The Missing Cross to Purity

Letters 340 - 350







George Fox

Volume 2 Contd.


340.-To the Yearly Meeting in Yorkshire.
Numbered 350 in Printing

My friends,

In the service, and in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the second Adam,
in his power, light, and truth live, over death and darkness, and him that is out of the truth.
So, all in the seed that bruises the serpent's head, stand up for God's glory and honor;
in which seed you are all one, male and female;
and in which seed you all have peace and unity that is everlasting.
And in this heavenly seed, see that all walk as becomes the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus,
which has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel
by which you do see over him who has darkened you.
And this gospel, the power of God, will keep you in life and in immortality;
in which you may all see your work and service for the Lord God, in holiness,
and in righteousness, and in godliness, that the Lord God may be glorified in you all,
and among you all, who is over all
, blessed forever. Amen .
And, friends, see that all your children and families be trained up in the new covenant of grace,
and in life, and peace, and circumcised and baptized with the spirit,
that they may all eat of the spiritual food,
and drink into one spirit in the new covenant, and to feed upon the substance,
as the Jews did on the shadows in the old, which faded away.
And the power of God, the gospel, is the authority of your men's and women's meetings;
and every heir of the gospel is to labor in their inheritance and possession,
in the restoration into the image of God, in righteousness and holiness,
being made by Christ, who never fell, help mates in the restoration,
(as they were before the fall), who is the first and last, the foundation and rock of ages.
In him sit down in life, and peace, and rest, the Amen,
that nothing may get between you and the Lord God;
and see that nothing be lacking among you, then all is well.
So with my love in the Lord Jesus Christ.

George Fox

London, the 3d of the 4th month, 1678

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Know what the Lord requires of you, and all have a sense of that in yourselves, that he requires;
which is, "to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God."
Now, the Lord who is merciful and just, holy and righteous, pure and perfect,
he requires, that man and woman should do justly and righteously,
and live godly
and holy, by the holy light, and spirit, and truth, and grace,
that the Lord has given every man and woman to profit witha
And so, to answer the holy, pure, righteous, just God of truth, in all their lives, and words, and conducts;
and so, to glorify him upon the earth.
And the more the Lord gives, the more he requires;
and the less that he gives, the less he requires.
But the Lord requires of every man and woman as he gives,
who will judge the world in righteousness, by the man Christ Jesus,
according to the gospel, the power of God,
that is preached to every creature under heaven
that is, according to the invisible power; manifesting,
that there is something of the invisible power of God in every man and woman.
So, here the Lord Jesus Christ does not judge according to the hearing of the ear,
and to the seeing of the eye;
for with righteousness shall he judge you, according to the light,
which is the life in the word, Christ,
with which he enlightens every man that comes into the world
to the salvation of those who believe in it,
and the condemnation of those who hate it
and who will not receive the gospel, nor the grace, which brings salvation,
which has appeared to all men
, but walk despitefully against the spirit of grace, and turn it into wantonness.
So, according to his grace, and light, and gospel,
will the righteous God judge the world in righteousness, by Christ,
the heavenly and spiritual man
, who has died for the sins of the world;
though they deny him that bought them, and tasted death for every man.
Such deserve his judgment.

George Fox

Send this abroad among Friends, to be read in their meetings,

Swarthmore, the 11th month, 1678

342.-An epistle to Friends, to keep in the power of God in their peaceable habitations,
over all the troubles of the world.

Numbered 352 in Printing

All my dear friends and brethren, who are gathered by the light, grace, and truth,
and power, and spirit of Jesus Christ, to him, the head over all,
by whom were all things created, the first-born of every creature,
and the first begotten from the dead, know him, and the power of his resurrection,
that you all may be partakers of it, and of life everlasting,
and may sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,
who is over all, the first and last.
And in him you have peace, who is not of this world;
for in this world there is trouble.

And the world did and does hate Christ, yes,
and his light
, grace, truth, power, and spirit;
and therefore it is no marvel if the world hates Christ's members,
that do follow him in his light, grace, truth, power, and spirit;
and so with it receive him into them, their life and salvation.
And so he that has the son of God has life;
who is the fountain that fills all that wait upon him,
with his heavenly blessings and riches of life, from Christ the rock and foundation,
that cannot be shaken
, though the rocks and foundations of the world may be shaken,
and cloven in pieces, and the pillars of the earth may reel and stagger,
and all hypocrites and sinners may fear;
but those who fear the Lord, and wait upon him, shall be as Mount Zion,
that cannot be removed
; for the Lord's power is over all,
by which he keeps his people to the day of salvation.

And therefore, all you that have this keeper, the power of the Lord,
through faith
unto the day of life and salvation,
need none of the slumbering keepers or watchers;
for the Lord was the keeper of Israel,
who neither slumbered nor slept
, till Israel forsook the Lord,
and then they set up slumbering and sleepy watchers and keepers;
like the apostate christians, who have forsaken the power of God to keep them,
and then they are soon forsaken.

And therefore, friends, you that do know the power of God,
in which the kingdom of God stands,
you know your keeper,
through the faith which Jesus Christ is the author of,
which stands in his power, and not in words;

and so your faith standing in his power,
it will keep you out of the words of men's wisdom, and above them.

And the golden lamp in your tabernacle,
all are to have to burn with the heavenly oil,
which you have from Christ your high priest, being returned to him,
the great shepherd and bishop of your souls
who will bring you, his sheep, into his safe fold;
who gives unto his sheep eternal life, and his sheep shall not perish,
neither shall any pluck them out of his hand.

Though men may pluck hypocrites and apostates one from another;
but Christ said, "no man is able to pluck his sheep out of his Father's hand."
And therefore, all feel the hand that has brought you out of spiritual Egypt,
where Christ has been crucified, to Christ, in his new covenant of light and life,
as the Jews were brought out of Egypt in the old covenant,
which Christ has abolished, and makes all things new;
so that all may be grounded on him,
who was the foundation of all the holy prophets and apostles,
and of all the holy men of God to this day.

And therefore, consider who it is that abides in the tabernacle of God,
and dwells in his holy hill; it is the faithful and the upright
which holy hill is a safe place for all the upright.
As the Lord said,

"in the last days the mountain of the Lord's house
should be established on the top of the mountains,
and should be exalted above the hills,
and all nations should flow unto this established house."

And here the Lord teaches his people that come up to the mountain of the house of the God of Jacob.
So all mountains, houses, hills, and teaching will be shaken,
but the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the last days,
as the prophet said, which are the days of Christ.

Is not this the stone that became a great mountain, and fills the whole earth,
which smote and broke to pieces the iron, clay, brass, silver,
and gold image, or monarchs, which were as mountains?

And this stone which becomes a great mountain,
sets up a kingdom which shall never have an end.
Is not this the kingdom of Christ, which Christ said,
"Except a man be born again he can neither see the kingdom of God, nor enter into it."

And therefore, friends,
all you that do know his kingdom that stands in power, in peace, and joy in the holy ghost,
over the power of the evil, and all the unclean ghosts,
which keeps them in their first birth, and leads them into all evil,
as the holy ghost leads them into all truth.

And so, dear friends and brethren, know this rock, this stone, this foundation,
the house of God, that is established upon the Lord's mountain,
above all other houses, hills, mountains, and teachings in the world,
where God teaches his people, and establishes them upon Christ Jesus,
the living rock and foundation, and living way.
And so though there may be troubles without, and troubles within;
yet if you wait upon the Lord, he will renew your strength.
And the children of God they are set for signs and wonders;
for as it is said,"Lo, the children that you have given me, they are for signs and wonders."
And therefore, friends, keep your habitation in Christ Jesus, in whom you have peace;
for all the rude talkers, and vain disputers, and arguers, which canker and rust,
go out of the peaceable truth; and that which is torn, and dies of itself,
must not be fed upon
, but the life must be fed upon,
which gives you life eternal.

