The Missing Cross to Purity

Volume 4, The Works of George Fox, Doctrinal Books I, Continued

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From the people of God in England, in English called Quakers.

—By George Fox

Friends,—There is a power above all powers, and this power is making itself manifest; and this is God, whose power this is, who is an over-ruler, the creator, and framer, and maker of all things in heaven and earth. He gathered together the waters, and made the sea, and made the earth, and caused it to bud, and bring forth; who has all times and seasons in his hand, and had placed man in the garden; but this garden, (man’s habitation and union with God), was lost by man’s transgression against the command of God. Yet God lives, who is the God of the spirits of all flesh, in whose hands is the breath and life of all mankind; who has all souls in his hand, and would have all to know him, and to worship him, and believe in him, and to serve him in the spirit and in the light. For God is light, and this is the true light, which enlightens every man that comes into the world. This light is Christ, the Son of God, the way to the Father, the second Adam; this light begets people to God, that brings them forth to God out of the earth, sin, and the fall, and evil, and transgression. Now this is the light which Jesus Christ has enlightened you withal, that shows you your evil thoughts, and the naughty words, and the evil actions and deeds, and your evil ways that you run into and walk in. Now this is the light  that discovers all these, this which Christ has enlightened you withal, which is in you; which if you receive this light, you receive Christ, you receive righteousness. For the light discovers unrighteousness, unrighteous walking, and actions. So when you receive this light, you receive righteousness, and come from unrighteousness; and this is what brings you into peace, and unity with God, and one with another, and with Christ, who upholds all things by his word and power. But not believing in the light, with which everyone of you is enlightened, then you come to be unrighteous, and ungodly, and speak wicked things, and act wicked actions, and evil deeds. Then this light condemns you in your own selves, and so then you fight, and quarrel, and are envious against one another; but if you walked in the light, you would be in unity, and would be in love with one another. This love is the love of God, which is shed in the heart, in the light, in the righteousness. This love differs from the love of the world, which hates the light and is in that which kills, and hates one another, whose deeds are evil, and words are wicked, and actions unrighteous. The light in them tells them so, and that checks them, and condemns them, who hate it, and they will not come to the light, because their deeds are evil, and there they fret and vex themselves, when the light checks and condemns them.

So all you kings and powers of the earth, God has come to rule, and his Son Christ to uphold all things, by his word and power, whose power is going over all nations of men, in whose hand is the breath of mankind, and has all souls in his hand, who is the God of the spirits of all flesh, creating man upon the earth, who gives him life, and breath, and strength, and all things that are good. But man being wicked, turns from his Maker, and grieves the spirit of God in him, who is righteous, and by his unrighteous actions and deeds, quenches the spirit of God in him. Christ has come to rule, who has all power in heaven and earth, who enlightens everyone that comes into the world, so that with the light all might believe in the light, and in Christ from where it comes; and so come into covenant with their Maker, so that he might take away their sin and blot it out. But those who hate the light, and do not believe in the light, that makes manifest their sins, Lets them see their evil actions, and evil words, and evil ways; they go into unrighteous words, and actions, which God will judge, who has enlightened them, and the light will condemn them. Now everyone shall come to have a reward according to their deeds and actions. Whoever has done unrighteously and done ungodly, and done wickedly and unjustly, the light in your consciences and hearts tells you, Lets you see what you have done; and that is Christ's witness in you, who will judge according to your words, and actions. The light will tell you when you have erred in speaking, and in action; which if you hear it, it will teach you. The light, with which Christ has enlightened you, is Christ, the way to God the Father of light and life, in whom there is no darkness, nor no unrighteousness, nor no unholiness. Without holiness none can see him, who is righteous, just, holy, and true. So whoever goes into unrighteousness, and unholiness, and blindness, they cannot see God, and do the things that are true. So the Lord has come to judge you all, and that you must all give an account for all your evil ways that you have walked in, for all your evil actions, and unrighteous deeds that you have done, and for unrighteous ways and unrighteous words that you have spoken. You must give an account to the Lord God, the Lord has come to require an account of all your ways, your words, and your actions, which have been acted by all kings and emperors upon earth. Now has the mighty God of power, of heaven and earth, of all the breath and life of mankind, and the soul, and spirit, has come to judge all according to their works in this his day; and everyone shall have a reward according to his deeds, whether they are good, or whether they are evil. The cause of all differences in the whole body of mankind, among kings, and emperors, and people, and professions, and worships, and churches, and priests, and sacrifices, is that they have been out of the light with which they have been enlightened by Christ, who is the covenant of God; they have transgressed the spirit in which people have unity. So the living God, the maker of the earth, and creator of all things, accepts none except those who are in the light, which is Christ his Son. For those who hate the light and walk in unrighteousness, in ungodliness, but does not walk in the light; they do not walk in fellowship, for in the light is fellowship with God, and one with another. Those who hate the light are in darkness, and not in fellowship one with another; but they are in the unrighteous power in which the devil is in, out of truth, where people kill one another about their religion, or church, or ministry, or sacrifice; being out of the light, Christ the truth, which would give them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ.


And to all those who have ministered the letter, and yet are ignorant, and have kept others in ignorance both of the letter and Spirit also. From those people who are despitefully called Quakers, who tremble at the word of God in their hearts. To which word all the holy men of God have brought forth their testimony after the same manner, (and who have appeared in that which cannot be shaken), as the scriptures of the Old and New Testament do eminently declare and set forth.

—By George Fox

Hearken, you mountains, and give ear you mighty foundations of the earth. Have not all those prophets and teachers followed their own spirit, and they have seen nothing, who say they do not have the same power and spirit that the apostles had? Have not all you prophets been like the foxes that have worried the lambs, and have not stood in the gap, and worse than them that have preached for the handfuls of barley, and pieces of bread. For you have done worse, taking by force goods from the lambs by cart-loads, and cast them into prison until death; besides, this shows the idol in your hearts, which makes you to stumble in your own wickedness.

When Ephraim spoke trembling, he was exalted in Israel, Hosea 13:1. What! Was he a Quaker? And the heathen trembled; What! Must they turn Quakers?

Blow the trumpet in Sion, sound an alarm in my holy mountain, let all the inhabitants of the earth tremble, Joel 2:1. What! Must all those turn Quakers? You that despise trembling, it seems you have not yet heard this trumpet; but in the day of the Lord this shall be witnessed, when streams and floods fall upon you, and consuming fire flames before and behind you. Then shall all faces gather blackness, and the earth shall quake, and the heavens shall be moved; and this we witness, the fearful and horrible day of the Lord is upon you, that despise trembling at the word of God. When the Lord is a defense unto his people, the heavens and the earth shall quake, and you shall know the Lord dwells in his holy mountain, and the Lord treads upon the high places of the earth; his name is the Lord of hosts. Shall not that land tremble that have sold the chaff for the corn, said the Lord of hosts? Shall not destruction come upon them that have seduced the people, by saying peace, and there is no peace? Shall not their songs be turned into howling, and they hunger after the word of God, and cannot find it; and the time shall come that you shall tremble, the mountains tremble and quake at the Lord, and the hills do melt at the Lord,  these here you see became Quakers. They are called mountains and hills that are above the people, and the mountains and the earth shall quake, yes the whole world, and all that dwell therein. You must be an astonishment, and stripped, that you may hear this, whose knees shall tremble then, you that scorn quaking. The seed is the end of the law, and all figures and parables which pertain to the first earthly Adam, which Christ the seed ends in, the earth trembles, and the heavens rend, and the clouds drop with water.

And was not Ezekiel a Quaker, whom the Lord commanded to eat his bread with quaking, and drink his water with trembling? And fearfulness and sorrow,§ a sign to the people that they should eat their bread with heaviness, and drink their water with sorrow, and they should know he was the Lord.

All that be upon the earth shall tremble for fear of the Lord.

And was not Daniel a Quaker? Did not he tremble when the angel spoke to him? Yes, was not his strength and his breath gone, that he fell down.

When Habakkuk heard the word of the Lord, his belly trembled, and his lips quivered, and I trembled in myself? You may see Habakkuk was a Quaker.

And does not Solomon say, the keepers of the house shall tremble, the strong men shall bow themselves? What, is not here quaking? Must not you know this, before you know Paradise?

Isaac trembled, Isaac trembled exceedingly. Was not he a Quaker? And did not he serve the Lord?

And Pharaoh counted Moses’ words as idle words, and the people's; and so terrible was the sight, that Moses did fear and quake when God spoke to him in the bush. Moses was a Quaker, whom Pharaoh told “Get you out of my sight.”

The Moabites trembled at the wonders of the saints, those who transgress the command of the Lord, shall be as a shaking leaf, and shall have no power to stand before their enemies; then shall they not despise trembling and quaking at the word of the Lord.

David said, when his cry entered in the ears of the Lord, the earth trembled and quaked, and the foundations shook, and dread and fear came upon the nations under the whole heaven. You did, O Lord, cause your judgment to be heard from heaven, and the earth trembled and was still at the voice of the Lord, there were thunderings, and lightnings, the earth shook, and the earth trembled at the look of the Lord, and if he touched the hills, they smoked, the earth trembled at the presence of the Lord, who carries his lambs in his arms. You put away all the ungodly from off the earth like dross; I love your testimony. My flesh trembles for fear of you, for fear of you judgments. Here you may see David was a Quaker, who loved the testimony of God, and the word of God in his heart, and had outstripped his teachers; the earth trembled for the fear that was sent out from God. You shall know this fear, though you are out of it now.

Honor me before the people,” said Saul to Samuel. When Saul disobeyed the good spirit, the evil came in as he went from the word of the Lord. When the power of the Lord goes over all, then the heart is not hardened. Thus said the Lord, “But to this man will I look, even to him that is poor, and of a contrite spirit, and trembles at my word.” Here you may see it is the contrite Quakers that the Lord regards, and said, “Hear the word of the Lord all you that do tremble at his word.” Your brethren hate you, and cast you out, and say, “Let the Lord be glorified, and he shall appear to your glory, when they shall be ashamed.

And Eliphaz the Temanite trembled, and his hair stood on his head, and his bones shook. And does not Job say, “God removes the mountains before they are aware, and he removes the earth out of his place, and the pillars of the earth tremble; and what, are they turned Quakers? The wicked said to the Lord, “Go from us, we will none of his way;” and the pillars of the heavens tremble and quake at his rebuke; this the scoffers are ignorant of; and the earth trembled and quaked, and the foundation thereof shook, and was removed at the Lord's wrath; and this the wicked and the scoffers shall know.

Christ Jesus said, “The strong man keeps the house, and all his goods are in peace;” and now the strong man is got into the house, in the fall, since the beginning. The house is man, and Christ is stronger than the strong man, and has come to cast him out, and spoil his goods; This you must experience before you can come into the garden [are restored to God] again; and before you know this, you must know trembling, and your salvation wrought out with fear and trembling, which the apostle commands you; and then you will not despise Quakers and tremblers, but will receive them, and be with such who are in much fear and trembling at the word of the Lord. And so here appears the ignorance of professors and teachers of the scripture, and trembling at the word of God, but scoff and scorn in derision them that do; but they are such that the Lord regards, that shall appear to their glory, when they shall be confounded.

But the Lord is the true God, he is the living God, and an everlasting King; at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation, and the whole land shall tremble. For every purpose of the land shall be brought to pass against them that have afflicted you. Oh, seed of the righteous! Can you endure this, you mockers? I beheld the mountains, and lo they trembled, and all the hills moved, and the fruitful place was become a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord.

