

Poor Hearts,—Is this a time to chide and be angry, and pick quarrels? And (if you need to do so) can you find no other objects of your indignation, but the Lord's disciples? Peaceable, holy, humble, self-denying men? Is not the work of the ministry to preach the gospel? Is not the sword of the magistrate appointed for the punishment of evil doers, and to the praise of those who do well? Are you incumbent in your duties? Are you laying out your talents to the end they were given you, or are you mistaken in the thing? When did you proclaim war against drunkards, swearers, common blasphemers, enemies to the Lord and his people? Have you none of those among you? Or are your high-flown contending spirits gone beyond such slender wrestlings, that you scorn to encounter with any below the degree of a saint? May the Lord open your eyes and let you see, and give you hearts to consider your several duties. But tell me, you sons of Levi, (as you call yourselves), you who pretend a Jus Divinum to persecution; what will you say, when the son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, and shall sit upon the throne of his glory, and all nations shall be gathered before him? Mind you what will be the great work of that great day; your petition will surely then be heard. I beseech you read the paper of causes set down to be first heard at that tribunal, in Mat 25:31, to the end of the chapter: and the Lord let it dwell upon your hearts forever.

To the Christian Reader.

These are to let you know that the only wise God at this time has so by his providence ordered it, in the north parts of Lancashire, that many precious Christians (and so for many years accounted, before the nickname Quakers was heard of) have, for some time past, refusing to incorporate in parochial assemblies, in which they profess themselves to have gained little of the knowledge of Jesus Christ. And it is, and has been put upon their hearts to meet often (and on the Lord's day constantly) at convenient places, to seek the Lord their redeemer, and to worship him in spirit and in truth, and to speak of such things, (tending to mutual edification), as the good spirit of the Lord shall teach them; demeaning themselves without any offence given to any who truly fear the Lord.

But it is true that some men and interests of those parts take great offence at them, and their Christian and peaceable exercises; some, because they have witnessed against pride and luxuriant fullness, have therefore come armed with sword and pistols (men who never drew a sword for the interest of the commonwealth of England, perhaps against it) into their assemblies in time of their Christian performances, and have taken him whom the Lord at that instant had moved to speak to the rest, and others of their assembly, (after they had haled and beaten them), and carried them bound hand and feet into the open fields, in the cold of the night, and there left them to the hazard of their lives, had not the Lord of life owned them, which he did in much mercy. Others have had their houses broken into in the night, and entered by men armed and disguised, as said before, when they have been peaceably waiting upon God with their own and neighboring families. And yet these humble, persecuted Christians would not (even in these cases of gross and intolerable affronts, acted equally against the peace of the nation as against them) complain, but expressed how much (in measure) of their master's patience was given them, in breathing out their master's gentle words, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.’ Who have at any time borne such unheard of persecution with so mild spirits? Only they in whom persecuted Christ dwells; these poor creatures know how their master fared, and rejoice to suffer with him, by whom alone they hope to be glorified; and are as well content to suffer, as to reign with Christ. But how unwillingly do we deny ourselves, and take up our cross and follow Christ; and yet a necessity lies upon us, if we will be the Lord's disciples, to take up our cross daily, and follow him. How is it then that the crown of pride is so long upon the head of persecutors? How is it that such men should dare to divide the people of England, to trouble the council of state (in the throng of business concerning the management and improvement of all the mighty series of glorious providences made out to this infant commonwealth) with such abominable misrepresentations of honest, pious, peaceable men, who desire nothing more than to glorify their God in their generation, and are and have been more faithful to the interest of God's people in the nation, than any of the contrivers of the petition, as will easily be made appear if we may take for evidence what they themselves have often said of the parliament and army, and their friends and servants, publicly and privately; and it is well known their judgments are the same; but that the publication of it will not safely consist with the enjoyment of their large vicarages, parsonages, and augmentations, by which they are lifted up above their brethren, and exalt themselves above all that are called God's people in these parts.

However, reader, we need not fear; we hope the Lord will never suffer that monster, persecution, again to enter within the gates of England's Whitehall. Those who sit in council there, know well enough who it was that so often assembled to consult how they might take Jesus by subtlety and kill him; they were men of no lower condition than chief priests, scribes, and elders of the people. And if ever these petitioners should but appear before them to whom they have directed their petition, my heart deceives me if they are not accounted such.