And the Lord did not build his Zion,
and outward Jerusalem, with blood, in the old covenant;
for they who built their Zion and Jerusalem with blood,
made their Zion a field, and their Jerusalem a heap;
so if this practice was forbidden in the old covenant, much more in the new,
who think to build Zion and Jerusalem with blood and iniquity;
for such have not been Zion's children, nor Jerusalem's, that is from above,
who shed men's blood concerning religion, church, and worship;
for Christ rebuked such that would have had men's lives destroyed,
and told them, 'they knew not what spirit they were of
so they that do not know what spirit they are of,
they are not like to build up God's Zion and Jerusalem.

For Christ said, 'He came to save men's lives, and not to destroy them;
for the world's god was the destroyer of men's lives,
but Christ came to destroy him and his works, and to save men's lives and souls also.

And so, dear friends, let the love of God,
which is shed abroad in your hearts, cast out all fear
And keep in the name of Jesus, in which you are gathered,
which is above every name under the whole heaven,
in whom you have life and salvation, and his presence among you;
whose name is a strong tower; and Christ is a rock to hide yourselves in,
and his spirit to cover you, which is a covering sufficient enough for you;
'and woe will be to that spirit which is covered, but not with his spirit;'
they may fly to the rocks and mountains to cover and hide them,
which will not be sufficient;
for the rocks will rend and the mountains will be removed
such may run down into spiritual Egypt for strength, where Christ was crucified,
like the Jews in the old covenant, that ran into outward Egypt from his spirit,
but all was in vain.

And therefore, trust in the Lord,
who has preserved you by his glorious light and power to this day,
that you may be settled upon the seed Christ Jesus,
which is over all that, within and without, that is contrary to it,
and bruises the head of the serpent, that has been between you and God.
So that in Christ the seed you have peace with the Lord God,
life, and dominion, and election, and salvation,
who redeems out of the curse, and fear of men,
or that makes the arm of flesh his strength, and not the arm of God;
and therefore the arm of the Lord being your strength,
Christ your rock and salvation, then you need not fear what man can do unto you;
for all God's children are dear and tender to him,
whom he has begotten again by the word of God to be heirs of his kingdom;
he feeds them with life eternal, and the milk of his word,
which word lives, and abides, and endures forever
and is always full and plenteous of milk,
and nourishes all God's children unto eternal life,
and to inherit his kingdom, and the world which is everlasting,
which Christ is the ruler of, (the heavenly and spiritual man),
and therefore they that are in him, must be new creatures;
for all the old creatures are in old Adam.

And therefore my desires are, that you may all be settled in Christ Jesus,
who was dead and is alive again, and lives forevermore
a prophet, counselor, priest, bishop, and shepherd,
a circumciser and baptizer, a living rock and foundation forevermore,
the beginning and ending, the first and last, the Amen;
sit down in him, and he in you, in whom you have peace with God.

George Fox

Swarthmore, the 6th of the 12th month, 1678

Numbered 353 in Printing

My dear friends,

Whose faces are set towards Zion,
from this dunghill world of vanity and vexation of spirit;
the glory, comfort, and pleasures of which pass away;
they that have more or less of it, and that enter into it, enter into trouble;
and when they are in it, it is a great trouble to come out of it,
and to be a fool for Christ's sake, who is not of this world, but of the world that has no end.
And therefore you must believe in the light, grace, and truth that comes from him,
in the inward parts or heart, which directs your minds to Christ,
from where this comes, and to unite to him that is heavenly,
who said, 'seek the kingdom of God first:' and the righteousness of his kingdom,
then all outward things will be added to them that have found the kingdom of God;

that stands in righteousness over unrighteousness;
and it stands in the power of God, over the power of the devil,
and was before he was, and it stands in peace and joy in the holy ghost
over all the unclean ghosts, or unholy spirits;
and the good seed are the children of this kingdom, which is everlasting.

And take heed of your wills, and give not way to them,
but give way to the power and spirit of God,
which crucifies it, and keeps it under the cross of Christ;
so that your inward man may be renewed, and the old Adam put off,
so that the daylight of Jesus Christ may be seen, which Abraham rejoiced to see,
and so do those who are of the faith of Abraham;
which faith is the gift of God,
that see the sun of righteousness shine in their hearts,
to nourish that which God has there planted,
who waters it with the living water of the word, his living plant.
And here is water in your own wells,
that you may drink out of your own wells or cisterns,
and to have grapes off their own vines,
from which they may have the new wine in their new bottles,
to glad and cheer their hearts with the wine from the heavenly branch of the heavenly vine,
of which the Lord is the husbandman
and this must everyone of God people feel.

What is the matter that all the world is of so many ways since the apostles' days?
Because they are out of Christ, the way, the new and living way,
(which is over all the dead ways), which was set, up above sixteen hundred years ago.

And why have they so many religions?
Because they are out of the pure and undefiled religion before God,
which was set up above sixteen hundred years ago,
which religion keeps from the spots of the world
and then this religion must be above the world, that keeps from the spots of it;
And those who are gone from this, religion, into those of their own making,
and tell people, they must not he perfect here,
and must carry a body of death with them to the grave:
and others say, that they must have a purgatory when they are dead;
this doctrine is contrary to the apostles,
who said, that 'they were cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and washed by the water of the word;'
and this blood and water God's people must feel the effects of within,
to wash and cleanse their hearts, souls, minds, and consciences;
'their hearts and consciences being sprinkled (as the apostle said)
with the blood of Jesus from their dead works, to serve the living God:'

for many, may talk of the blood Jesus without then in their dead works,
not serving the, living God, their hearts and consciences being not sprinkled with the blood of Jesus;
and they must feel it within as well as without.
And if they have life, they eat his flesh and drink his blood,
if they live by him who is heavenly and spiritual;
the second Adam, the Lord from heaven;
for they have drunk long enough into old Adam's unclean spirit,
which is the cause that there are so many bodies,
that they do vex and quench the good spirit,
and resist the holy ghost, which should baptize them all into one body;
that is, to plunge down all sin and evil that has gotten up by transgression,
and burn that up which is chaff or corruption,
and so to drink into one spirit, as the apostles and churches did in the primitive times,
and so to have the same fellowship and unity in the holy spirit of Christ, as they had,
namely, in Christ Jesus, who was, and is, the holy head of his church, his elect in him.
And Jerusalem, that is above, is the mother of all such;
and such do worship God, as Christ taught about sixteen hundred years ago, in spirit and in truth.

So all must come to the spirit and the truth in their hearts and souls;
if they are to know the God of truth, who is a spirit,
and must worship him in spirit and in the truth
into which holy spirit and truth the unclean spirit,
and him that is out of truth cannot come.
So all will worshippers,* and the dragon, and beast, and false worshippers,
are out of this holy spirit and truth, in which the pure and holy God is worshipped;
and as all that did eat of the Passover in the old covenant were to be circumcised in the flesh,
so are all in the new covenant to be circumcised with the spirit,
by putting off the body of the sins of the flesh
, that came upon man by transgression,
if they will feed on Christ their heavenly sacrifice.
For the old covenant of circumcision was held in the flesh,
and then they did feed upon the natural sacrifices;
but the new covenant is held in the grace, light, and spirit,
by which they are circumcised, and so do feed on their heavenly sacrifice.
For in the old covenant they were not to eat the blood of beasts, or any blood;
but in the new covenant, Christ tells you,
'Except you eat my flesh, and drink my blood, you have no part in me:'
for as by Adam and Eve, their eating that God did forbid, came death.
So if Adam and Eve's sons and daughters have life again,
it is by eating of that which Christ commands;
and as by eating came death, so by eating comes life, and not by talking;
no, not by talking, of the son of God;
for all reprobates may do so;
for the apostle said, 'If Christ be not in you, you are reprobates;'
and 'He that has not the son of God, has not life;'
and 'He that has the son of God, has life.'