And therefore, all you nations, kindreds, tongues, people, multitudes, scoffers, revilers, waters, on which the whore sits; the cup of trembling and astonishment you are to know, and your kings shall tremble, and your princes, dukes, captains, spoilers, a voice of trembling is heard, and not of peace, and you shall all melt away, beating down one another as you go.

George Fox


Friend,—You who are called a teacher of these people, of the ways of God, how many have you brought into the ways of God? Or are you even in the ways yourself? How many have you brought out of evil ways, or are you yourself out of the evil ways? Will you not preach peace to them that curse, swear; that are drunkards, adulterers, idolaters, envious, strikers, and covetous, mockers; such as follow pleasures, and live wantonly upon the earth, and liars, cozeners and cheaters, while they put [provide you money for food] into your mouth? Will not you preach peace to such as these are before mentioned? Will not these people serve you to put into your mouth? Did not the prophets and apostles cry against such who taught the people for covetousness, and made merchandize of them through it, and feigned words and speeches, deceived the hearts of the simple? that such serve not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own bellies; who mind earthly things. Did the people do well or ill, in holding up these teachers which the prophet reproves? Might not the teachers say, (who taught for filthy lucre), it was sad times when the apostles came to draw the people from them, and to reprove them who taught for filthy lucre? As now the cry is among you, who have taught for filthy lucre, that have preached peace to people while they have put into your mouths, but now they do not put into your mouths, against whom you prepare war, not peace, and cry, sad times. Mic 3:5. Where is the man that divines for money now? Where is the man that prophesies for money now? Did not Micah cry against such? Do you think there no one of Micah's spirit to bear testimony against such as preach for hire, and divine for money, and preach peace to people, while they put into their mouths? Do you thing there is  no one of this spirit, to cry against these things? Where is the man now that preaches for hire, that seeks for his gain from his quarter; as a greedy dumb dog, who can never have enough? Isaiah did well in crying against such? Isaiah 56. Did the people do well in spending their money for that which was not bread, and their labor for that which does not satisfy? Did they do well that took their money for that which was not bread, and made people run after that which did not satisfy? Did Isaiah do well in reproving such, or poorly? Are there in our age those that are as greedy dumb dogs, who seek for their gain from their quarter, that makes the people spend their money for that which is not bread, and their labor for that which does not satisfy? Do you think there is none in our age of Isaiah's spirit, raised up to cry against such? Where is the priest that rules by their means, and the people love to have it so; which is a horrible thing committed in the land, for which cause will God's soul be avenged, on such a nation? Do you not think that God's soul will be avenged on this nation for such a horrible filthy thing as this is committed in the land? Did (and do) the priests do well in bearing rule by their means? Did (and do) the people do well in loving to have it so? Did Jeremiah do well in crying against those things, or those that are in Jeremiah's spirit, against them where these things are found? Did the shepherds do well that taught for the fleece, from whose mouth the Lord said he would gather them that have been made a prey upon in the cloudy and dark day? Is it not the cloudy and dark day now, that the shepherds make a prey upon the people from whose mouths the Lord will gather his people? Will not these shepherds be offended then, and say it is a bad time, that now they cannot get the fleece? Is this the time that the clouds and darkness is going away? Did Ezekiel do well in declaring against such, that made a prey upon the sheep in the cloudy and dark day, when they wandered from mountain to mountain? Do they err who are in Ezekiel's spirit now, that cry against such that make a prey upon the sheep for the fleece in the cloudy and dark day, where the sheep are wandering from mountain to mountain, and think that some mountains are greener than others, and fresher, on which is better feeding, that hear the sheep are grown on their barren mountains? Therefore must not the promise of God be fulfilled, “that he will seek his sheep, and gather them where they have been scattered,” and feed them himself. Ezek. 34:11-15. Therefore, now is the cry and the call to come off from the barren mountains, and to feed not among the thorns. Did the Pharisees do well in loving to be called of men masters, in getting the chief rooms at feasts, and greetings in the markets? Do not you err in following the Pharisees in these steps, seeing Christ forbids these things? If it is well, do not you err in not saying, Mr. Paul, Mr. Peter, Mr. John, Mr. Mark, Mr. Timothy, Mr. Titus, Mr. Matthew, etc?*

*In the 17th Century, Mr. was the address to someone of importance, but not a Sir, or a Lord. By the 18th Century, Mr. had changed to become the address of all classes, and was even occasionally used in a derogative manner. So while the title was given for respect in George Fox’s time, it has changed to become without any recognition of respect to class; therefore it is no longer an error to address someone as Mr. Today flattering titles would be Dr., Reverend, Pastor, Father, etc.

Did the common-prayer men [Episcopalians] do well in putting the papists [Roman Catholics] out of the mass-houses, and so call it their church? Did the Presbyterians do well in putting the common-prayer men out of the same mass-house, and call it their church; and so likewise the independents [Calvinists who chose their own ministers]? Did not the papists say, “The gates of hell should not prevail against their church, [which they thought was the rock, the revelation of Christ to an individual]?” Have not you all done wrong in telling the people the old mass-house is the church; when as the apostle said, “The church was in God,” 2 Thes 1:1? Did the papists do wrong in selling their mass by the hour-glass? Do you do well that sell your prayers and preachings by the hour-glass, and when the glass is run, the time is spent neighbors? As much as to say, you have your measure and bargain, give me my due, that the pope my father gave me? For Christ and his apostles made no such provision for me, but sent his ministers without a bag [for money], and would not allow them to preach for filthy lucre; surely is not this the hard master? But is not this the man that hid his talent, that said so; he that must be bound hand and foot, and cast into utter darkness, and his talent taken from him? was tithes, midsummer-dues, Easter-reckonings, glebelands,* peter-pence, clerks'-wages, preaching over the dead for money, marrying people, christening children for money; [all these are the pope's provision], he invented for you, and his dregs you drink, that lay in the bottom of his old bottle. Are not you popish-minded, and Jesuit-affected, you who uphold [continue to practice] these things?

*The lands owned by the individual parish “church,” were named glebelands, and were leased out by the church to be farmed; the lease income went directly to the hired hands of the “church.” These glebelands still exist today, and are passionately defended by the clergy of the Episcopal sect.

Were not all these times, as Christ-mass, Michael-mass, Lamb-mass, Candle-mass, and all these days named by the saints' names, and all these naming of the steeple-houses, the old mass-houses and colleges, the pope's doing? Did he do well in doing these creations, or wrong? If he did well, then why do cry you against the pope, who is your teacher, and call him the whore [of Babylon]; is not this ill-breeding? Did the apostles give all these names [to the days and times] before mentioned? If so, show us the scripture.

Were the scriptures given forth so that men could make a trade of [teaching and quoting] them; or were they given forth so that men would read them, believe them, and come into the spiritual state of which they speak? Do you have the same spirit and power the prophets and apostles had; you who call yourselves teachers? If not, how can you sow spiritual things? How can you plant vineyards? How can you get flocks? How can you thresh in hope, and plough in hope; but instead plough in vain, and thresh in vain, and make wildernesses. How can you but turn against the true flock that gives the milk, for you are not in the power and the spirit the prophets and apostles were in? Did the beast, dragon, false prophet, antichrist, mystery Babylon, the false church, the tongues they set upon; did they have the same spirit and power that has killed the prophets, martyrs, and saints, and those that have kept the testimony of Jesus since the apostles' days, unto this day? Have these been in the same spirit and power the apostles were in? Again, did those have the same spirit and power that the apostles had; those that have their jails, houses of correction, inquisitions, to hold up their church, worship, religion, ministry, and maintenance? Seeing the apostle said, “Their weapons were not carnal, but spiritual, and they did not wrestle with flesh and blood." Therefore are not the other things before mentioned, the dregs that came out of the pope's old bottle, like unto that which came out of the Jews' old bottle, against Christ and his disciples, and John Baptist? For did they ever put any to death for not putting into the priest's mouth? Did they fine or imprison any for not putting off the hat? Did they plunder or rifle the houses of people for not repairing their temple, and paying the clerk for saying amen, and bringing a cushion, and hanging a priest's pulpit; as you have done now, for not mending the old mass-house, not paying the clerk that turns the glass, and says amen, and lays the cushion, and hangs the priest's pulpit. Were all these the dregs of the pope's old bottle, or from the spirit of glory that rested on the apostles? Did the prophet do well that prophesied to the people for handfuls of barley, and pieces of bread? Were the people wise that gave barley and bread to them? Did Ezekiel do wrong in crying against such; was it not a bad time, they might say, when Ezekiel cried against them that prophesied for handfuls of barley, and pieces of bread? Ezek. 13:9. And will the priests prophesy now without shocks and cocks of barley, wheat, peas, and beans, * midsummer-dues, glebelands, Easter-reckonings, augmentations, etc. Is not this more oppressive than for handfuls o-barley, or pieces of bread? and do not they now cry bad times, because the spirit of Ezekiel is raised to bear testimony against these things?

*In the 17th Century, the priests insisted on collecting 1/10 of all the crops produced in their assigned geographic coverage [parish].

Might not the Jews say, it was a bad time when the apostles went to bring the people off from the priest, off the tithe, off the temple, and that Stephen said, “The most high dwells not there?” Did the apostle do well in doing so? If so, then have you not done wrong by your setting up temples, tithes, and priests, since the apostles' days, which God never commanded, and which were invented by you; who cry now, it is bad times, because people are brought off your inventions by the power of God? Did the apostle do wrong in bringing the Gentiles off their temples which they had invented? Might not the Gentiles cry then, it was a bad time, as you cy now; just as the Jews called the apostle a pestilent fellow, a sower of sedition? Do you think the Jews would not say that it was a bad time, as you do now; you who stick in your popish inventions, which have been invented after the apostles' days; for which you have no scripture; and which now are cried against by those that come into the power of God? Did the prophets, Christ, and apostles do well in saying that the children of the Lord should be taught of the Lord; and the kingdom of heaven was within people; and the word was within them, and the anointing was within them, to teach them; and the law was to be put into their hearts, and their minds, that they need not say one to another, know the Lord; and the light that shined in their hearts, was to give them the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Christ; and those who had not the spirit of Christ, were none of his. Have not you done wrong by denying this, saying that say, that you, or no one else has the same spirit and power as the prophets and apostles had, neither shall the things before mentioned be looked for in our days? Have not you done wrong in keeping people always learning [but never coming to the Truth], so that they may be always paying, while you have not brought a single person to the condition the apostles were in, so that they need none to teach them to know the Lord.

Are you innocent? Are you innocent, O you teachers, (answer before the Lord), of all the imprisoning, and persecuting, and shedding of the blood of the innocent, which is shed in this your day?

Come all you gentry, (so called), of all sorts, does not your manners and breeding stand in capping, doffing hats, and scraping, bowing, and curtseying, and speaking the improper language, you to a single person, as, your worship, your majesty, your lordship, your honor, your highness, your grace, your holiness, reverend, brother; and such like titles.

All honor, all praise, all reverence, all holiness, all majesty, all dominion is due, and peculiarly ascribed, and ought to be given to God alone, who is God over all the unbelievers, who give and receive honor one of another, for how can you believe, who receive honor one of another?

Rejoice you inhabitants of the earth.

George Fox


Friends, here is a few things for you to take into consideration.