Reader, I would not introduce you into a good opinion of these suffering objects of such men's wrath; but read their paper here put into your hand, written by them, upon the occasion of this petition, and several snares and temptations laid before them, on purpose to entrap them. And if by them you can not find cause to pity these oppressed little ones, have them in your remembrance when you go to the throne of grace, where my prayers shall meet yours, for them.

To the Right Honorable the Council of State.

The humble petition of several gentlemen, justices of peace, ministers of the gospel, and people, within the county of Lancaster, whose names are subscribed, shows:

That George Fox and James Nayler, are persons disaffected to religion, and the wholesome laws of this nation; and that since their coming into this country, have broached opinions tending to the destruction of the relation of subjects to their magistrates, wives to their husbands, children to their parents, servants to their masters, congregations to their ministers, and of a people to their God; and have drawn many people after them; many of them, (men, women, and little children), at their meetings, are strangely wrought upon in their bodies, and brought to fall, foam at the mouth, roar, and swell in their bellies. And that some of them affirmed themselves to be equal with God, contrary to the late act, as has been attested at a late quarter sessions, held at Lancaster, in October last past; and since that time, acknowledged before many witnesses; besides many other dangerous opinions, and damnable heresies, which appears in a schedule annexed; with the names of the witnesses subscribed.

May it therefore please your honors, upon the consideration of the premises, to provide, (as your wisdom shall think fit), that some speedy course may be taken for the speedy suppressing of these evils. And your petitioners shall ever pray, as in duty bound.

  1. George professed and avowed that he was equal with God.
  2. He professed himself to be the eternal judge of the world.
  3. He said he was the judge of the world.
  4. He said he was the Christ, the way, the truth, the life.
  5. He said, whoever took a place of scripture, and made a sermon of it, and from it, was a conjuror, and his preaching conjuration.
  6. He said that the scripture was carnal.

James Milner, a follower of the said Fox, professed himself to be God and Christ; and gives out prophecies.

  1. That the day of judgment shall be the 15th day of November.
  2. That there shall never judge sit at Lancaster again.
  3. That he must before long shake the foundations of the great synagogue, meaning the parliament.

Leonard Fell professes that Christ had never any body but his church.

Richard Huberthorn wrote, that Christ's coming in the flesh was but a figure.

The answer of George Fox, to the matters falsely charged upon him, by the petition and schedule aforesaid.

Objection. ‘That George Fox and James Nayler, are persons disaffected to religion.’

Answer. Whereas we are accused as persons disaffected to religion, it is false; for pure religion we own in our souls, which is, ‘to visit the fatherless, and relieve the widows, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world,’ and dwelling in purity; this we own in our souls. But ‘he who seem to be religious, and does not have power over his own tongue, his religion is vain;’ and that religion we deny; and all those who profess the scriptures in words, and do not live the life of them, but live in drunkenness, and uncleanness, envy, and maliciousness; and all those who profess religion, and make a trade of the scriptures, both priests and people, we do deny.

Objection. ‘Disaffected to the wholesome laws of the nation.’

Answer. Justice (the wholesome law of God) we own; and this is a terror to the unjust, unwholesome, and unclean, and he who bears that sword is a minister of God; and whoever does not obey the law of God within, then that takes hold upon him without, but whoever does obey the law of God within, it brings him from under the occasions of all laws without; for it will not let a man lie, nor let him be drunk, nor proud, nor follow oaths, nor cursed speaking, nor whoredoms, quarrelling, fighting, wrangling, nor railing. And everyone who walks in the law of God, denies all what is unwholesome, and what is according to the ways of the world; and they are all of one heart, and are all one in unity, if ten thousand; and have all one law written in their hearts; which those who live in uncleanness cast [God] behind their backs; and yet they profess a law in words, but are not subject to the power of God. And such are those who accuse their brethren who walk in the law of God; and yet they pretend justice; but their souls are not subject; for that soul that is subject to the higher power which is of God, denies all filthiness and corruption.