And the saints did confess the son of God was come,
and had given them an understanding
and they were in him, and they were to walk as he walked,
and not only to talk, as he talked for there are too many talkers;
and few walkers in Christ
; my desire is there may be more.

*will-worshippers use a set program and their carnal minds to praise and pray,
instead of relying on the Holy Spirit for words

And the Lord God Almighty strengthen you in your inward man,
and over all give you dominion in the seed of life,
which bruises the head of the serpent, (that brought death and a curse),
and this seed brings the blessings, in which all nations are blessed;
and out of this seed they are not blessed,
though they may profess all the words of this good seed;
and if they are not in it, they do not have the blessing in it;
and those who are in this,
their blessings and peace flow as a river from the rock and foundation of life, that stands sure,
which all the prophets, apostles, and sanctified ones did and do build upon,
who is their life and salvation.

So feel the stone that is cut out of the mountain without hands,
which must become a great mountain, and fill the whole earth,
which has a kingdom that is everlasting, which, except a man be born again,
he neither can see it, nor enter into his kingdom

And my desire is, that you (in your measures) may be presented to the Lord,
and know what he requires of you,"To love mercy, to do justice, and to walk humbly with God;"
for the more he gives, the more he requires;
and the less that he gives, the less he requires;
who will judge the world in righteousness according to the gospel preached in every creature,
showing that there is something of God in every creature that shall answer his judgment.
And therefore my desire is that all may be faithful to what the Lord has made known unto them
by his grace and truth, light, power, and spirit,
and then the Lord will supply them with more;
to whom be glory and praise, who is the creator of all, through Jesus Christ, by whom all things were made.

George Fox

Numbered 354 in Printing

And, dear friends, my love to you all in the seed of life and peace,
which flows as a river, and bruises the head of the serpent
that has brought death and darkness, woe, misery, and imperfection upon and in man;
and in this seed Christ is all nations blessed and elected;
and out of it is the curse and reprobation.
And out of this seed are all the false religions, false ways, false worships,
and false churches, of bodies without heads, like so many monsters,
which the seed of the serpent has brought forth since the apostles' days,
and then they have made them heads, out of their bodies, or churches,
and when one head is fallen off, then another they make,
and set it upon their body or church, having lost and gone from the true head, Christ.

And sometimes the members do fall out about making a head for their body,
so that the members do destroy one another about it.
Now this monstrous body is brought in by this evil seed in such as are gone from the light, grace, truth, power, and spirit,
that comes from Christ, the heavenly head, in whom dwells the fullness of divinity.
And they are never like to come to the true head, Christ,
but by coming to the light, grace, truth, power, faith, and spirit of Jesus,
which comes from him, and turns to him again, (the head), and so to hold him their head,
by which all the members are coupled together by joints and bands,
which do receive their nourishment from him their head,

who supplies every member with life everlasting from him who is alive, and lives forever.

And since such have gone from the light, grace; truth, spirit;
and power of Jesus in this night of apostasy,
they have gone from that which comes from the head, Christ, which should join to him.
And therefore in this night of apostasy there have been many bodies without the true head,
which have made so many heads, and set them upon their bodies,
and when they are gone, they do make more;
and the beast, dragon, wolves, and false worships or bodies of people, without the true head, Christ,
being out of the grace, truth, light, power, faith, and spirit which the apostles were in,
they have brought forth so many monstrous bodies without heads,
till they have made heads for them; and when one is gone, they do make another.
And therefore all must come to the grace, truth, power, spirit,
and faith that comes from Jesus
, if that they do come to him from where it comes,
and so hold him their head, Christ, which head all things were made by,
who is first and last, the beginning and ending. Hallelujah.

And my desires are, that all may be in their services for Christ, men and women,
in his grace, truth, light, power, and spirit, that from him they may all have their penny,
who rewards every man and woman according to their works,
and not stand idle, chattering in the marketplace.

So with my love in the Lord, the Creator of all,
and in the Lord Jesus Christ, by whom was all, who is over all, the first, and the last,
a living rock and foundation for all the living to build upon, that are quickened by him,
and do believe in his light, which is the life in Christ, the word, by whom all things were made;
and so are grafted into Christ the living tree that, never withers;
and so from him, the green tree, every graft does receive its nourishment, that is grafted into him;
and, so the living root bears every living branch, and nourishes it,
that it may bring forth fruit to the praise of God over all, blessed forever.

And this is the tree, whose leaf never fades, nor fruit fails;
but its fruit feeds all the living, and the leaves of it heal the nations.
And this tree stands in the midst of God's garden
, who said,
in the midst of your church will I sing praise, which are living stones,
a spiritual household of faith
, elect and precious,
the church of the living God, written in heaven;
so holiness becomes the house of the Lord.
And therefore the Lord requires more from Friends than all other people,
because he has given more to them
and so all people expect more from Friends than all other people,
in answering that of God in them all in truth and in righteousness,
and holiness and godliness;
for you are the lights of the world, and the salt of the earth to season it.
So all must glorify the Lord God in their lives and conversations,
with their bodies, spirits, and souls, which are Christ's,
who has bought them and cleansed them with his blood and the pure water of his word,
who makes them sanctified vessels of his mercy for his glory;
therefore none must dishonor the Lord.

And therefore my desires are, that you may all be valiant for the truth upon the earth;
and keep up all your men and women's meetings in the Lord's power, the gospel,
which has brought life and immortality to light
and it will preserve you in life and immortality over him that has darkened you;
and in this all will see their works and services for the Lord God,
and his son Christ Jesus, in that which has brought life and immortality to light;
in which gospel is an everlasting perfect fellowship and order,
which will stand when all others are gone;
all the saints that do enjoy this, cannot but praise the Lord,
and sing praises to him forever and ever. Amen.

The apostle said, 'If any man is in Christ he is new creature;
old things are passed away, behold all things have become new. 2 Cor 5:17

So they that are in Christ are new creatures;
and they that are in old Adam are old creatures;
and are in their old things, old ways, old worships, and old religions,
and have the old garments, and the old bottles,
that hold the old wine, and cannot endure the new
and have the old, rusty, moth eaten treasure.
And they that are in Christ, the heavenly and spiritual second Adam,
who makes all things new, are new creatures, and spiritual men,
and are heavenly minded, and are new bottles,
that hold the new wine and the new heavenly treasure,
and have the new clothing, the fine linen, the righteousness of Christ,
and are the new and living way, over all the dead ways.
And they are in the new worship, which Christ set up above six hundred years ago,
which is in the spirit and in the truth;
in which holy spirit and holy truth the holy God is worshipped
and this was new to both Jews and Gentiles, and is new to all the apostate christians,
who are not in the holy spirit and truth that the apostles were in.
And this new creature in Christ has a new religion, which is pure and undefiled,
and keeps from the spots of the world
and this religion is new to the Jews and Gentiles,
and all the apostatized christians that plead for a body of death and sin to the grave,
and a purgatory when they are dead.
And those who are in Christ are new creatures, and they have a new head,
who is the head of all things, the first born of every creature,
and the first begotten from the dead, who is alive, and lives forevermore,