—By George Fox

  1. Dwell in righteousness and truth, for that preserves both governors, and government, and people in peace.

  2. Let no man that is a curser, a swearer, a drunkard, heady, high-minded, furious, rash, covetous, and loves gifts and rewards, and respects persons, bear office and rule; for such will not be like meek Moses, but will bring the wrath of God both upon people and magistrates, as in former ages has been seen. Instead, set up those who loves mercy, and do justly, walks humbly with God, and hates covetousness, Micah 6, such God requires, and such as do not respect men's persons, and are not convinced of the law as transgressors, Jam 2:5, and these will be to the praise of God, of government, and governors; and these differ from Pharaoh, Herod, and Nebuchadnezzar, that knew not the kingdom of the Most High to rule in sons of men; therefore to the witness of God in you come down to, and consider these things, that the nations and dominions may be ruled as a family.

  3. Let no one be put to death for cattle, or money, or any such outward things, for by the law of God they were to restore four-fold, and if they had it not, to be sold for their theft; and so let them restore; and the apostle said in the gospel, “let him that stole, steal no more, but labor in the thing that is good, so let him live that he may repent.” These things lay upon me to write to you; Let no man be imprisoned, or persecuted, because they for conscience sake cannot swear, Mat 5:33-37, but obeys Christ's commands, and the apostles' doctrine, that said, “swear not at all, for fear that they should fall into condemnation of the devil, and evil,” Jam 5:12, but speaks truth, and does truth and justice at yes and no in any places they are put in, or court, according to Christ and the apostles' commands, who is our Lord and Master.

  4. Let none be persecuted because they cannot for conscience sake towards God, put off their hats, and respect men's persons, at which many has been imprisoned and fined, which has been like the Pharisees, a mark of unbelievers, that be from the witness in themselves, John 5:41-44, such as seeks the honor that is from above only, that will never stain, we would have all to be clothed with that, and honor all men in the Lord, and have all men in esteem, and say, that those who rule well in truth, in justice, and in righteousness, are worthy of double honor; for even someone, who has murder in his heart, may give honor with the hat deceitfully.

  5. Let none be persecuted for not maintaining a ministry that they know in their conscience is not of God, which destroys both edification and comfort, quenches the spirit, and limits the Holy One, and despises prophesying; that is, if anything is revealed to another that sits by, let the first hold his peace; this was order in the true church; for you may all prophesy one by one, and this is according to the apostles' doctrine, (which is disorder among the contrary), 1 Cor 4:29-32, and Peter said, Acts the 2d, and Joel2, “that the Lord would pour out his spirit upon all flesh, and his sons and his daughters should prophesy,” which many witness, glory and honor be to the Lord God forever. And meek Moses said, “he would that all the Lord's people were prophets, and stopped and rebuked him that complained of them.” Num 11:29.

  6. Let no one be persecuted and imprisoned for warning drunkards, cursers, cheaters, fighters, and quarrelers to repent in streets, markets, cities, and towns; and for telling them that they are out of the life of Christ and the apostles, and shame their profession. If the magistrates were faithfuland feared God, they would have kept down these things, and not have turned their sword upon the righteous men that have reproved sin in their gates, who have instead been a prey to them.

Consider these things, for it is your time now, and consider them in your time so that you are faithful to the Lord God and your are valiant for his truth upon earth, keeping to the light that shines in your hearts, that gives the knowledge of the truth, 2 Cor 4:6; and the truth in the inward parts, which is the stay of the mind, and word in the heart, which is to be obeyed and done, in which is the wisdom that is pure, and from above, James 3:17. This is the engrafted  word which is able to save the soul which is immortal, and bring it up to God, from where it came, Jam 1:21. This word will be always with you, taking heed to it, in counsel, wisdom and judgment; and it will soften, and it will condemn if it is not obeyed; and those who do not obey it, hurt their own souls; and they cannot say by the testimony of the engrafted  word, that their souls are saved. Let all your laws be drawn up into a short volume, so that everyone in the nation may know them, and the meaning of them, that they may not distract people about opinions of them, but that all may know the full law and its end. For many men, not knowing of the law, puts it to others to do for them, not knowing the laws themselves; and so they come to be overthrown and undone, and great charges, which if things were short, it would prevent this, so that everyone might know it.

Let all writs, indictments, warrants and mittimuses, have no more in them than can justly be charged upon people, and that is the way to keep things sweet and wholesome; and if those things were looked into, you would see significantly more in them than is needed to be put in; which grieves the hearts of the simple and righteous.

Let none be persecuted about the word you, to a particular person, as many have been by them that takes more honor and worship to themselves than they give to God, who said you and you to God.

Let no prisoners lie long in jail, but let them come speedily to trial, for they learn badness one of another. Let none keep jails but sober men, that they may be patterns and examples of good to prisoners.

Let none keep ale-houses, or taverns, but wholesome people, and such as fear God, and are able to lodge travelers, that there may be no bad houses to nourish wickedness, which grieves the souls of the righteous.

Let all things be done in love, that keeps down the spirit of strife, where the vain-glorying is; and mind the law of God, and the gospel, Let your actions be accordingly, that all your dominions may be as a family, and ruled in mercy, truth, and righteousness, and that establishes rulers and people in peace.

Let no one be persecuted about church-worship, and religion; for Christ rebuked persecutors, and such as would revenge, and told them that he came to save men's lives; and the apostles' weapons were not carnal, but spiritual, that they wrestled with about religion. Now consider those who wrestle with flesh and blood, whether these are men with spiritual weapons, as were the apostles; and whether they have the mind of Christ.

Now such as will invent forms and worships, and set them up, and compel others to bow unto them, mind and consider, and take heed of such, and that; for Christ has showed how people may worship God, and in what, John 4:23-24.

Those who fear the Lord, and meet often together, and speak often one to another, which are his jewels, Malachi 3:16-17, be tender to such as you tender your souls, for the Lord God has reproved many for harming his prophets, Psalm 105:15.

Let no one be persecuted for worshipping God in spirit and truth; for Christ said to the woman of Samaria, “neither at Jerusalem, nor at this mountain, but those who worship the Father, must worship him in spirit and in truth, for he seeks such to worship him;” and the hour was come, and now is.

For Jerusalem was the place to which they came for to worship out of many nations, and therefore the Jews persecuted the christians that came of their worship, and temple, and priesthood, and witnessed Christ the everlasting priest, and the one offering, that ended all the other offerings, and those who received him, their bodies was the temples of God and Christ; and all Christendom is in ruins, and their worship is in ruins because they are not in the spirit and the truth, in which is the unity, in which spirit and truth, the God of all truth, who is a spirit, is worshipped.

From a lover of your souls, and eternal good, and that righteousness and truth may be established among you.

George Fox,

a prisoner in Lancaster Castle


Christ Jesus, the covenant of God with all men, is peace, and life, and light, and salvation to the ends of the earth, which is our testimony to all men upon the earth, and is not to destroy men's lives, but to save them, which covenant destroys the devil and his works, who is the author of all murder, plots, and treachery, betrayers of which is of the devil's kingdom, out of the truth and innocence, and the covenant of light and life, which we have with God, and all people, which separates from sin and evil, and destroys it, and in that is our peace, which is the covenant, in which is no murderer, nor plotter, nor contriver, nor betrayer, so in that we seek the peace of all men, and have all men in esteem, and seek the good of all men, in that we deny ourselves, and glory in the cross of Christ, the power of God, which crucifies us to the world, and their plotters and worldly things, and carnal weapons, and wars, into spiritual weapons, and war, with which we war with the devil and his works, who led people from God. But to plot and confederate, or to raise insurrections, or to gather riotous meetings, or taking up arms outwardly, we utterly deny, and it is not our principle, nor is it in the covenant, for it is out of the covenant of life, and peace with God, and the light with men, though we cannot swear to this; for he that has all power in heaven and earth given to him, commands us not to swear at all, by heaven, nor earth, nor any other oath; but said, in all your communication let your yes be yes, and your no, no, whatsoever is more comes of evil; and to this is our no, and so let the same punishment be for saying yes or no as for an oath; and our yes is yes to that which is good, and no no to that which is contrary.

The Lord God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son into the world, who has all power in heaven and in earth given to him, and that all power, and thrones, and rule and government should be subject to him who is Lord of lords, and King of kings. The Lord said, “This is my beloved Son, hear you him;” this is the prophet which Moses said, “Like unto him that God would raise up, whom the people should hear, whom we do hear, that speaks from heaven, at sundry times, and in divers manners,” God spoke to the fathers by the prophets, but now in these last days has spoken to us by his Son, which is the heir of all things, upholding all things by his word and power, that has all power in heaven and in earth given to him, as he said himself, who fulfils the prophets, and ends the Jews' power, and authority, and the law, among whom was the oath, and swearing, and first covenant, and not only frivolous oaths, but true oaths, that ends the strife, and destroys the devil the author of it, which the apostle brought as a similitude, the substance of it we do enjoy, (that is to say), Christ Jesus, to whom the angels must bow: and his command to us is, “swear not at all,” who said, “he has all power in heaven and in earth given to him; but in all your communications keep to yes and no, that are his disciples,” and his messengers and ministers observe it. James 5:12. So if we love him we obey his commandments, and do the thing that he commands; but if we say we love him, and don't obey his commandments, we are liars, and do not the thing commanded us; and we do know them that love him, and obey his commandments, in them dwells the love of God; and them that say they love God, and not obey his commandments, are liars: and our yes is yes, and our no is no in that doctrine of Christ, who is the end of oaths in the law and first covenant, who are of the promise that remains, and are out of the promises of men that changes; and we are out of covenants with men that do change, and in the covenant of God with him that remains and does not change, and cannot be broken, and in it is our yes, and our yes is yes in it, and our no is no in it, and if it be not so found among you, and all people upon the earth from us, let us suffer as much for the breaking it, as for breaking an oath; for our life is in Christ Jesus, who was before murderous plots were, that destroys the devil the author of them, and our no is against all murderous plotters and contrivers against the king, or any of his people, or any man upon the earth; and we would have him and all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth, Christ Jesus, and that is our yes, for whose cause and sake we do suffer, and this we will seal with our lives and estates and all, for which cause and testimony we have suffered all this while in estates and lives.

Beyond sea, in Holland, the powers of the earth, and magistrates, that knows our Friends cannot swear for conscience sakes, does not force them, nor impose fines upon them, neither imprison them who keeps to yes and no according to Christ's doctrine. And Christ Jesus said, “swear not at all.” Mat 5:33-37.

And James said, “Above all things, my brethren, swear not at all,” James 5:12, but let your yes be yes, and no be no, for whatsoever is more comes of evil.

In Turkey, paying tributes, people may have their liberty to worship their God, and Paul had his liberty to preach in his own hired house at Rome, where the Emperor's seat was, Acts 28:31. Although we pay our taxes, we are pluckedby the hair of the head out from prayer in of our houses, and not allowed to pray together; just as the heathen would not allow Daniel to pray. So this is contrary to the apostle, who said, “pray every where;” who met together in their several houses, and went from house to house, Acts 2:46. And this was the practice of the church in the primitive times, which we observe, who were to edify one another, and exhort one another, and build up one another, and pray for one another, and they were not to be tied to one place, synagogue, or temple, which the Jews were only, but sometimes they met on mountains and hills, and sometimes in houses.

And the church was in Aquila and Priscilla's house, 1 Cor 16:19, there was a meeting set up in the primitive time.

George Fox


The Quaker's just Allegiance is to hurt none of God's Creatures upon the Earth, and their Supremacy is the Power of God.

Also some particulars of what they own, and what they deny.

—By G. F.