Objection. ‘That since their coming into this country, they have broached opinions tending to the destruction of the relation of subjects to their magistrates, wives to their husbands, children to their parents, servants to their masters, congregations to their ministers, and of a people to their God.’

Answer. We were moved of the Lord to come into this country, and the Lord let us see that he had a people here before we came into it. But as for broaching opinions, we deny; but those who profess truth, and walk in it up to God, we own.

Opinions do tend to break the relation of subjects to their magistrates, wives to their husbands, children to their parents, servants to their masters, congregations to their ministers, and of a people to their God; but opinions we deny, for they are without God; and you are there. And justice and purity are one, and that we set up and own; purity and walking in the spirit, does make a separation from all uncleanness, and can have no fellowship with those who are unfruitful workers of darkness; but there is a separation from them. The one has fellowship with God, and the other has fellowship with darkness, which is unfruitful; the one is separated to God, the other is separated from God.

Objection. ‘Have drawn many people after them, many men, women, and little children, at their meetings, are strangely wrought upon in their bodies, and brought to fall, foam at the mouth, roar, and swell in their bellies.’

Answer. The meetings of the people of God, were ever strange to the world; for it was as though some strange thing had happened to the saints, as you read in the scripture; which shows you are in the same generation, wondering and looking strangely at the work of the Lord, despising and casting scandals, slanders, and false reports upon them; and where the works of God are now, they think them strange things now, as was then, who are alive in the flesh. It would be a strange thing to see one now fall down, as Paul fell down and trembled, and as Daniel fell down and trembled; and to see one as Habakkuk, his belly to tremble, and his lips to quiver, and as David, to lie roaring all the day long, who cried till ‘his sight was grown dim, and his flesh failed of fatness,’ and till he could ‘number his bones;’ and to see such as in Isaiah, to ‘rent his garment and his mantle,’ and ‘pluck his hair off his head, and off his beard, and sit down astonished.’ And would it not be strange to see such an assembly as came to Isaiah, who had all trembling hearts? Isa 66:5. ‘Hear the word of the Lord, all you who tremble at his word;’ ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling;’ ‘before their faces the people shall be much pained; all faces shall be pale.’ The prophets and ministers of God all have one spirit, (according to measure), and encouraged those who trembled; in which it shows that you do not have the same spirit, but seek to persecute, and fix scandals, and accuse them falsely. The ministry of truth ever withdrew from all the ministry of the world, and from under all the laws of the world, up to God, and from all the gods of the earth; and then they witnessed that the Lord was their lawgiver, the Lord was their king, the Lord was their judge.

Objection. ‘George Fox professed and avowed that he was equal with God.’

Answer. It was not so spoken, that George Fox was equal with God; but the Father and the son are one: ‘I and my Father are one.’ John 10:30. And where the same is revealed, this is witnessed; but where the same is not made manifest and revealed, Christ is persecuted; for the world does not know him. ‘Let the same mind be in you who was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, and yet made himself of no reputation.’ Phil 2:6-7.

And this I witness to be fulfilled; for the same spirit where it is, is equal with God; for ‘he who sanctifies and they who are sanctified are all of one.’ Heb 2:11. and it is God who sanctifies. ‘He who has the word of God has God, for God is the word; and ‘our fellowship is with God.’ John 1:1. ‘There is a natural man, and there is a spiritual man. The first is of the earth, earthly, the second is the Lord from heaven.’ 1 Cor 15:44-48. ‘The new man, which is created after God in righteousness and true holiness;’ and ‘he who does righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.’ 1 John 3:7. And this I witness what the scripture said, ‘Let no man deceive you.’

Objection. ‘He professes himself to be the eternal judge of the world.’