who bruises the serpent's head, who has made things old,
but Christ makes all things new; and they that be in him, are new creatures;
and they that be out of Christ, are the old creatures in old Adam;
and these old creatures are doting about their old things, and their old bottles;
old wine; old garments, and are doting about their old ways, old religions, and old worships,
and persecuting one another with their old carnal weapons;
these old creatures, which dote about their old worships, religions, and ways;
so that one old creature falls out with another old creature,
so that these old doting creatures in old Adam, out of Christ the second Adam,
do wrestle with flesh and blood about their old ways, religions, and worships:
and these old doting creatures, which be out of Christ the savior,
do destroy one another about their old ways, worships, religions, and churches.
And these old creatures, who are out of Christ the head,
are monstrous bodies without a head, till that they have made one,
and then the old creatures set it upon their body;
which head (as they do think) pardons their sins;
and when this their head is fallen off their body,
then they do make another, and set it on their old creature's body.
But they that are in Christ, are new creatures, and Christ is their head,
who is their redeemer, sanctifier, and savior, who is alive, and lives forevermore;
and walk in Christ, the second Adam, who is heavenly and spiritual.
And the old creatures, out of Christ, their walk is in old Adam,
who are natural and carnal, and so are their weapons and armor,
that they defend their old ways, church, religion, and worship with,
they are carnal (and not spiritual) by which they kill one another;
and the old creatures do study or savor which way they may destroy or imprison,
persecute or banish, spoil or torture the righteous or new creatures in Christ.
And they that are in Christ are new creatures;
their weapons and armor are spiritual, and they do not wrestle with flesh and blood,
but spiritual wickedness and rulers of darkness in high places,
and bring down imaginations and high thoughts,

as Christ, (whom those new creatures are in), teaches them,
who said, 'that he came not to destroy men's lives, but to save them;'
and rebuked such as would have had men's lives destroyed,
and told them that they did not know what spirit they were of
So it is clear that the old creatures, that are out of Christ,
(who destroy men's lives about their old ways, churches, religions,
and their old worships), do not know what spirit they are of;
and although they do not know what spirit they are of,
whether it be a good spirit or a bad one, yet people must conform to that way,
religion, worship, and church that this old creature, that is out of Christ, has set up,
or else he will persecute them or destroy their lives,
though Christ said, 'they do not know what spirit they are of.'
And is not this hard, to conform to that which the old creatures have made and set up,
which do not know their own spirits, nor what spirit they are of?
And therefore, were not those doctrines, ordinances, traditions,
and rudiments of the world the old creatures
, (who are in old Adam),
which they did and do dote after, which the new creatures in Christ Jesus,
the second Adam, were not to taste, touch, or handle, for they did perish with the using?
And are not all the will-worships
, and the beast's and the dragon's worships,
of the old creatures, that are out of Christ, bearing the mark of the beast in their hand or forehead?
And those who are in Christ, who are new creatures, have their Father's mark or name in their foreheads,
and worship the holy, pure and living God in spirit and in truth.
And it was the old creatures that made images and idols;
and such make them now, and worship them;
but they that are in Christ are new creatures,
and are renewed up into the image of God,
and worship him in his holy spirit and truth, that lives forever. Amen.

And these cannot touch, taste, nor handle the old creature's images, idols,
doctrines, ordinances, traditions or rudiments of the world,
which are the old creature's, in old Adam, which touches, tastes, and handles them:
but the new creature cannot, who is in Christ, the express image of the Father;
and he makes his new creatures like himself.
Moses appointed servants for God in the law or Old Testament;
but Christ made sons in the New Testament;
for 'as many as received Christ, he gave them power to become the sons of God.'

George Fox

Swarthmore in Lancashire, the 30th of the 11th month, 1678

345.- To Friends in America, concerning their Negroes, and Indians.
Numbered 355 in Printing

All Friends everywhere, that have Indians or blacks,
you are to preach the gospel to them, and other servants, if you be true christians;
for the gospel of salvation was to be preached to every creature under heaven;
Christ commands it to his disciples, "Go and teach all nations,
baptizing them into the name of the Father, son, and holy ghost."

And this is the one baptism with the spirit into one body,
which plunges down sin and corruption,
which has gotten up by disobedience and transgression.
For all have been plunged into sin and death from the life,
for all died in Adam, then they have been all subjected by the evil spirit,
which has led them out of the truth into the evil;
and therefore they must all be baptized into the death of Christ,
and put on Christ, if they are to have life [the life of God].

And also, you must preach the grace of God to all blacks and Indians,
which grace brings salvation, that has appeared unto all men,
to teach and instruct them to live godly; righteously, and soberly
which grace of God is sufficient to teach and establish all true christians,
that they may appear before the throne of grace.

And also, you must teach and instruct blacks and Indians, and others,
how that God has poured out his spirit on all flesh in these days of the new covenant, and new testament;
and that none of them must quench the motions of his spirit, nor grieve it, nor vex it,
nor rebel against it, nor err from it, nor resist it
but be led by his good spirit to instruct them;
and with which they may profit in the things of God;
neither, must they turn from his grace into wantonness,
nor walk despitefully against the spirit of grace
for it will teach them to live soberly, godly, an righteously, and season their words.

And also, you must instruct and teach your Indians and negroes, and all others,
how that Christ, by the grace of God, tasted death, for every man,
and gave himself as ransom for all men to be testified in due time,* 1 Tim 2:5-6
and is the propitiation not for the sins of christians only,
but for the sins of the whole world
and how, that he enlightens every man that comes into the world, with his true light,
which is the life in Christ, by whom the world was made.

*As John also wrote: "He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for the sins of the whole world." 1 John 2:2. In all the early Quaker writings I have seen, Fox's writing above is the only mention of Christ being the propitiation not just for Christians only. Fox lived in a time of great intolerance of dissenting views of the majority, and what he did preach led to his imprisonment for 6 1/2 years, the imprisonment of tens of thousands of others, the death of almost a thousand, and the loss of property to tens of thousands. If they had preached all men to be eventually saved, those persecutions would have been ten-fold worse because most all of the sects depended on tales of eternal torture to frighten people into their sect. Whereas today, what I have written in, Is There Hope for All Men and Women, (written at the Lord's firm insistence), is a yawn for most everyone because people are far more tolerant in this age.

And Christ, who is the light of the world, said,
'Believe in the light, that you may become children of the light.'

And those who do evil, and hate the light, (which is the life is Christ),
and will not came to the light, because it will reprove them,
and love the darkness more than the light;
this light is their condemnation.

And so, all must be turned from darkness to light, to believe in the light;
and from the power of satan to God
and, if they do not believe, they will be reproved, condemned, and judged by Christ,
who has all power in heaven and in earth given unto him,
who will judge both the quick and the dead,
and reward every man according to his works, whether they are good or evil.

And therefore you are to open the promises of God to the ignorant,
and how God would give Christ a covenant, a light to the Gentiles, the heathen,
and a new covenant to the house of Israel, and the house of Judah,
and that he is God's salvation to the ends of the earth;

and how that the earth shall be covered with the knowledge of the Lord,
as the waters cover the sea;
so that the glorious knowledge of the Lord should cover the earth
And the Lord said, 'He knew that Abraham would teach and instruct his family,
that they should learn to keep his laws and statutes after he was gone;'

and Abraham circumcised all his males,
yes, including those whom he had bought with his money of any stranger.

Now who are of faith, and walks in the steps of faithful Abraham,
do preach up and instruct all their families in the circumcision of the spirit,
that they might be circumcised with the spirit,
which puts off the body of death, and the sins of the flesh
that is came up in man and woman by transgression;
so that in the spirit they may serve and worship the true and living God;
and so that you all may come to enjoy the presence of the Lord in your families,
and improve your talents that Christ has given unto you;
for David said, that saw Christ in his new covenant,
"Let all nations praise the Lord;" and again,

"All that have breath praise the Lord;"
again, "Let the poor and needy praise your name.
And let all people praise you, Oh God.
And 0h you servants of the Lord, praise the Lord;
for the Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are aver all his works.
And all your works shall praise you, 0h Lord; and your saints shall bless you,
they shall speak of your glory and of your kingdom,
and talk of your power."