[Because the Quakers spoke so powerfully and persuasively through the Spirit of God, anyone who opposed them in a debate, was decisively put to shame with their shallow arguments, (as was promised by God to his heritage). Their opposers would then accuse the Quakers of being Jesuits, (Roman Catholics), in disguise. Even William Penn was widely believed by the general population of England to be a secret Jesuit. So Fox begins this treatise with a denunciation of all the foppery, inventions, and idols of the Roman Catholic sect. The Quakers joined with the Protestants in denouncing the extreme inventions and practices of the Roman sect; but they insisted the Protestant Reformation did not go far enough, as evidenced the Protestants maintaining many of the Roman heresies, (to this day). These practices and ceremonies were never found in scripture and never practiced by the early Church - instead they were inventions of the church that adulterated with kings of the earth and all nations to become the great whore of Babylon and beast with horns like a lamb, which the whole world followed.]

In the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all popery, and the pope's supremacy, that holds up popery, for all things is to be done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the apostle said, who is King of kings, and Lord of lords, who has all power in heaven and earth given unto him; so in the name of him, Christ Jesus, who is risen from the dead, who sits on the right hand of God, who is the judge of the world, we deny all the pope's inventions.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their kneeling rails, their altars, their crosses, their crucifixes, their images, their pictures, their representations, their purgatory that they have invented; we deny all their nunneries, and their visiting graves, and tombs, and sepulchers, and praying for the dead, and to the dead.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their ordinations of ministers, bishops, and cardinals, who are not made as they were in the apostles' days, who makes them by oaths, so did not the apostles, so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we deny them all.

In the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all swearing, (of all sorts whatsoever) who commands to swear not at all, Mat 5:33-37, who has all power in heaven and earth given to him; and those who have commanded to swear, have been since the days of the apostles, and since the days of Christ's coming in the flesh, they are out of his power.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their observing of days, and times, and observing of meats and drinks, and their commandments to abstain from the same, because we perfectly know it is a doctrine of devils, and all their several orders, and several kinds of habits, distinguishing their several orders, and all their orders of beggars, their begging friars and priests, that tolerate begging by a law.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their marrying with rings, and sprinkling children with the sign of the cross, and bowing to crosses, and bowing before images, and altars, and all their fasts for debate and strife, their smiting with the fists of wickedness, which breaks not the bonds of iniquity.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their old mass-houses, which they call churches, and their idols, and images there set up, and their hallowing pieces of ground, which they make graveyards on.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their colleges, and their universities in which they make ministers, by tongues, arts and schools, contrary to the apostles, who were not made ministers of man, nor by man.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny giving or receiving of tithes, the tenths of men's estates, which they do, who are separated from the apostles, having been apostatized from the apostles; for they denied the Jews' priesthood, and the law that made them, Heb 7, and the apostles went freely forth without money bag or money.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their compelling maintenance of people, and forcing it from them. We deny all their persecuting about church, and religion, and ministry, and all their carnal weapons which they wrestle with flesh and blood withal, and destroy men's lives about church worship and religion.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all this, and the pope's supremacy of it, to be contrary to the apostles, whose weapons were spiritual, and not carnal, and they coveted no man's silver nor gold, but did all things in bounty and love concerning church worship, maintenances, and religion.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all their organs, pipes, whistles, singing boys, singing of prayers, matins, praying by beads; and all their lying prophecies; and going on processions; and their white sleeves, surplices, tippets, hoods, caps, red gowns, mitre hats; and the cardinal's cap, and pope's triple crown, excommunications; cursing, with bell, book, and candle, for the scripture said, “bless and curse not;” and his holy water we deny. We deny kissing the pope's feet, and proclaim that all his pardons are of no effect whatever.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all this, and the pope's supremacy of it, knowing it has gottn up since the apostles' days, and is not found in the scriptures of truth.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we deny all their inquisitions, and racks, and doing penance, and all their heathenish traditions, visiting the sepulchers of the dead; knowing all these things are contrary to the scriptures, the angel said unto the woman, “why seek you the living among the dead?

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny the doctrine of those who say that after [so-called] consecration, that bread and wine is the real body and blood of Christ and that it is Christ; for we knowing this claim is contrary to the scriptures, that said, “concerning bread, and the fruit of the vine, that was taken in remembrance of him, to proclaim the Lord's death until he comes" [appears for the 2nd time within a man's heart].

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we deny all teachers for money, and marrying for money, and pardons for money, and sprinkling infants for money, and burying of the dead for money, and the pope's supremacy, these we deny, knowing it to be contrary to the scriptures, and the apostles' doctrine, where all things were to be done freely, in love. This doctrine we own of the apostles, which was before the papists' and the pope's supremacy of these things. Our allegiance to all men, is to have all men in esteem, and to hurt no man's person upon the earth, but to do unto all men as we would have them do unto us, and to love enemies, and love the brotherhood, and keep brotherly fellowship, which is in the spirit, and is in the power of God, and is in the light Christ Jesus, which keeps us out of darkness, and over it, in covenant with God, and unity one with another.

We are of that principle and mind to hurt no man upon earth, but do good to all, but especially to those of the household of faith, and to do all things in bounty and love; these overcomes the evil, and fulfils the law. Love does not envy, nor does not commit adultery, nor lie, nor steal, nor murder, nor covet, nor commit idolatry; these are the fruits of love, for love thinks no evil, nor envies not; in that our religion is pure from above, but where the tongues are at liberty, their religion is vain; and that wisdom which is pure, is from above, which is gentle, and easy to be entreated, nor hurtful, nor destructive, but is to the preserving of the whole creation. Our gospel, our cross of Christ is the power of God. Our religion is pure from above; that is, to visit the fatherless, and widows, and strangers, and this is above that which is below, which is vain, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world; where fatherless, and stranger, and widow is not visited; nor the prisons, whereby so many beggars, and fatherless, and widows are neglected in the world, their religion is vain. Our church is in God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Thes 1:1.

Our weapons are spiritual, and not carnal, yet mighty through God, to the pulling down of the strong holds of Satan. Our shield is our faith, by which we have victory over all that which separates from God. Our sword is the word of God. Our baptism is that of the spirit, which plunges down all corruption that has been got up since the transgression, which spirit brings into one body out of the many, into one mind, one judgment, one soul, one faith, one heart, one mediator, one Lord over all. The Lord, by whom are all things, and who brings into one way of life, one truth, one faith, and brings to drink into one spirit, by which we are all baptized into one body, of which all the body drink, which brings into one wisdom, one knowledge, one understanding, in the wisdom by which all things were made and created. With this wisdom we must be ordered and directed in all things to God's glory. The knowledge is to know God, which is life eternal. The understanding gives us to put a difference between the precious and the vile; and this is above all the knowledge and understanding, which must perish, and be confounded, and brought to nothing; which we see, glory to the Lord forever, that lives forever.

Our religion, church, and worship, is not by forcing with carnal weapons, but by love; knowing that Christ loved us first, of whose body we are, who is our head, who has all power in heaven and in earth given to him, which came not to destroy men's lives but to save them; but the apostatized worshippers in Christendom have destroyed men's lives.

Our ministers are not made of man, nor by man, but by the grace of God, which is free; and by his gifts which are perfect, by which we minister one to another, by which the body is edified, and the saints perfected. Our worship is in the spirit, which mortifies sin and corruption, and in the truth; which truth the devil is out of, as well as his worship, and all the will-worshippers [controlled by their carnal mind, not by the Holy Spirit]; but we do worship God, the God of all truth.

We tremble at the word of God, by which all things were made and created, so we work out our salvation with fear and trembling; and we that fear God, speak often one to another, and unto us the Lord has hearkened, and heard; and we forsake not the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but edify one another so much the more, as the light does approaches, we build up one another in our most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keeping ourselves in the love of God, singing in the spirit, having no confidence in the flesh, nor in the arm thereof, but trust in the arm of the mighty God, which does the valiant acts, which brings salvation, in which arm we are carried, in which we sing, and rejoice, and triumph in glory, knowing the King of righteousness, who has all power in heaven and earth given unto him, and among us his shout is, and this King lights every man that comes into the world, that all men through him might believe, and become his subjects. But those who hate the light, and believe not in it, and will not come to it because it will reprove them, and manifest their evil deeds, the light is their condemnation; but those who love the light, and are Christ's subjects with the light, they may see whether their deeds be wrought in God; and their deeds that are wrought in God, are in peace; and where everlasting righteousness is brought in, and come forth, they have their fruits unto holiness, and their end is everlasting life.

We are not of that birth that is born after the flesh, that will persecute him that is born of the spirit. Our back, hair, and cheek has been always ready to the smiter, who have been persecuted and killed all the day long, and yet have never resisted, who denies all persecutors and plotters that would murder and destroy men's lives. Christ did not come for this purpose, but so our swords are broken into ploughshares, and spears into pruning hooks, and we cannot learn war any more with the carnal sword, to lift up sword against nations, whose weapons and swords are spiritual, not carnal, but warring with the devil, and his works, saving and preserving the creatures, and loving all the creation of God, obeying Christ's commands, who said, “love enemies,” and this is according to the love of God, who gave his Son for a light into the world, who lights every man that comes into the world, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life; but who hates the light, and loves darkness rather than the light, he is condemned already.

Such are those who do not receive God's messengers, and ambassadors, nor their Saviour Christ, the covenant of light, life and power with God, in which covenant, we have unity one with another. Our honor is from above, which we seek, and the other honor is below, which God lays in the dust. We cannot respect persons, which if we do, we are convinced of the law of God as transgressors; and the higher powers we own, which goes over all sin and unrighteousness, and transgression, and the devil the author of it, to which higher power, our souls are subject for conscience sake, which is for the praise of them that do well.

George Fox

Mordecai did not deny the higher power, because he could not bow in the king's court to Haman, though it was the king's command, and though it was in danger of destroying all the Jews, it being a point of Mordecai's religion, yet Mordecai owned civil government.

Likewise Daniel, and the three children, did not deny the higher power, who could not bow to Nebuchadnezzar, when the music sounded, though for it they must be cast into the fiery furnace, by the fury of Nebuchadnezzar, and this was a point of their religion. Daniel could not give up praying, though he was commanded by the king. The king would have limited the spirit of God, so that prayers and supplications should not be poured forth to him. The action and practice of Daniel's was concerning his religion, in relation to God, whom he was to serve and worship. Daniel was not against the civil government and civil peace; though he could not yield to the command of the king in ceasing to pray and quenching the spirit, and making supplication to God; but he would go to the lion's den, rather than obey the king's command.

The Lord manifested his power unto Daniel, and upon the three children, and also upon their enemies, who persuaded the king against them; therefore a king is not to listen to counsels against those who worship God, for to God they are as dear as the apple of his eye; for as the scripture said, “touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm;” this is God's command, 1 Chron 16:22, Psa 105:15.

Cain killed his brother about sacrifice and worship, Abel's being accepted, and Cain's not; and he was the first murderer, persecutor, and killer about religion upon earth; therefore the apostle warned the saints against such as go in Cain's way, and exhorts the saints to keep in the love of God, and build up one another in the most holy faith, and pray in the holy spirit.

But Cain, Nebuchadnezzar, and Haman were full of fury, envy, and wrath, who persecuted the righteous people of God, that kept their integrity and their obedience to God, with whom they were accepted; which condition of each people are recorded for example, and for learning of the good, and shunning the evil, and the way of the wicked.

The apostle said, “he that is born after the flesh, persecutes him that is born after the spirit, Gal 4:29 .” Now every man is to read his birth, and what birth he is of, and his own practice and measure, and try himself as to what state he is in.