Answer. He who was a minister of God said, ‘that the saints should judge the world, yes, angels.’ 1 Cor 6:2-3. In this they show themselves to be no ministers of God, who seek to persecute those who are judged of God, and justified by him; where ‘judgment is brought forth to victory,’ Mat 12:20. and set in the earth; and what is eternal, has judged all the carnal nature in himself; and where it is judged there is no unity with it where it is alive; and he who has not true judgment, and has not salt in himself to savor withal, is good for nothing, and he cannot endure that Christ should speak where he is made manifest. ‘I am the way,’ said Christ; Christ is but one in all his saints, and he speaks in them. 1 Cor 11:3. But he does not say that George Fox is Christ. ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.’ Christ is the light, and you are the light; and Christ lives in you, and Christ is the head of the man; and it is the spirit of the Father that speaks in you, and spoke in Christ, and he is but one in all his saints. Without are many Christs; ‘lo here,’ and ‘lo there;’ but ‘do you not know that Christ is in you, except you are reprobates? and if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin;’ and there Christ Jesus speaks, ‘the same Christ to-day, yesterday, and forever.’ And your judgment that is not eternal, is carnal; and with you judge with evil thoughts; you put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and here you show your judgment to be carnal, and no minister of God, but a minister of the letter, and not of the spirit; for the ministers of the spirit have true judgment, and imprison none, nor persecute, as you do; but it is, that fools may utter forth their folly.

Objection. ‘He said he was the way, the truth, the life.’

Answer. The old man cannot endure to hear the new man speak, who is Christ; and Christ is the way; and if Christ is in you, must not he say, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life?’ John 14:6. Now if antichrist speaks, he is owned by the world; but he cannot witness it; while the old man reigns, the voice of God is not known, nor Christ himself to speak in man, but Christ's sheep know his voice.

Objection. ‘He said, whoever took a place of scripture, and made a sermon of it, or from it, was a conjuror, and his preaching was conjuration.’

Answer. He who puts the letter for the light, when the letter said Christ is the light, he is blind; and those who say the letter and the spirit are inseparable, when the spirit said the letter is death, and kills, and all that who study to raise a living thing out of a dead, to raise the spirit out of the letter, are conjurors, and draw points and reasons, and so speak a divination of their own brain; they are conjurors and diviners, and their teaching is from conjuration, which is not spoken from the mouth of the Lord, and the Lord is against all such, and those who are of God are against all such; for that doctrine does not profit the people at all, for it does not stand in the counsel of God, but is a doctrine of the devil, and draws people from God. But he who speaks from the mouth of the Lord, turns people from their wickedness, but that ministry which God has not sent, and that assembly must be disaffected; for the Lord is coming to teach his people himself by his spirit.

Objection. ‘George Fox said the scripture was carnal.’

Answer. The letter of the scripture is carnal, and the letter is death, and kills, but the spirit gives life, which was in those who gave forth the scriptures, and that I witness, which is eternal and not carnal; for the Jews who had the letter, persecuted Jesus Christ the substance; and so do you now who have the letter and not the substance. There were ministers of the letter then, and ministers of the spirit, so there are now. The same Christ being made manifest, is unknown to the world; for the whole world lies in wickedness, and Christ Jesus is a mystery to the world, and is hid, though you may profess him, because the letter speaks of him; but you persecute him where he is made manifest, and where he is made manifest the works of the devil are destroyed, and there he speaks and is king, and is the way, and is the truth, and is the life; and ‘he who has the son has life, and he who does not have t the son does not have life;’ and he who has the same spirit that raised up Jesus Christ, is equal with [but junior to] God. And the scripture said, that God will dwell in man, and walk in man. As Jesus Christ who is the mystery, has passed before, so the same spirit takes upon it the same seed, and is the same where it is made manifest. According to the flesh, I am the son of Abraham, according to the spirit, the son of God, said Christ. All the plotting of the priests is, and ever was, against Christ, where he is made manifest: ‘And the beast shall make war with the saints, and with the lamb;’ but the lamb shall get the victory; praises, praises be to our God forever, and forevermore.

Objection. ‘Richard Huberthorn wrote, that Christ's coming in the flesh was only a figure.’