For the Lord said,
"From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same,
my name shall be great among the Gentiles.
And in every place incense shall be offered unto my name;
and a pure offering;
for my name shall be great among the heathen, said the Lord of hosts."

And this heavenly incense, and offering in every place,
is the spiritual offering in the new covenant;
for the Jews were to offer but in one place, in the temple, in the old covenant,
but in the new covenant, their offering is in the holy temple of their hearts, in the spirit,
with which they offer the pure, and holy, and acceptable sacrifice to God;

with that spirit which God had given them,
they have a living sense of God their creator,
and Father of all their mercies, who has made them,
and has made all things for them,
and redeems them by his son Christ Jesus,
to whom be praise, and glory, and honor, and thanks forevermore.

So let all bow at the name of Jesus, to his power, and light, and spirit,
for they have bowed to the power of darkness, that foul and unclean spirit,
who is out of truth, and in whom there is no truth.
And therefore now all are to bow at the name of Jesus;
for there is no salvation in any other name under heaven, but in the name of Jesus,
whose name is above every name under the whole heaven,

who is the first born of every creature, and the first begotten from the dead,
whom God now speaks to his people by, his son;
and all are to hear him the great prophet;
and every tongue is to confess to Christ Jesus, to the glory of God the Father,
who is the first and last, who bruises the Serpent's head.
And so through Christ Jesus man and woman comes again to God.
All blessings and praises be to the Lord God,
through Jesus Christ, forever and evermore. Amen.

George Fox

Swarthmore, the 10lh month, 1679

Numbered 356 in Printing

Dear Friends everywhere, who have received the truth as it is in Jesus,
which is holy and pure, and brings to live in him who is pure and holy.
The truth is peaceable, and a peaceable, habitation;
and the truth is sufficient and able to make you free from him who did not abide in the truth,
and in whom there is no truth
And all that do not live and walk in the peaceable truth,
follow him who is out of the truth, into strifes, and vain arguments and disputings,
like men of corrupt minds, destitute of the truth.
And now the grace and truth that comes by Jesus Christ,
is that which all people should be under in this new covenant of light,
and life, and grace, and truth;
as the law came by Moses in the old covenant, and the Jews were to be under the law.
But the true christians, who have received the grace and truth,
come to be under this grace's' teaching, leading and establishing;
and by grace and truth they are united and joined to Jesus Christ, from whom it comes.
And this grace and truth is able and sufficient to make you free from him
that is out of the truth, and to come to have a peaceable habitation in Christ Jesus,
their eternal rest and Sabbath.
For Christ Jesus said to his believers and followers,
"In me you have peace, but in the world you have trouble;"
and the trouble is in the world of wickedness.
And therefore God's people are not to love the world, nor the things of the world;
for the love of the world is enmity to God.

And therefore, feel God's love shed abroad in all your hearts, through Christ Jesus,
to carry all your hearts and your minds above the love for the world;
and this love is that which will preserve you in the excellent way of bearing all things;
and the love or God fulfils the law
The fruit of the pure holy spirit of the God of truth is love, which is a peaceable spirit;
but the foul, unclean spirit, that is out of the truth,
is a ravenous, unquiet, unpeaceful spirit.
The faith that Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of, works by love;
and the spirit of faith is a peaceable spirit;
which faith gives the victory over the unpeaceable, unruly, ravenous spirit;
and by which faith you have the inheritance.
The glorious gospel of Christ Jesus is the power of God, the gospel of peace,
which is over the power of darkness, and was before it was, and it will be when it is gone;
and in this gospel all the heirs of it have an everlasting unity,
and an everlasting glorious fellowship in the glorious gospel of peace,
yes, a glorious, peaceable fellowship and an access to God.
And the wisdom of God from above is gentle and peaceable,
and justifies and preserves all her children above the unpeaceable wisdom that is below;
and this peaceable wisdom preserves above all the unruly spirits,
and vain talkers
and arguers, such as talk of the wisdom of God,
but live not in it, but live instead in the wisdom of the world.
And such as talk of the gospel of Christ, the power of God, but live not in it,
but do live in the power of satan, the enemy and adversary,
and the devil, the destroying power and spirit;
and such have no comfort of the scriptures, nor of the things of God, nor of the grace,
nor of the truth, nor of the wisdom of God, nor of faith, nor light,
though they may talk of all these things, while they follow that unruly, foul,
unpeaceable spirit, that abode not in the truth, (in whom there is no truth),
and where there is no truth there is confusion and disorder.
Now the God of truth is a God of order, from whom you have grace, truth, and faith,
which is his gift, and his spirit, and gospel, and wisdom,
that you may all live in the order of it, and as it orders you.
For God is a God of order, and his order is known in his light, grace,
and truth, and spirit, and his gospel, the power of God, and in his wisdom.
And all his children and people should live in the order of his light, spirit,
and gospel, and wisdom, and delight in the order of it.
And all you who know God, and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life;
then in this eternal life you do know that the God of truth is a God of order,
and you love his order, in his light, and life, and grace, and truth, in his gospel,
and in his spirit, and in his heavenly pure wisdom, by which all his children are justified
And in his truth, that makes free from him that abode not in the truth,
(in whom there is no truth),
that all his children should walk in the order of truth,
which has made them free,
who are born again of the incorruptible seed by the word of God,
that lives, and abides, and endures forever
And so feeds of the milk of this immortal word,
and so are of an incorruptible generation, which is above the corruptible;
and here is the hidden man of the heart, who is incorruptible, known,
that has an everlasting fellowship, and has an incorruptible crown,
and is an heir of an incorruptible kingdom.

And now the God of this world, (and his followers), that abode not in the truth,
in whom there is no truth, cannot endure to hear talk of the order of truth,
which is in the light, and life, and in the gospel, and in the wisdom of the God of truth.
For the world is full of disorder and confusion;
but the living, eternal, immortal God of truth is a God of order, and not of confusion,
who has sent his son to destroy the devil and his works.
Blessings and praises, with all glory and thanks, be unto him,
who has all power, might, majesty, and dominion, now, in the future, and forever.

George Fox

Numbered 357 in Printing

Dear friends,

All live the life of the true christians, and not the life of old Adam,
who went from God's command and voice;
nor like the Jews, and such as have gotten the name of christians, who say,
there is no hearing of God and Christ's voice now,
who are out of the life, power, and spirit, grace, and truth, and image of God,
that the true christians were in, and Adam and Eve before they fell
so that none can live the life of the true christians, and the holy prophets and apostles,
except they are in the same power and spirit, grace and truth, and faith,
and image that they were in, which is a life above the world and its God,
in whom there is no truth, no life, light, nor power of the living God abiding in them.
And therefore, before any can live the life of the saints,
they must bow to the name of Jesus;
their savior, in his light, grace, and truth, and power, and spirit, which comes from him,
who submitted himself to the shameful death of the cross,
and destroyed death and his power, who had no sin, nor guile in his mouth,
and is risen again for our justification, and so has tasted death for every man,
and given himself a ransom for all,
that all should now bow at his name, Jesus, a savior;
and so to his power and authority bow,
who has all power in heaven and earth given to him.
So all men have bowed under death and sin by transgression.
And Christ has submitted to the cross and death for them,
and has borne their stripes for sin and iniquity,
who had no sin, neither knew any, to bring us out of death and sin.
Therefore, everyone must bow at the name of Jesus, (as before),
whatsoever they do in word or deed, it must be done in the name of Jesus;
and before that they can confess to Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father,
they must all bow at the name of Jesus, and bow to his grace,
and truth, light, spirit, and power that comes by Jesus, which they know;
him the fountain, the rock and foundation to build upon,
who brings out of death and darkness into light and life,
and a kingdom and a world that is everlasting;
and there to have food and clothing that is everlasting.