For this is the law and the prophets, “to do to every man, and everyone, as they would have them do to them.” So they would have others have their liberty; if they would have their liberty in matters belonging to the worship of their God, and all professing the name of Christ Jesus, they cannot but let others have liberty, if they have it themselves; or else they do not as they would be done by, and they do not to others, as they would have others do to them, if they were in power and authority as others were.

The apostles are not to quench the spirit, nor to limit the Holy One, if they meet to worship God on hills or markets, or highways, or hedges, or houses, or house-tops, or any other place, which practice was not opposed among the apostles, who were not tied up to anyone place. For God created heaven and earth, which is the God of all spirits, who has the breath of all mankind and their souls in his hand.

Therefore, they and you, who would stop people from meeting in highways, or hedges, or houses, or upon mountains, or from speaking the truth as the apostles did in markets, against sin; what would you have done against the apostles, if you had been rulers in their days? Would you not have stopped them from speaking the truth? Would you not have allowed none but the chief priest to have spoken, and not the apostles, who met in houses, markets, and other places, who were in a universal power, and spirit, and wisdom, and declared the everlasting gospel, by which life and immortality came to light.

Did not the prophets warn the priests both of their oppression, and covetousness, and their heads, and rulers, and kings, of their sin and transgression; was not their portion many times among such as they warned, persecution, and not great benefices.* Now if these had been stopped from warning and preaching wholly, or if they had not spoken, being by the council commanded not to speak any more in that name, if they had disobeyed the power of God, and obeyed men, you might not have had that recorded which you have.

*A benefice was the revenue received by the parish churches, forcing everyone in the geographic area to pay 1/10 of the income and crops, under penalty of law for failure to do so.

Now the apostles acknowledged civil government, though it might have been charged upon them, for disobeying the council's command; and they did seek the good and peace of all men, as we do and have done.

All that dwell upon the earth should worship the beast, (as may be read in the Revelation), whose names are not written in the book of life, of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Yet those that had their names in the Lamb's book of life, slain from the foundation of the world, though they could not worship the beast, yet these recognized civil government that keeps the peace.

Now he that leads into captivity, must not he be led into captivity? In this was the faith and patience of the saints manifest, that worshipped the God, and could not bow to the contrary worship; now such as leads into captivity, and gives not liberty, but grieves and quenches the spirit of God, and limits the Holy One, these bring destruction upon themselves.

For God gave to Adam and Eve liberty upon the earth, though they transgressed his command, though they did transgress his command, who is the Higher Power, and lost their dominion.

God gave Cain liberty, that persecutor in the earth, that killed his brother about religion; the Lord gave wild Ishmael liberty in the earth, in the wilderness, though he mocked and scoffed at the promised seed.

Therefore it is the patience, and the wisdom, and the power of God, that does recover man out of the transgression; for God gives man space to repent, though men in their fury be out of patience, and the mind of the Lord.

Though the woman, the true church fled into the wilderness from the dragon, the old serpent, as in the 12th of the Revelations, (there to be fed of God), who would have destroyed both her, and her man-child, who was helped by the earth, and had a place prepared of God; now all these actions and practices are not against the civil power and government.

The witnesses which prophesied in sackcloth and ashes, which were the two olive trees which bore the oil to anoint the nations, and the two candlesticks which bore the light before the God of the whole earth, who was persecuted and killed, and made merry over, yet these were never against the Higher Power; (mark) they were made merry over by those that sent gifts one to another, who had been tormented by their prophesying, which they  prophesied 1260 days in sackcloth.

It was spiritual Sodom and Egypt which killed them, and crucified Christ, in whose streets their bodies lie.

Therefore, to consider all who profess, and has a profession without life and power, which are to be turned away from, as the apostles commanded; and the beast and the dragon should make war with the saints, and overcome them, and have power over all kindreds, tongues and nations.

But here was the faith and patience of the saints, he that led captive, should go into captivity, and that he that killed with the sword, should perish by the sword, showing the saints' patience and faith was it by which they overcame, which were the true worshippers of God, and not ravening, nor fighting with outward carnal weapons for their religion, for the apostle said, “it is not only given you to believe, but also to suffer persecution.”

Therefore woe will be to them, that persecute their brethren about their faith, and about their worship and religion, for he is not out of the way of Cain, who was a vagabond out of the love of God, and out of the law and the prophets; and not in the love which envies not, and thinks no evil, and is not provoked; for those who think evil, and are provoked, are out of this love of God, and the apostles' doctrine also, they are out of the law and the prophets, which is to do to all men, as they would have others to do to them.

Again, those who will persecute about religion, must needs be such that would have power over men's faith, which is contrary to the apostles' doctrine; who said, “they had not power over men's faith, and whatsoever is not of faith is sin; and therefore to bring any man or people by force, contrary to their measure and gift of faith, is to bring them in sin, and to un-establish them, for it is the faith which does establish.

And so what is of faith, is not against the higher power that keeps the peace, for the higher power which God has ordained, goes over all transgressors, and is a terror to the evil doer, who acts contrary to the power and spirit of God in themselves; and is a praise to them that do well, which are led by the power and spirit of God in themselves, out and from the evil, sin, and transgression, and for such the law was not ordained.

“Now the consciences of the weak,” said the apostle, “must not be emboldened for to do such things which another does, which they have not liberty in themselves to do, for fear that the consciences of the weak be wounded, and so they perish through another's knowledge, for whom Christ has died.”

Now this was not called nor looked upon by the apostle to be true wisdom, nor good judgment; for when you sin against your brethren, you wound their consciences, so you sin against Christ.

So that is a sin against Christ concluded, which wounds the consciences of any, to lead, or teach, or force, or compel any contrary to their consciences, their weak consciences; this is a sin against Christ, and a bringing people in a perishing condition, and to lose the state of a good conscience.

Likewise it is sin to lead people contrary to their faith, (that which is not of faith is of sin), which is to lead, or force, or compel any contrary to their faith; and if they yield, they may come to make shipwreck of their faith and a good conscience, and then are they unserviceable in their generation, both to God and man.

Therefore, how often was the testimony of the apostle to keep faith and a good conscience, and his exhortation to the saints; but how many have made shipwreck of both? Who today keeps faith and a good conscience? They are not against the higher power, but are subject to it for conscience sake, which punishes the evildoer; for that is it which makes disturbances in the nations, and kingdoms, and to this higher power to be subject for conscience sake, and not for wrath; for it is the will of God, which keeps down the evildoer, who makes shipwreck of faith and a good conscience.

Now a king's, emperor's, or ruler's safety lies in God, and his protection is his power; and that which preserves him, is his wisdom, the wisdom of God, being preserved in his spirit to give him true knowledge and understanding, to put a difference between the precious and the vile, between such as the law was made for as a terror to, and such as it was not made for, but to whom it is a praise.

And as touching religion, it is for their nobility, that there be universal liberty for whatever people; let them speak their minds, let there be places and houses set forth where every man may speak his mind, and judgment, and opinion stated. For the king had better let men speak it forth, than let it boil in their hearts and grow to a birth; and those that are sober men, and wise men, ministers of the gospel, let them inform and instruct, with meekness; for the man of God must have patience, with spiritual weapons, not with carnal, by force and compulsion, but with love; and this is the way to overcome. Let him not quench the spirit, nor limit the people of the Lord, but stop all such as would do so, and that would force men to act contrary to their faith and consciences, which is to commit sin, and to the weakening and perishing of them.

Let him be Jew, or papist, or Turk, or heathen, or protestant, or whatever sort; or such as worship sun, or moon, or stocks, or stones; let them have liberty where everyone may bring forth his strength, and have free liberty to speak forth his mind and judgment.

For the ministers of the gospel, who have the spiritual weapons, need not fear any of them, for they have the shield of faith, the armor of light, and the breastplate of righteousness; they are armed soldiers with spiritual weapons, and they need not cry out to the magistrates for the outward staff, and sword, and bag, and jails, and prisons to help them, as the Jews did against the apostles, “help, men of Israel, these are the men that turn the world upside down.”

But you never read that ever the apostles or Christ did cry, or make their complaint to any power of the earth. It was below their master's command, Christ Jesus, who had all power in heaven and earth given to him, who commanded them “to love enemies;” and so all true christians are not to persecute them that are contrary-minded to them.

Because those now that profess the name of Christ persecute one another, they manifest that they have only the form, and not the power. For if they had the power they would love one another, and enemies also. The heathen persecute one another about the worship of their gods, and the Turks about the worship of their Mahomet, and the Jews about their law, and the papists about their eucharist, and other ceremonies; and the protestants about outward ceremonies, judge and persecute one another, which from Christ they have no command, but to love one another, and to be swift to hear, and slow to speak, and slow to wrath.

So they, who have gone to persecuting one another, have laid aside the doctrine of Christ Jesus, while professing his name; for his command is “love, love one another, love enemies, and have all men in esteem;” this is the doctrine of Christ and his apostles. He that loves is not easily provoked, and thinks no evil, nor does he envie; and he that fulfils the law and the prophets, does to all as he would have them do to him; and he that does not, is out of the love that fulfilsl the law, and is in the envy, and wrath, and out of the forbearance, and not in the patience.

Therefore as I spoke before, let there be houses and places that all may speak their judgment. Let none be persecuted. Let the magistrates keep the civil peace, that people may not strike one another, nor wrong one another's persons; but that they shall be patient to speak one to another. Those who are spiritual-minded satisfy the contrary, and with meekness instruct, and convince, and convert, and bring to repentance. Let them come into them, and bring in the strength of their treasure. Let the ministers convince, if they have the spiritual weapons, seeing they will not go out to them into the nations, to the Jews, and heathen; therefore let there be houses for them to come in among them, “for this is noble, where there is patience to hear,” as Paul said to Festus. Likewise Gamaliel, whose moderation appeared to the apostle, to the stopping them that would have persecuted them, for fear that they should be found fighters against God.

Therefore, moderation, temperance, and sobriety is good; but persecution was ever blind, and so that does not foresee, nor see things present. The apostles' command was, that they should not judge one another about days and meats, but that everyone should be fully persuaded in his own mind, that was the counsel of the apostle, which did not say they should persecute and force about such things, but judged such as were compelling the Romans to observe such things, both Galatians and Romans, and he told them that the kingdom of heaven did not stand in meat, and drink, and days.

He, who with these things served Christ, was accepted of God, and approved of men. Therefore they were not accepted, who judged one another about such things as meats, drinks, and days; he rebukes their judgment and tells them judge this rather: that they did not lay a stumbling block in one another's way. This is for all true christians to mind, that are of the true faith and foundation, in which the apostles and saints were, in the primitive times, which minds to keep faith and a good conscience.

Christ said, “you are the light of the world, you are the salt of the earth,” to his disciples, his scholars; and he said, “let your light shine before men.” Therefore if they had been quenched and limited, and the apostles might not have spoken because they were fishermen, and poor men; but the priests and doctors only would have spoken; then would not have obeyed Christ's command, and spread the truth abroad, their Father had not been glorified, men had not seen their good works, for heaven and earth must pass away, but not one jot or tittle of his word must pass until all be fulfilled.

So except the righteousness of the christians exceeds the righteousness of the Jews and the Pharisees, who killed and persecuted about religion, they shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven, for the righteousness of the christians is Christ Jesus, whom God loves, and sent into the world, not to condemn the world, but that through him they might have life.

Furthermore he said to his disciples, “love enemies,” and if you love them that love you again, there is no difference between you and Pharisees, for that made and makes the difference, to love such as did hate them, and persecute them.