Answer. Christ in his people is the substance of all figures, types, and shadows, fulfilling them in them, and setting them free from them; but as he is held forth in the scripture letter without them, and in the flesh without them, he is their example or figure, which are both one, that the same things might be fulfilled in them, that were in Christ Jesus; ‘For even unto this you were called, because Christ has suffered for us, leaving us an example that we should follow his steps: forasmuch as Christ has suffered for us, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind.’ Christ was our example in suffering and in holiness, and ‘as he which has called you is holy, so be you holy in all manner of conduct, because it is written, be you holy as I am holy.’ He is our example in humility: ‘I have given you an example, (said Christ), that you should do even as I have done to you,’ and ‘as he is so are we in this world.’ He is our forerunner, captain of our salvation, and in all things our example. ‘As they have done to me, so shall they do to you.’ But all those who do not have Christ dwelling in them, go about to persecute him in all those in whom he is made manifest; they neither follow him as an example themselves, nor allow others to follow him as an example and walk in the same steps; but deny him both as the substance and example of his people. But those who are taught by him do confess him both as he is the substance of all things, and their example in all things: for ‘without me you can do nothing,’ said Christ: and it is so, I witness it.

And as for James Milner, though his mind did run out from his condition, and from minding that light of God that is in him, by which the world takes occasion to speak against the truth, and many Friends stumble at it; yet there is a pure seed in him.

Objection. ‘Leonard Fell said that Christ had no body but his church.’

Answer. ‘There is one body, and one spirit, even as you are called into one hope of your calling;’ and ‘Christ Jesus is the head of the body, the church;’ and you are made free from sin by the body of Christ. And Christ came to redeem his church. ‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself,’ for his body's sake, which is his church. ‘For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones: this is a great mystery; but I speak concerning Christ and his church. And has put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, which is his body. The fullness of him that fills all in all. In whom also we are built up together, for a habitation of God through the spirit.’

More objections against George Fox, charged upon him, by the contrivers of the before said petition; and answered by him, as follows:

Objection 1. ‘That he affirmed that he had the divinity essentially in him.’

Answer. As for the word essential, it is an expression of their own; but that the saints are the temples of God, and God dwells in them, that the scriptures witness, 1 Cor 3:16, Eph 2:21-22, 1 John 3:24. And if God dwells in them, then the divinity dwells in them; and the scripture said, you shall be partakers of the divine nature 2 Pet 1:4; and this I witness; but where this is not, they cannot witness it.

Objection 2. ‘That both baptism and the Lord's supper are unlawful.’

Answer. As for that word unlawful, it was not spoken by me; but the baptism of infants I deny; and there is no scripture that speaks of a sacrament, but that baptism that is into Christ, with one spirit into one body, Gal 3:27, that I confess according to scripture. And the Lord's supper I confess, and that the bread the saints break is the body of Christ; and that cup which they drink is the blood of Christ, this I witness. [See Fox Doctrine Book: The Two suppers of Christ]

Objection 3. ‘He dissuaded men from reading the scriptures, telling them that it is carnal.’

Answer. As for dissuading men from reading the scriptures, that is false, for they were given to be read as they are, but not to make a trade upon. The letter is carnal, and kills, 2 Cor 3:6. but what gave it forth is spiritual, eternal, and gives life; and this I witness.

Objection 4. ‘That he was equal with God.’

Answer. That was not so spoken; but that ‘He who sanctifies, and those who are sanctified, are of one,’ Heb2:11, and the saints are all one in the Father and the son, of his flesh and of his bone; this the scriptures witness. And ‘you are the sons of God,’ and the Father and the son are one; and ‘those who are joined to the Lord, are one spirit, and those who are joined to a harlot are one flesh.’

Objection. ‘That God taught deceit.’

Answer. That is false, and was never spoken by me; God is pure.

Objection. ‘That the scriptures are antichrist.’

Answer. That is false, but that those who profess the scriptures, and do not live in the life and power of them, as they did that gave them forth, that I witness to be antichrist.

Objection. ‘That he was the judge of the world.’

Answer. That ‘the saints shall judge the world,’ the scripture witnesses it, 1 Cor 6:2-3, of which I am one, and I witness the scripture fulfilled.

Objection. ‘That he was as upright as Christ.’

Answer. Those words were not so spoken by me; but that ‘as he is so are we in this present world.’ 1 John 4:17. That the saints are made ‘the righteousness of God;’ that the saints are one in the Father and the son; that we shall be like him, 1 John 3:2. and that all teaching which is given forth by Christ, is to bring the saints to perfection, even to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; this the scriptures witness, and this I witness. Where Christ dwells, must he not speak in his temple?

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