George Fox

Numbered 358 in Printing

Dear friends,

With my love to you in the holy peaceable truth that never changes, nor admits of evil,
but makes all free that receive it, and that walk in it,
and is over all the clouds without rain, and wells without water, and trees without fruit.
And from the truth flowed justice, equity, righteousness, and godliness, mercy,
and tenderness that brings a man's heart, mind, soul,
and spirit to the infinite and incomprehensible God,
and from it a love flows to all the universal creation,
and would have all to come to the knowledge of the truth;
and it bends everyone to their utmost ability to serve God and his truth,
and to spread it abroad, and it brings their minds out of the earth,
which makes them brittle, and changeable, and uncertain;
for it does not change, neither does it touch with what does change.
As to unity, it makes all like itself, that do obey it,
universal, to live out of narrowness and self, and deny it.
So it brings all into oneness, and answers the good principle of God in all people,
and brings into humility, and the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of his wisdom;
and it brings all to have a care of God's glory and his honor;
and watches over all the professors of it for their good, to keep within its bounds, and walk within its order;
which he that is out of truth, leads into all disorder, in whom there is no truth;
and the truth makes all its children free from him, and in it to reign over him.
Thanks, glory, and honor to the Lord God of truth over all forever.

The Lord, who is the God of all peace and order,
alone protects and preserves his people with his eternal power;
for the devil's power is not eternal, it had a beginning, and must have an ending;
for the eternal power limits that devourer and destroyer.
And therefore, friends, patience must be exercised in the truth;
and keep to the word of patience, which word was before the world was, and abides and endures forever;
and it will keep Friends over and out of all the snares of the world, and its temptations.
So with my love in the seed of life, that reigns over all,
and in it the Lord God Almighty preserve and keep you all to his glory, Amen.

George Fox

349. - An epistle to be read among Friends.
Numbered 359 in Printing


You that are believers in the light, which is the life in Christ,
and are grafted into him who is ascended far above all principalities, powers, thrones,
and dominions, by whom all things were made and created,

all the children in the new covenant do gather together in the name of Christ Jesus,
whose name is above every name under the whole heaven,
and in whose name they have salvation,
and not by any other name under the whole heaven.

And at this name must every knee bow, and every tongue confess Christ Jesus,
to the glory of God the Father;
and they that have bowed their knee to the name of Jesus,
and do confess him to the glory of God the Father,
cannot gather in any other name under heaven, below the name of Jesus;
but, gather in the name of Jesus, which is above every name under heaven,
in whom they have salvation, and so cannot gather in any name below Christ;
for they do know that they have not any salvation,
in whatsoever name that they do gather together in, below the name of Jesus.
And being gathered in the name of Jesus, he is in the midst of them,
the Prince of life and peace, and captain of salvation,
and a prophet to open the book of conscience, and the book of the law, and prophets, and gospel,
and his book of life to them, and a bishop to oversee them,
and a heavenly shepherd to feed them in his heavenly pasture of life,
and a heavenly King to rule in their hearts, and in his glorious kingdom,
among them that are born again;
and that see and enters into his everlasting kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the holy ghost.
And all these children in the kingdom, and in the new covenant of grace, light, and life,
cannot feed of any bread for their immortal souls that is made by man,
which he has leavened with the sour leaven;
for that sour leavened bread will make their hearts to burn,
and the Jews were not to keep their feasts with unleavened bread in the old covenant;
then much more the Jews in the spirit, in the new covenant,
who have their bread from heaven, their unleavened bread,
who in the new covenant do keep their feast with unleavened bread from heaven,
and cannot feed their souls with any bread, but that which comes down from heaven.
And this bread from heaven gives life to the soul, and is the staff of their heavenly life;
this heavenly bread, as the outward bread is the staff of the natural life,
in this world that must have an end,
but the bread from heaven is the heavenly staff of life,
that nourishes up into a heavenly life, and a world, and a kingdom that is without end.
And such as feed on this heavenly bread,
cannot feed their souls with any bread below that which comes from heaven, for it does not give them life.
So that they can neither touch, taste, nor handle that which is below, which perishes;
for the bread of life from heaven does not perish, but gives life eternal;
and this bread is sure, and they that feed upon it shall hunger no more.
So all eyes are to look up to heaven for this bread of life,
which gives them life; and not below heaven;
for neither are they to follow them that cry, "Lo, it is here," and "Lo there;"
or to drink of their cup that are whored from the spirit of God, nor to eat of their leavened bread;
for, those who believe in the light, which is the life in Christ, are grafted into him the true vine.
So the believers do feel a living spring springing up in them to eternal life, from the fountain from whom it comes.
And so, here all the true believers have the upper and the lower springs in themselves;
and such may drink freely and eat freely of the bread and water of life,
and do hunger and thirst no more, but eat and drink that which is eternal,
which nourishes them up to eternal life, and so bear heavenly spiritual fruits,
to the praise of the eternal God
which plants he has watered by his upper and lower springs,
which trees or plants, their fruits are unto holiness, and their end is everlasting life.
So none of the children of the new covenant need go to the world for bread or water,
to give them life everlasting, to keep them from the world's storms;
or weapons to defend their church or worship;
for they have them from heaven, and heavenly bread and water,
and spiritual weapons, and armor, and the righteousness of Christ, the fine linen, their clothing.
Glory to the Lord forever, who makes all his spiritually rich,
and to be lenders and not borrowers, and givers and not receivers,
who is more blessed than the receiver
And the Jews in the old covenant were to wash their clothes,
and to sanctify themselves when they did appear before the Lord
and so the children of God in the new covenant of life, light, and grace,
who do appear before the Lord, are to be washed and cleansed, and sanctified,
and to put on the righteousness of Christ, their fine linen that never will wax old;
and so to put off all the old Adam's garments,
that he had covered himself and his sons and daughters with in the fall and transgression,
which will wax old and rot;
but that which God and Christ puts on and clothe his saints withal, is everlasting
So man's righteousness and his filthy rags must be put off,
and they must come into the righteousness of Christ, and put it on,
which exceeds the righteousness of the law,
if they do enter into the kingdom of God which stands in righteousness, and peace, and joy in the holy ghost.

Now in the Old Testament it is said, "The priests' lips are to preserve the people's knowledge:"
but the New Testament said, "that Christ is the treasure of wisdom and knowledge."
The Old Testament said, "that you must offer your sheep, goats, bulls, and heifers, and other creatures,
which God commanded by the law in the Old Testament, for your sins and cleansing:"

but the New Testament said, "that Christ is offered up once for all;"
and the Old Testament said, 'that the blood of bulls and other creatures cleanses from sin:'
but the New Testament said, that "Christ's blood cleanses from all sin."
And in the Old Testament it is said,"You must carry your offerings, and first fruits, and tithe, to the storehouse:"
but the New Testament said, "Freely you have received, freely give;" and forbids bag or staff.
And in the Old Testament the priest was to light the candles and lamps in the tabernacle and temple,
and to circumcise the men children;
but the New Testament said,"Christ enlightens every man that comes into the world with his heavenly light;"
which is the life in Christ the word; and the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord;
so he lights the candle and lamp in the tabernacle, and said,
"Believe in the light, that you may become children of the light;"
and Christ ministers the circumcision in the spirit, that puts off the body of the sins of the flesh,
that came upon man and woman by transgression.
So that the children are the circumcision of the spirit in the new testament,
and not of the flesh and letter, as they were in the old testament.
And in the Old Testament it is said, that "the priests put the Testament, and the law,
and the pot of manna into the ark, in the tabernacle and temple:"