Christ came to call sinners and blasphemers to repentance, and did not come to destroy men's lives but to save them; and he rebuked his disciples, who would have had fire come down from heaven to consume them that were contrary to them, and also told his disciples they did not know what spirit they were of.

Therefore they, who know what spirit they are of, come to the mind of Christ that saves men's lives and seeks not the revenging or the destroying of men's lives, but as Christ said, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Therefore those who do revenge themselves, and does persecute, and be avenged of others, does not do as they would be done by, and does not love enemies, and does not do the law and the prophets, and does not know what spirit they are of.

And Christ said, “when you pray, use no vain repetitions as do the heathen, who think to be heard through much speaking,” which many has said this prayer in Christendom, but the practice is wanting, “forgive us our debts, (thus they ask God, and pray to him whom they have transgressed and sinned against) as we forgive our debts,” so they will be forgiven as they do forgive. Now does this not obligate all men to forgive; if they will be forgiven themselves; which will stop all the hands of persecution?

Now where is this practice in Christendom, men forgiving others' transgressions as freely as they would have the Lord forgive them? This practice is to beg of God, and is often said; but the life [true Christian life] is lacking. The true life is the difference between us and the world, they being such as talk and do not practice.

This is the cause of so much strife, debate, and revenge; men cannot forgive, so they stand bound in their sins. They cannot forgive men that trespass against them, although nevertheless they would be christians, and say these words with their lips, “forgive us, O Lord, as we do forgive them,” (this is the form of sacrifice), in order to have God forgive them their trespasses, as they forgive other men their trespasses. By this deficiency many willfully and wickedly perish in their sins.

If people are forced and driven contrary to their own consciences, gift and proportion of faith, to make shipwreck of both, they go out of the bounds of humanity, and course of nature, into unreasonableness, and setting the whole course of nature on fire, where all the members are unruly and out of order, from the tongue, hand, lip, to the foot. It is said that the unreasonable man does not have faith. Therefore the way to bring people into unreasonableness, and to set the whole course of nature on fire, is to bring and force to act contrary to their own consciences, and contrary to their measure of faith, and what is not of faith is sin. Therefore to keep people in the reasonableness, is to let them have their faith, and not act contrary to it or contrary to a good conscience; that keeps them both in reasonableness, and nature in its course, and their members in order.

Those who are in the wisdom of God, that is pure and gentle from above, mind these things.

George Fox

Concerning the Spirit

A manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to benefit all, 1 Cor 12:7. Now every man profiting is in the spiritual things, and the things that are of God, and out of the spirit no man profits, though he profess all the scriptures from Genesis to the Revelation, nor are not likely to see the spirit that gave forth scripture, nor know them, for the spirit is that which does supply every man's need, so all to stand steadfast in one spirit, for in that is the fellowship of the spirit, and the fruit of the spirit is goodness and righteousness. Therefore be you filled with the spirit, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, by which you war with all, against that which causes the enmity, and by which you are circumcised, who put off the body of sin, and the flesh that is gotten up by the transgression, in which spirit have you the unity and strength, by which spirit you sow to the spirit, and come to reap life eternal, through which spirit you have an habitation in God. Those who are led by the spirit are not under the law, neither do they fulfill the lust of the flesh, which the law takes hold upon, for the spirit does mortify the lust of the flesh, which the law takes hold upon, and that spirit does refresh, and those who are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. The last Adam was made a quickening spirit, to quicken from that, and out of it, which the first Adam fell into, the earthly, and so by one spirit are you baptized into one body, that plunges that down the many bodies. So being renewed in the spirit of your minds, and filled with the spirit, the fruits of the spirit is goodness, righteousness, and so are made all to drink into one spirit, and all that does drink into this one spirit, come into the manifestation of it in their own particulars; by it they come to know baptism, circumcision, true worship in the spirit and truth, and the Lord God the Father of spirit and truth. By this spirit they know all the seducing spirits, the spirits of error, the spirit of witchcraft, and spirits that be unclean; and by this spirit by which they are led into all truth, they try the spirits that gets the saints' and prophets' words, and is not in the spirit that they were in that gave them forth, and so have not unity with them. By this spirit have the saints discerning, and in it have they fellowship, and in it do they sing, and it gives them the true wisdom, it is called the spirit of wisdom, and in it they come to walk, and so then not to fulfill the lust of the flesh, that be in the transgressing spirit, under the spirit of the power of the air, that rules in the children of disobedience; and those who have not the spirit of Jesus Christ are none of his. In this spirit are the mysteries spoken, and in it is the fight, and that which does unseal and open the spirit of understanding and knowledge, that gives both to understand and know, and this must every man come to know in his own particular, for woe is unto them that are covered, but not with the spirit, they are covered with transgression, sin, Iniquity, death and darkness, and grieve, vex, quench, and transgress the good spirit of God in their own particulars, and so grow up in the spirit of strife, and hasten and bring forth folly and perverseness, and their own sorrow. It is that spirit that God will cut off, which has kept out the steadfastness from God; and the Lord said, “I will pour out of my spirit on all flesh, and my sons and daughters shall prophesy," and the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets, so there is unity; and except a man be born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom, though they may profess all the scripture of the saints, given forth from Genesis to the Revelation. In the first birth following his own spirit he sees nothing; and the apostle said, “pray always in the spirit, by one spirit have access unto the Father, and quench not the spirit, and I will pray with the spirit, and with the understanding, that all supplications, prayers, intercessions, giving of thanks be made for all men, for rulers, and them that be in authority.”

The spirit helps our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the spirit itself makes intercession for us with groans which cannot be uttered; and he that searches the heart, knows what is the mind of the spirit, because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God; so to pray always in the spirit, all supplications, and for the saints. So those who pray not in the spirit, cannot intercede to God the Father of spirits, for it is that which makes intercession, and helps the infirmity; and the flesh is weak, but the spirit is ready. That which is weak lies the infirmity, and men know not what they ought to pray for, but the spirit which gives them the understanding, in which they are to pray, which makes the intercession to God, in which people must pray always; all supplication must be in the spirit, and all giving of thanks for all men, and praying for all rulers that be in authority, and supplication for them, and prayers and thanks. The spirit lets them see their mind, and this prayer in the spirit is acceptable to God, which makes intercession to him the Father of spirits, according to his will. For the spirit is that which helps the infirmity, in which they must pray and make intercession, and give them the understanding to see the flesh is weak; which infirmity of flesh that is weak, they have a form, and its own form of prayer without the spirit, and think to be heard for their many words, which is called babbling by Christ, and not justified, for the justified are in spirit, for it is it they must pray in, which gives them both the knowledge and understanding, and intercession, and is a helper, which the other praying with death, flesh, out of the spirit, which thinks to be heard with many words, which is called babbling, which makes no intercession to God, and is without the understanding, and this prayer is judged among christians and Jews, by Christ. God overturns, who is a spirit, and must be interceded unto in the spirit, and in the spirit supplication, prayer and thanks is heard of God, for the spirit is the light by which they must see and ask according to his will, who would have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth. If all men would come to the knowledge of the truth, they must come to that which reproves them, and leads them into all truth, and to the Comforter. None can lift up holy hands, and pray without wrath and doubting, but those who are in the spirit that makes intercession to God. Those that do not always pray in the spirit, pray by the letter that kills, and do not pray by what gives life or intercession to God. Neither have they holy hands, but are full of wrath and doubting. Neither are they ministers of the spirit, or do they know the ministration of it, which is more glorious than that of the Old Testament, which was glorious in its place; but the ministers of the letter, that profess themselves beyond the law, and do not pray in the spirit, run all on heaps about the words, out of the spirit, and are the killers. For those who pray in the spirit and sing in it through the spirit and the faith, obtain the promise of the living God. Those who are in the spirit, are not under the law, nor under the curse of it, but in that which fulfills it; and the spirit brings them all from the rudiments, traditions, and ordinances that are in the world. Those who walk in the spirit, and are in the spirit, walk over them all, and see over them all; and the prophet says, “you gave them your good spirit, to instruct them, and they rebelled against it,” Nehemiah 9:20,26. So those who rebel against God's good spirit, rebel against the God of heaven, the King immortal, and go into error and ignorance, and from the good spirit of God, which would instruct them, and give them understanding, in which they must pray and worship, in which they must have access to God. So these are in the spirit of error, and the spirit of antichrist, and the spirit of bondage, the unclean spirits; and come to be the familiar spirit, and of divination, the proud spirit, and the spirit of whoredom, and perverse spirit, and spirit of jealousy, and come to be the frogs that go abroad to deceive and creep under every mountain, and hill, and rock, croaking with their unclean spirits like frogs, become the evil spirit, which the saints of the living God must try with the living spirit, who have the knowledge, the spirit of judgment, the spirit of meekness, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of glory, the spirit of grace and supplication, to supply the wants of all people that want, whatsoever wants they be; which spirit brings them over all unclean spirits of error from God's good spirit. Nevertheless the spirit of glory rests upon the sufferers that are clothed with a meek spirit, that have a new spirit. But those who be in the spirit of error cannot pray, nor sing, nor praise, nor give thanks, nor make intercession to God the Father of spirits, nor cannot worship God in the spirit, nor have fellowship in the spirit who are erred from it, and such spirits are tried by them that are in the spirit of wisdom, understanding, judgment and knowledge, who pray in the spirit, in which is their fellowship in that, wherein they make intercession to God. They see the needs of all people, through which spirit they make intercession for them, and this tries spirits and hearts, who has a new heart that serves God in a new spirit, and in it are patient, and have the spiritual weapons, filled with the spiritual wisdom, to war with such as have departed from the spirit, and erred from it, being in the spirit of truth, comprehending the spirit of error, which bondages, that are blind from the ways of God and fellowship, that corrupts and cumbers the ground and earth. But people must pray always in the spirit, for the manifestation of it is given to everyone to benefit all, and the spirit makes intercession to God for them, in that they have profiting in their prayers, and the spirit is the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophesy, by which they see what they are to pray for, and give the man understanding of the supplication, and necessity, and such come to be sealed with the holy spirit of promise, and filled with both spirit and promise, which those who grieve the spirit, and err from it, and quench it, they cannot pray in, they are not sealed. They do not have their Father's mark in their forehead, and they are not to be believed though they have all scriptures, being erred from the spirit that gave it forth, their spirits are tried not to be spiritual men, but are tried by the spiritual man that tries all things. Those who came to drink of the spiritual rock, Christ, and receive the spiritual gift from God, and are zealous for them, they come to the spiritual body, and to be blessed with spiritual blessings, and to speak to one another with new tongues, and filled with the spirit of understanding, and built up together a spiritual house, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, these know, feel, fathom, try, and understand all the spirits that be in the world, by the spirit of the living God. Those who have erred from his spirit in their own particulars, cannot sing, pray, give thanks acceptable to him, nor worship him, and are out of fellowship with him. They grieve, quench, rebel against the spirit that should give them understanding, and grace, by which they should pray and make intercession unto the Lord for him, in which they should worship God, and in which they should have fellowship. There are the unclean spirits, who like frogs can creep in every hole, rock, and mountain, and bondages both themselves and others, so cannot serve God in the new spirit, but are proved proud, heady, and high-minded, among the spirits of error, drawing and seducing others into their own spirits, without understanding, without wisdom, without fellowship, without the worship of God, without true praying, without true singing, without true giving of thanks, without patience, and meekness of spirit, of grace, and a contrite spirit, without zeal, without promise, and without the truth, and cannot come into it, without the spirit of truth leads into the truth, without fruits of holiness, without love, the true love, in the spirit of slumber, and those who are, err from the spirit of God in their own particulars, need all these things, and are not subject to the Lord, neither to one another. They cannot make supplication and prayer for all men to their conditions, but overthrow their prayers and their spirits, that are erred from his spirit, for those who are joined to the Lord are one spirit, and are in fellowship with the Son, and with the Father, and have the spirit of understanding, and wisdom, patience, and meekness, and are arrayed and adorned with it. Blessed are the poor in spirit, though never so poor, from it you will inherit the blessing and the promise, and it will make intercession for you to God, and that has the promise that makes the intercession to God, and that prayer and supplication is received of God and accepted. That spirit that makes intercession to God, in that he is worshipped and that brings the grace and salvation, and in that spirit that makes intercession to God the spirit, in that spirit is God served in a new life, and things received according to his will, and that gives the spirit of understanding and wisdom to try other spirits, in that is the fellowship. The spirit which does not make intercession to God, God does not regards their prayers, nor thanks, nor worship, nor fellowship; it is out of the true understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, and the spirit that intercedes to God.