but in the New Testament, God pours out of his spirit upon all flesh,
and the holy ghost proceeds from the Father and the son into the hearts of his people,
to lead them into all truth, and reproves the world of sin;
and the bread of life that they have from Christ,
is in their arks and hearts, or in their temples;
and God writes his law in the hearts and minds of his people.
So in the new testament they have the law written in the heart and mind,
and the old they had in the letter and tables of stone;.
and in the new they have the testament and testimony, the spirit of Christ in their hearts,
and the heavenly, unleavened bread in their hearts, which they do keep the everlasting feast with.
And in the old testament, the clean and circumcised outwardly did eat of the Passover, the lamb without blemish:
but in the new testament, the clean and circumcised in heart eat of the Passover, Christ, the heavenly bread and flesh,
and so do keep the feast of their Passover in the new testament.
And the old testament had the outward temple and tabernacle, and outward lights:
but in the new testament, the saints' bodies are the temples and tabernacles of God,
and his light does shine in their hearts, to give them the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ.
And in the old testament it is said, 'Do this and live;'
and the new said, 'Believe in the light (Christ) and be saved.'
And the old testament said, 'you shall swear, and perform your oaths to the Lord:'
but Christ said in the new 'Swear not at all.
And the old testament said, 'you shall not kill, nor commit adultery:'
but Christ in the new said, "you shall not be angry, and you shall not lust after a woman."
And the old testament said, 'You shall stand up and curse:'
but the new said, 'Bless and curse not.'
The old testament said, 'You shall hate your enemy;'
but the new said, 'you shall love your enemies, and do good to them that hate you and despitefully use you
So, the new covenant and testament is not according to the old.
And in many things besides these, it might be shown how one does exceed the other in glory.

George Fox

350.-To all the men and women's meetings everywhere.
Numbered 360 in Printing

All the faithful men and women are to be as Abraham and Sarah;
Abraham, the father of the faithful;
and Sarah, a mother in Israel, to give suck, and to nourish up the seed, the heir of the promise.
Likewise, to be as Adam and Eve, before they fell, help mates, in the image of God,
and in the power of God, with which they were to subdue the earth;
in which power and image of God, they were not only to subdue the earth,
but subdue unrighteousness and all ungodliness,
and what they know dishonors God.
And likewise all the faithful women are to be as Dorcas, a disciple of Christ Jesus,
that their good works of the spirit and faith may follow them
and also they are to be as Phebe, who was a minister of the church at Cenchrea;
and she was such a faithful trusty minister,
that the apostle sent his epistle by her to Rome, from Corinth, with a recommendation of her
And also an the faithful men and women are to be as Aquilla and Priscilla,
who were the apostles' fellow helpers in Christ Jesus, and had a church in their house
and were instructors concerning the things of God, and Christ Jesus,
(in his new testament and new covenant), and of his kingdom;
and likewise to be as Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary, the mother of James,
and other women that were with those women,
who first preached and declared to the apostles the resurrection of Jesus Christ
And Christ said unto those women,
'Go and tell my disciples that I am risen from the dead;' Mat 28:10, Luke 24:13-31, Mark 16:7.
so these women were the first messengers of the glad tidings.
And these tidings did astonish the apostles at first;
for they said, 'Certain women of our company, (which were of the disciples),
made us astonished, saying, that Jesus was risen from the dead;'
this two of his disciples said when they were talking with Christ,
but they did not perceive it till he opened their eyes, as in Luke 24:13-23.

So the women continued in their firm belief; and, then afterwards the apostles came to believe also.
And therefore it is good for everyone to have a sense of the resurrection of Christ,
and not seek him below
, but seek him, above, for he is risen from the dead and lives,
and sits at the right hand of the living God
And also all the faithful are to be as Miriam the prophetess, to encourage the church and praise God.
And also to be as Huldah the prophetess,
who instructed the king, his princes, and priests, in the law of God, and the and covenant
So they should be much more diligent to teach and instruct in the new covenant,
and testament, which exceeds the old in its glory
And also to be as Anna the prophetess, an ancient woman of eighty-four years old;
and she gave thanks, and spoke of Christ to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem
and so here was a general and a public preaching of Christ Jesus.
And also to be as Hannah, in the Old Testament, who consecrated her son Samuel unto the Lord;
and the Lord accepted her prayers, tears, and offerings
So she had not a mind to let him run wild.
And likewise as Deborah, who was a prophetess in the old covenant, and a judge in Israel.
What victories, with outward weapons, the Lord did give her,
and how she praised the Lord, which was by faith, in the time of the old covenant
But in the time after new covenant the true believers wrestle not with flesh and blood,
but are all to be diligent in the spiritual judgment and warfare in the spiritual Israel

And the apostle writes to Titus,
'how he had left him in Crete, that he should set in order the things that were wanting,
and ordain elders in every city, as he had appointed him.'

And after he had spoken many things to Titus concerning overseers and teachers that they must be blameless;
he said, that the aged men must be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, and in patience.
And the aged women likewise, 'that they be in behavior, as becomes holiness, not false accusers,
but to be teachers of good things;
and that they teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, and to love their children,
and to be chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient that the word of God be not blasphemed.'
And likewise Titus was to exhort the young men to be sober minded.

And here you may see the apostle, who did forbid one sort of women to be teachers,
who were usurpers of authority, which both the law and the gospel forbids
yet the law and Christ, and the apostles in the gospel, encouraged the honorable women to preach and to teach.
For Christ sent the faithful women to declare and preach his resurrection to his disciples;
and likewise the apostle encouraged the aged, and honorable,
and faithful women to prophesy and teach; and to be teachers of good things, as before.
That is his charge to them in general.
Then he comes to particulars, charging them,
'that they should teach the young women to be sober and discreet, chaste, and good,
to love their husbands, and their children, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
So these were to be as mothers to the younger women,
and were public women in their public services, a charge that was committed to them.
And a bishop, and an elder, or a deacon, was to order and rule well his own house,
and to have his children in subjection, with all gravity.
For if a man know not how to rule his own house,
how shall he take care of the church of God?

So every man and woman is to teach, instruct, and order their own children and families,
as the Jews did in the old covenant
then much more they should train them up in the new covenant, which exceeds the old;
so that in all things they might give thanks and praises to God,
that in all things the Lord might be glorified in all their families.
So all christian families are concerned in these particular services,
before they come to the general service, (namely), to be overseers and ministers,
faithful men as fathers, and faithful women as mothers, and teachers of good things;
and the young men and women as brethren and sisters in purity.
And so let none spoil their families with bad lives, and unruly tongues,
with letting the poison of asps be under their tongue
by which they spoil and corrupt their families;
which begets into a loose and bad language;
but that is to be bridled by the word of God;
for a soft tongue breaks the bone, the tongue of the just is as choice silver,
and the tongue of the just is health, and uses knowledge aright,
and a wholesome tongue is a tree of life;
and who keeps his mouth and his tongue, keeps his soul from trouble.
And after that Solomon had spoken of a virtuous woman, he said,
'In her tongue is the law of kindness, and her children rise up and call her blessed; and her husband also praises her.'

He that has an ear to hear, let him hear.
And therefore all are to keep in this law of kindness,
and there your candle does not go out by night, and your virtue will flow;
for 'the gray haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness;'
and, 'better is he that rules over his own spirit, than he that takes a city;
for he that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, without walls
then the security and strength are gone.
And therefore let every one keep his own little city with the spirit and power of God,
by which you have power over your own spirits;
and then the power of God is your strength, and keeps you safe in it, who are led by the spirit of God.