Concerning Faith

The faith heals, being obedient to it, and the true church is established in the faith that gives victory, and access to God through the righteousness of faith, and having the seal of the righteousness of the faith, and by faith are we saved, and faith remains, and we are satisfied, and come to walk in the steps of faith, having the word of faith in the heart and mouth to obey and to do it, and then by faith you stand and walk, and by faith you are justified, by the spirit of faith. There is one faith, which faith is unfeigned, and in the faith there is great boldness and godliness, and the edifying is in the faith which gives victory and access to God, and in which faith all must ask of God, and in the faith is both stability and steadfastness, and in the faith is the heavenly riches received from God, I say, in the faith of God's elect. So let everyone be faithful according to his proportion of faith that God has given to him; and as God has dealt to every man a measure of faith, in that let him walk, and keep in the unity, and edify one another as faithful witnesses, and ambassadors, and messengers, for God is faithful, that has promised. Stephen full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, all his disputers, and the council, they had no other weapons against him, but to deliver him up to the stoners to stone him to death. By faith the apostles overcame all disputers, stoics, epicureans, and the wise philosophers, that he made them run out, and called him babbler; and by faith in the power of God have many gone as signs in sackcloth, and haircloth, and naked, among all the naked professors, whose coverings have been as rough as sackcloth, and haircloth, and so through faith in the power have you seen a great deal of their coverings taken off by such as have been worse than themselves, and by faith in the power of God have many went with ashes on their heads as signs among professors, that have been covered, and not with the spirit of the Lord. They have seen worse than themselves thrown dirt on their heads, and covered them with dirt and darkness, among whom they went with ashes on their heads; therefore sing and rejoice you prophets and messengers of the most high God, and everyone have the faith in yourselves, that you may meet in that, for a faithful man abounds with blessings, and all the commandments of God are faithful. The righteous said, “my eyes shall be upon the faithful, and the Lord preserves the faithful, and a faithful man fears God.” Chrits said, “Well done,” to the faithful servant, for “you have been faithful in a few things, I will make you ruler over much.” Be faithful in all things to God, and all men upon the earth, for God is faithful, by whom you are called; and having obtained of his holy riches, be faithful, for God is faithful, who will not suffer you to suffer beyond your measures, nor to be tempted beyond your measures. So happy are you to whom the Lord has committed his treasures, who counts you faithful, for if people believe not, yet God and Christ still abide faithful. Therefore you that believe, be blameless and faithful children, holding fast the faithful word, for God is faithful, who has promised; everyone committing your souls unto the faithful Creator of all things; so if you believe in the light by which you see your sins, and confess and forsake, he is faithful and just to forgive you all your sins, having a faithful witness in heaven, Christ Jesus, that everyone may come to see the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls. For your faith and hope standing in God, virtue and knowledge is increased, and in your faith, which gives victory and access to God, have you comfort, and your trial of that work of patience, and the trial of that being more precious than gold that perishes, being found faithful, and that it may flow over the world, giving victory over it, and its foundation, from which the Lamb has been slain of the world, that lies in wickedness.

By faith was Enoch translated, and so by that faith are all from the death to the life, from the darkness to the light, into the endless life, and so by faith comes to stand, in which they come to increase in faith. The faith makes them heirs of God and the promise, which faith gives them victory and access to God, over that which separates from him; and faith, hope and love abides. Those who are of faith, are blessed with faithful Abraham, and have victory over that which makes a separation between God and man, and which brought the curse, who are of the household of faith, and so knows the unity of the faith, and one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. So faith keeps the good conscience, being in the mystery held in a pure conscience, looking to Jesus the author of it and finisher. By which faith you are saved, you are sanctified, you are justified, and the just lives, which gives the victory and access to the Lord, over that which brought the separation from God, and condemnation in uncleanness, and not pure. Those who purify their hearts by faith witness this, and the fruit of faith which works by love, and gives victory over the enmity. So fight the good fight of faith, which is your shield, for all those who have made shipwreck of it, fight against it with carnal weapons and shields, canes or clubs; therefore. Above all things take the shield of faith, and put on the breastplate of faith, and then stand with your shield, and breastplate, and helmet of salvation, which is the power of God, and the faith of the gospel the power of God, and the cross of Christ the power of God, and your faith in the grace of God which brings salvation, and then hold fast the profession of your faith, for without faith it is impossible any should please God, for they are not in that which gives victory and access to him, which brings plagues, wrath, woe, vengeance, and condemnation, and all their offerings and sacrifices God does not accept, not being in the faith that gives access to him. How should he receive their sacrifice, how can they bring them to him, if they are not in that which gives them victory over that which separates from him, and by which they have access to him? How should they have access to him, and how can they please God, not being in that which gives victory over that which does displease him? The Lord will reward every man according to his faithfulness; so the preaching of faith which gives the victory and access, in which is the unity and fellowship, in which everyone shall know his breastplate and shield to keep off and fight withal, that which made the separation between them and God, through which he shall have the victory; and so who are come to this, are come to the hearing of faith, and going on in the way, and on in the victory, on in the unity, and are come to the end of the law, and to the hearing of faith. There the spirit is received, and faith is in the conscience, and by their faith they have peace with God, having victory over that that made the separation between them and God, and so the heirs of righteousness by faith, and are to inherit Christ Jesus, Gal 3.


For them to read over: in which they may see that the Messiah has come, according to their own prophets, and Gabriel the angel, and according to their own number of time and years, out of Daniel 9.

By George Fox

From the building of the temple*, spoken of by Daniel in the ninth chapter, was seven weeks, or forty-nine years, in which Jerusalem was built; from the finishing of which, there was sixty-two weeks, which is four hundred and thirty-four years, until the baptism of Christ; and after the sixty-two weeks, there was one week, in which the Messiah should be slain, but not for himself; and the people of the prince that should come, should destroy the city, and the sanctuary that was built, and the end thereof should be with a flood, and unto the end of the battle it should be destroyed with desolation, and he shall confirm the covenant with many; for in one week, in the midst of the week he shall cause the daily sacrifice to cease, which death was about three years and a half after Christ was baptized; for says the angel Gabriel, in the last verse of that ninth chapter, “And in the midst of the week, that is three days and a half, he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, .. ” Christ's sacrifice ends all other sacrifices, and the covenant being confirmed with many of his disciples, they preached it up and down in the synagogues and temples, and among the heathen; and Christ preached of the destruction of the temple after it was built. The Prince, the Messiah, he preached the destruction of the temple, that it should be thrown down, and not one stone left upon another; and it was thrown down, (according to his prophecy,) by the heathen. Christ said “Jerusalem should be compassed about with armies, and trodden under foot, and they scattered abroad over all nations,” which thing came to pass, (according to his prophesy), and never since had you a prophecy that you should be gathered again to outward Jerusalem, and that your walls should be built again.

*The temple had been built previously, but the protective walls did not exist. It was open to plunder and siezure - without walls or defensive towers. So the temple was incomplete, and Fox was correct to refer to the building of the temple.

And now if you believe Moses, Jeremiah, Samuel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zachariah, Daniel, and the rest of the prophets, and Gabriel that spoke unto Daniel, you must believe that Christ has already come in the flesh. They prophesied of him, and set the time, and set the year that he should come, which time and year is over, and come, and past, according to the prophets' and angel's words, as you may read what Gabriel said to Daniel, who numbered the time of your captivity, as Jeremiah and Daniel numbered the time of building the temple, and numbered the time in which the Messiah should come, the Prince.

*The detailed calculations of Daniel's prophecy of when the Messiah was prophesied to appear are available by clicking here.

Now if Gabriel spoke truth, and Daniel and the prophets spoke truth, then you must believe that the Messiah has already come, according to their words; and whether or not he came in that way according to Gabriel and Daniel and the prophets, that was called a Messiah and a Prince; and whether or not the city was built, and the people were gathered before he came; and after he had come, whether or not such a one was cut off according to the week; if after your city was destroyed, and temple, and your people scattered over all nations, according to the Messiah's prophesy?

And whether or not his covenant was not confirmed with many that were his disciples, that preached up and down the one offering after he was cut off?

And whether or not God did not prepare him a body, according to David's prophecy to do his will, which God accepted more than burnt-offerings, and sacrifices and oblations, who put an end to them, for the overspreading of the abomination that made the desolation, until your offerings were consumed, and the place where you offered?

And whether or not he came poor, riding upon an ass, the foal of an ass, according to Zachariah's prophecy. Zech 9:9. Riding into Jerusalem, who should let the prisoners out of the pit where there was no water, who should give the water to the thirsty, and bread to the hungry?

And whether or not you hid your faces from him, he being a man of sorrow, and acquainted with griefs, according to Isaiah's prophecy? Isa 53.

And whether or not you did not stop your ears, and blind your eyes, so that you heard not, nor saw not when he came, and so you have lost the number of time?

And whether or not David's prophecy is not fulfilled upon you, who said, “let their eyes be darkened, and their table be made a snare and a trap, and they bow down their backs always,” as you have been bowed under every government?

That when he came, who was David's Son, that David called Lord the King of glory, your gates were not set open to let him in, but his place among you was a manger.

And did not Malachi prophesy of him, and was he not one of the last prophets among you?

And did not John come to prepare the way before him, who baptized multitudes of the Jews, who was the son of Zachariah, who was put to death by Herod at the pleasing of his daughter's dancing, whom he beheaded in prison on his birth-day?

And did not you persecute many of his disciples, and cast them into prison for witnessing Christ the Messiah, the Prince among you, who was come, according to Moses and the prophets, Gabriel and Daniel?

Did not they often tell your fathers that their eyes were blinded, and their ears dull, that they heard nor saw not?

And did not the Messiah, the Prince tell you, in the days among your fathers, that your house should be left desolate, so are not all your temples, sanctuaries, and chief places of offerings, have they not all been desolate, and have been ever since?

And did not he say unto you that you should see his face no more, until you said, “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord?” therefore if your houses be left desolate there was never no promise of the Lord that they should be built again; but happy are any of you who can say, “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord,” who receives him, receives the end of offerings and sacrifices.

And did not Moses say “like unto him would God raise up a prophet, him should they hear in all things; and he would raise up a prophet of their brethren?”

And the prophets and David witness that the Messiah should come of the seed of David and Abraham according to the flesh.

And was not Joseph and Mary of the household of David, and was not his name called Emmanuel according to Isaiah's prophecy? Isa. 7:14.

And lived in the year according to Daniel and Gabriel? Dan 9.

And did not David say “he would not allow his holy one to see corruption, nor leave his soul in hell?he saw the travail of his soul, and therefore was satisfied, according to Isaiah's prophecy.

Therefore, after you had killed him by a shameful death upon the cross, and buried him, did not he rise again and saw no corruption, whom neither death, bonds, nor grave could contain nor hold? Although the priests gave the soldiers money to say that his disciples stole him away by night, who now remains in heaven at the right hand of God until the restitution of all things, who after his resurrection was seen of many brethren, and many witnesses, who were the witnesses of his resurrection among your forefathers, and among whom (your fathers) he wrought many miracles, and did many wonders, to the astonishment of the very heathen, and of many of your forefathers, yet their hearts being hardened, and their eyes being blinded, and could not, nor would not, neither see nor believe, therefore he pronounced the woes against you which is come upon you; and he does enlighten every man that comes into the world, and is that which checks you for sin and evil, which if you believe in the light you come to receive him that all the prophets, Moses, and Gabriel spoke of, who is the Prophet that is to be heard, and King that Daniel prophesied of, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and dominion and everlasting dominion that has no end, who is the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, that dashes all that is contrary to it, and becomes a great mountain, for you are hewing and cutting, as all other heathens upon the earth, and making mountains with hands, and so nations or kingdoms; this stone without hands that is cut out of the mountain without sword and spear, breaks all to pieces, and it becomes an everlasting mountain, and an everlasting kingdom and dominion, whereby swords and spears are broken in ploughshares and pruning-hooks, whereby nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Micah 4.

And Jeremiah prophesied of your captivity seventy years, and he said, “when you were brought into the land, and all nations should be gathered to it in Jerusalem, and when you increased and multiplied in the land,” in those days, said the Lord, “They shall say no more the ark of the covenant of God, for it shall come no more to be minded, neither shall they remember it, neither shall they visit it, for that shall be done no more.” Jer 3:16-17

And Jeremiah said in the 31st chapter, “Behold,” said the Lord, “the day comes that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and the house of Judah, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers when I took them out of the land of Egypt, which covenant they broke; but this shall be my covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days of their captivity and return, I will write my law in their heart, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people; and they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord, for they shall all know me from the least to the greatest of them,” said the Lord, “for I will forgive their iniquities, and remember their sins no more;” now this is the Messiah, and this was promised and prophesied how after he should come into the land, which came into the land of Jerusalem, according to Jeremiah, and Daniel, and Gabriel, and Ezekiel, their words and prophecies.

And Jeremiah said, in the 33d chapter, “after they were carried away captive, that they should be brought again into the land, and the Lord promised that good thing, he would cause his branch of righteousness to grow unto David, and he should execute judgment and righteousness in the land, and in those days Judah shall be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely, and he should call and say here is the Lord our righteousness [mark,] that calls Judah and calls Jerusalem, that makes them to dwell safely.” And thus said the Lord, “David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel; neither shall the priests and Levites want a man for me to offer up the burnt-offerings, and the meat-offerings, and to do sacrifice continually.” Now this was to be after their coming into the land, and after the Messiah was born, and the branch of righteousness sprung, and he should sit upon the throne of David, and execute judgment and righteousness in the land. Then the priests and Levites should have their men to offer meat-offerings, and burnt-offerings, and sacrifices continually, and this was after Christ was come; but when he was offered up, a sacrifice himself, that one offering once for all, who judged and executed judgment among you before he was offered up, both among the Jews and at Jerusalem, when he I say was offered up, he caused those things (the offerings,) to cease, and fulfilled them according to Gabriel's words and Daniel's prophecy, and ends the priesthood, the Levitical priesthood, who came not of the tribe of Levi nor Aaron, but of Judah, that lion; so in one week in the midst of the week he should cause the daily sacrifice and oblation to cease, and so this was the new covenant prophesied of by Jeremiah, and this was he that Moses prophesied of, like unto him would God raise up a prophet which the people should hear.

And Stephen witnessed him before the council in the days of Herod, whom your fathers caused to be stoned to death.

And after this covenant had come, you would say no more the ark of God, nor mention it, nor let it come into your minds. This was after you were to come into the land as Zachariah's prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem, who prophesied again, that Jerusalem should be safely inhabited, and those who fought against Jerusalem should come up to worship year by year, and keep the feasts of tabernacles; and the Lord would smite the heathen and Egyptians that came not unto Jerusalem, that came not up to keep the feast of tabernacles; and the pots in the Lord's house should be like the bowls before the altar, and every pot should be holy, and all those who sacrificed, should come and take of them, after the people were come to worship at Jerusalem, and the mountain which was a place of worship; when Christ said to the woman of Samaria, “the time was come and now is, that neither at Jerusalem, nor at this mountain, but those who worship the Father, shall worship him in spirit and in truth, for such the Father seeketh to worship him.”

Now this was before Christ was offered up that ends the offerings, altars, sacrifices, feast of tabernacles, for the Lord should come, my God and all his saints; and the Lord should be king over all the earth. When Jerusalem was safe, and nations came up to it, there was the feast of tabernacles to be kept, but after Christ was offered up, though those things were practiced in the days of his flesh, while he was upon the earth, and did not cause them to cease until he was offered up, but then he ended them; and then he prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem, and the walls, and your scattering over all nations, and did not prophesy of your bringing back again to offer, and to sacrifice and keep the feast of tabernacles again at Jerusalem, and did not say that your outward worship should be set up again at Jerusalem.

But the scattering was for the bringing in of the Gentiles, according to the promise of God by his prophets; “I will give him for a covenant and a light to the Gentiles, and he shall be my salvation to the end of the earth;” which many of the Gentiles now have received and believed the covenant of light promised to the prophets, though many of them do not live the life, through whose lives and fruits the name of the Messiah is dishonored, and the unbelievers hardened through them that profess him in words, and deny him in life. Nevertheless, the foundation of God and the new covenant stands sure, and his promise agreeable to all his prophets, and Gabriel's words, as you may number Daniel the ninth yourselves, that in such a time the Messiah was to come.

And whether or not such a one was not born in the same year, when all Jerusalem was in an uproar at his birth; Herod gathered all the chief priests together, and demanded of them where Christ should be born, and they said, in Bethlehem of Judah, for thus it is written by the prophets; so whether or not such an one did not come according to the prophets' words, and suffered according to his words, and his garment parted, and was cast lots for, according the prophets' words, and one of his own disciples betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver, according to Zachariah's words.

And as it is written, blindness happened unto Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles is come in, and so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written, “The deliverer shall come unto Zion, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob, and this is my covenant with them, when I shall take away their sins;” for that is it which blinds, and the light which is the covenant, is that which opens the eye, in which the Jews and Gentiles are one.

So the Lord will save now through the blood of his covenant, and the offering, the sacrifice Christ Jesus, who destroys the devil, the old liar, and the author of sin, who has imprisoned his people, and brought them into the pit, where they have wanted the water; and he, the Covenant and Messiah, brings the prisoner out of the pit, and gives the water, and returns the prisoner of hope, and renders double to him that has imprisoned; and he is called the Saviour, and he is Israel's Saviour, and the Gentiles' leader and covenant, yes, the salvation to the ends of the earth, whom the isles wait for; and the prophet said, “Kings shall be nursing fathers, and queens nursing mothers,” Isa. 49. 23. and they shall worship with their faces downward, and lick the dust of the earth, for the Lord had said, “he would lift up his hand to the Gentiles, and standard to the people, and they should bring their sons the Jews in their arms, and your daughters should be carried upon their shoulders, the Gentiles;” the Gentiles that had carried them away captive, and the Lord would make them bring them back again, that had scourged them - and nurse them, and carry the Jews, and lick the dust, and so you were brought again to your own land. Did not Cyrus and Darius and others aid you, and has not the Lord lifted up his hand and his standard to the Gentiles, which many have received?

Isaiah was the son of Amos, and prophesied about seven hundred and seventy-eight years before the Messiah was born; and he prophesied of the Jews to be carried away captive by the heathen; and how that the Gentiles should be nursing fathers, and kings should stoop down, and bend down, and be made to carry them again, and be nurse to them and that the Jews should get a-top of that which captivated them, and this was the carrying away from Jerusalem, and the carrying again to Jerusalem; who also prophesied of the Messiah that should come among them, to whom they should hide their faces, among whom the Jews Isaiah was a sign and a wonder to both the houses of Israel and Judah which was before they were carried away captive, who were degenerated from the Lord by their idolatry, their sacrifices, their offerings and their temples that he turned them from, and said, “the Most High dwelled not in temples made with hands; and he that offered sacrifice was as if he blessed an idol;” he prophesied in the days of Hezekiah, king of Judah. Isa 37:1-2, 2 Kings 19

Jeremiah prophesied in the days of Josiah, and in the days of Amon; Zedekiah, Zachariah, and Haggai prophesied in the second year of Darius, five hundred and nineteen years before Christ. Jer 1:2-3

And Christ came not according to your minds, in pomp and glory, as the kings of the kingdoms of the world does and did, but he came meek poor, and despicable, and having no beauty to be desired, and a man of sorrows and griefs, from whom you hid your faces, and crying away with him, he should not reign over us; you would have no king but Caesar and desired a murderer, and crucified him. When Pilate said to you “behold your King,” and washed his hands from his blood, you cried “let his blood be upon us and our children;” who has been, and brought the misery upon yourselves and your children; and David's words have come upon you, who said, “let their children be vagabonds,” which has been to this day, both from your God, and your own nation.

Friends, in the 22nd Psalm, did not the saying of David come to pass by you upon Christ when he was upon the cross, did not you say, “he trusted in the Lord, let him deliver him?”

Secondly, Did not you part his garment, and afterwards cast lots for his vesture (according to David's prophecy,) when you put him to death?

Thirdly, Did not you pierce his feet and hands when you nailed him to the cross, according to David's prophecy in the 22d Psalm, did not you fulfill his saying?

Fourthly, Did not you give him vinegar and gall to drink, when he was upon the cross, according to David's prophecy in the 69th Psalm; and did not you stick in your outward things as a snare and gin, and did not God pour forth his anger, wrath, and displeasure upon you, according to the prophecy of David, who called Christ Lord?

And the prophecy of Jacob to his sons, and to Judah, who said, the scepter should not depart from Judah, nor the law-giver from between his feet, until Shiloh come, and the people should be gathered unto him, unto Shiloh. Has not the law departed from Judah, and the government and scepter? Where is his rule, if you say it has not departed? Did not Shiloh come according to Jacob's and Daniel's prophecy and Gabriel's words in the days of Herod, before the scepter and the law had departed from Judah? So Shiloh having come, the people are gathered to him, and gathering, according to Jacob's prophecy; and the scepter has departed from Judah this 1660 years [2008 years now].

Where did any prophet ever say that you would be brought again into your own land, to your outward worship, sacrifice, and the rest of your ceremonies, after Jerusalem was destroyed, and the Messiah offered up, according to Daniel, Gabriel, and the rest of the prophets.

Did not all the prophets prophesy of the new covenant to you before, and in your captivity, and that your gathering should be unto him, and that he should come when you were out of captivity in your own land?

Now if you can believe the prophecies of Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, Gabriel, and Ezekiel, you must believe that the Messiah has come, and receive the new covenant.

And the Lord said, he would gather his people from the mouth of the shepherds, and teach them himself, and set one King over them, which Teacher and King many do witness.

From a lover of all souls, and of the whole creation of God,

George Fox

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