And so that all men and women may exercise their talent, their gift that God had given them,
in 'the true light which lights every man that comes into the world;'
that is the light in Christ, that they may become children of the light,
and grafted into Christ and walk as children of the light and of the day.
And that all may profit in the manifestation of the spirit that God has given them;
and be led by the spirit that you all may be the sons and daughters of God in this day of his new covenant,
and new testament, in which God pours forth of his spirit upon all flesh
which none are to grieve, vex, or quench; or rebel against, but obey it.
And 'the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared unto all men,'
to teach them to live godly, righteously, and soberly, and to deny ungodliness and unrighteousness.

And therefore all are to be faithful stewards of this grace of God,
which teaches them, and brings them their salvation.

For the apostle said, 'As everyone has received the gift, even so minister the same one to another;
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God, that the God of all grace,
and Christ by whom it comes, may be glorified in all his people,
who gives unto them freely the spiritual and heavenly gifts.'

And the gospel of peace and glad tidings, God and Christ have sent to be preached to every creature under heaven.
And all you that have received it, by which life and immortality are brought to light in you,
by which you see over him that has darkened you;
by the everlasting gospel, the power of God,

are come to be heirs of this everlasting gospel, the power of God.
So you are heirs of the everlasting order of the gospel;
for the power of God is the order and authority of all your meetings.
This everlasting gospel, the power of God, is an unlimited order;
and this glorious order of the gospel, the power of God,
is beyond the order of Aaron, and beyond all the orders of the heathen.
And the power of God cannot be limited,
though it may limit that which is contrary to it, and out of the truth.
So our order and government are of Christ, and his gospel,
and in his light, and holy spirit, and we are heirs of it,
being heirs of Christ, and grafted into him by belief;
and all his sons and daughters do know his glorious liberty, and their rest in him.
For we have received the spirit of adoption, whereby we can cry Abba, Father;
for the spirit itself bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God;
and if children, then heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ.

And now, friends, (as I said before), train up all your children in the fear of God,
in this new covenant of light and grace, that they may know Christ, who is their baptizer and circumciser;
and he sprinkles your consciences and hearts with his blood to cleanse you from all sin,
and the Lord writes his heavenly law in their hearts, that they may obey it and do it.
For do not all people in their several false religions, ways, and sects,
yes, the very Turks and heathens, train up their children in their own ways?
And likewise, did not the Jews train up their children in the old testament and old covenant of works;
which old testament and covenant Christ has abolished, and has established the new covenant of light, life, and grace?
And therefore must not all the Jews in spirit, in this new testament,
train up their children in this new covenant of light, life, and grace?
Or else do they not bring themselves under condemnation?
Do not the beasts and the fowls teach their young to pick, lick, and feed their young?
And will not the young ones cry after the old ones for their food?
All these things might teach people.
Now you having your food from Christ, and God your Father;
yes, your bread, your milk, your water, your wine, your honey, your fine linen,
your clothing, your breath, your life, your souls, and the image of God,
which he made you in, which man and woman have lost by transgression,
but are to be renewed into again by Christ, your redeemer, and sanctifier,
and reconciler, and mediator, who makes your peace between you and God,
from whom you have your light, grace, and truth,
who gives you his gospel, and faith, and spirit,
in whose name you have salvation, and not by any other name under the whole heaven,
who is your heavenly spiritual rock and foundation;
and have not you all these things from above freely, and none of them from below?
And also your heavenly armor, and spiritual weapons,
in which you stand witnesses for God and Christ.
And cannot you train up all your children in the fear of God,
and tell them from where you have all these good things,
that they may come to receive of all these good things
which you receive from the good God,
and Christ the treasure of wisdom and knowledge, that you may say,
the children of your children are the crown of your old men in the truth,
and the glory of their fathers in God
and then you may say, your wives are as fruitful vines by the sides of your house,
and your children like olive plants round about your table
Thus shall they be blessed, that fear the Lord;
that you may say, your sons are plants of God, growing up in their youth,
and that your daughters may be as corner-stones, polished after the similitude of a palace;
and that your garners are full, and afford all manner of store,
so that there is no complaining in your streets;
and 'happy is that people whose God is the Lord.'

And now, my friends, if there happen any difference among Friends,
either with Friends or the world, let it be put to reference,
if it cannot be ended between themselves,
and all that are concerned to end any difference,
let them have but one ear to one party,
and let them reserve the other ear to hear the other party;
so that they may judge impartially of matters,
without affection or favor, or respect of persons.
For you may see how the Jews in the old covenant did judge things among themselves,
as long as they kept the law of God, and did not go to other nations, or to the heathens,
for them to judge of their matters;
and therefore the apostle reproves the Corinthians for that fault,
'for going to law one with another before unbelievers,'
and told them that 'the saints should judge the world,' yes, angels;
and then how much more might they judge of things pertaining to this life?
And therefore the apostle exhorted,
"If then you have judgment of things pertaining to this life,
let them to judge that are least esteemed in the church:"

and Christ said,

"If your brother should sin,
go and tell him his fault between him and you alone;
if he should hear you, your have gained your brother:
but if he will not hear you, then take with you one or two more,
that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established:
and if he neglect to hear them, tell it to the church;
and if he neglects to hear the church, let him be unto you as a heathen and a publican.
Verily I say unto you, whatsoever is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven;
and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

And further Christ said,
"If two of you shall agree on earth, as touching any thing that they shall ask,
it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven:
for where two or three are, gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them." Mat 18:19-20

And Christ said, "If your brother trespass against you, rebuke him;
and if he repent, forgive him;
and if he trespass against you seven times in a day, and seven times;
if he turns again, saying, I repent, you shall forgive him." Luke 17:4

Here you may see what instructions Christ,
(who is the King of kings, and Lord of lords), gives to his church,
and much more, which is too large to write.
And they had elders in the old covenant then;
much more ought there to be elders in the new covenant, who are grown in the truth.
And they had the assemblies of the women in the law,
who were concerned in the things about the figures and shadows,
and they wrought about the holy things,
and they brought of their clean things to be offered
all which Christ, the Holy One, has abolished, and put an end to in the old covenant.
So, much more the believers in Christ, in the new testament, in the time of the gospel,
are to have their assemblies and meetings;
besides their instructing and seeing that their own families walk in the fear of God.
And then after, in the general service of the church of God, the aged men,
and aged women in the truth, are to be teachers of good things,
as the Lord shall order them with his spirit,
to teach and instruct,
exhort, admonish, reprove, rebuke, with the holy spirit;
for the least member has an office, and every believer in the light,
(which is the life in Christ), is a member of Christ's church, and grafted into him;
and so he is the holy head of the church, and they are heirs of his order,
and of his government, of the increase of which there is no end, in his eternal power and spirit.
And therefore, all that deny the men and women's meetings that are established in the light, power, and spirit of Christ,
by which we are gathered together, he being in the midst of them,
they may as well deny Christ, as deny his heavenly order of his gospel, and his heavenly spiritual government.
And all they that deny the men and women meetings, in the new covenant,
in the restoration out of death and darkness, by Christ, and in his gospel of light and life,
they may as well deny the preaching of the gospel;
if people shall not come into the possession of that which is preached, and practice it.
For the faithful men and women that are restored into the image of God,
by Christ Jesus, as Adam and Eve were in before they fell,
they were help mates in righteousness, and in the image of God, and in Christ Jesus;
yes, they were help mates one to another;
and Christ makes them as kings and priests to reign upon the earth,
over the serpent and the devil, the destroyer, in the power of God,
which was before he was, in which is the holy order.
And those who offer the spiritual sacrifices to God, and are his heavenly witnesses,
stand for God and Christ, and his righteousness, in his light and life,
by which they are grafted into Christ;
and so by and in his power, light, and life stand over death, and darkness,
and the prince and power of it
, and in it reign over him.
And so do praise God, and his son that lives forever, and sing Hallelujah.

George Fox

Swarthmore, the 10th month, 1679

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