The Missing Cross to Purity

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The pages within this site are the nine-volume complete works of George Fox from the 17th Century The Works of the George Fox; changing verbs, (i.e. standeth to stands), to accommodate modern usage, adding identifiable supplementary text, and linking quotations and sentences to this site's Clarified On-line Bible to help determine any questions of validity in the mind of the reader. The HTML format Journals of George Fox on this site are unique, consisting of: 1) the official/Quaker two volume Journal of George Fox edited by Thomas Ellwood, and 2) with additions from the Journal of George Fox original manuscripts, which were censored and omitted from the official/Quaker journal. The Journals of George Fox in HTML format are available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese, (both Simplified and Traditional).

This site's Complete Works of George Fox in HTML pages are also grouped in downloadable PDF's; and the complete web site is downloadable in English, Spanish, or French to a Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10), computer for off-line reading.

Below are the complete set of eight volumes of The Works of the George Fox, (unmodified) as originally published in  1831, except for the two volumes of the Journal edited by William Armistead in 1911, (edited to modern pronouns and modern verb conjugations only). These are supplied for anyone who wishes to verify that the original meaning has not been changed — as well as some additional books for supplementary reading.

1.The Works of George Fox I, The Journal of George Fox, the Ellwood version, edited to modern English by Armistead, Volume 1 - (23 Mb)

2. The Works of George Fox II, The Journal of George Fox, the Ellwood version, edited to modern English by , Volume 2  (22 Mb)

3.The Works of George Fox III, Great Mystery - The Whore of Babylon (22.4 Mb)

4.The Works of George Fox IV, Doctrine 1 (15.6 Mb)

5.The Works of George Fox V, Doctrine 2  (17 Mb)

6.The Works of George Fox VI, Doctrine 3 ( 11.1 Mb)

7.The Works of George Fox VII, Epistles 1 (12.1 Mb)

8.The Works of George Fox VIII, Epistles 2 (16.3 Mb)

The Journal of George Fox edited by Nickalls, a Revised Journal, complete in only one volume (63.5 Mb).

    This revised version was compiled from several original manuscripts, including The Cambridge Journal and the Short Journal to more closely follow Fox's original wording; it is less polished than the Journal edited by Ellwood and/or Armistead. The Journal's most important first chapter is entirely taken from the Ellwood version, and Ellwood's version of William Penn's Introduction is abbreviated to be only his testimony regarding George Fox. Any original manuscript text that contributed to the narrative was included in the Nickalls revision, but very instructive doctrinal letters were not included in the Nickalls version, which letters have been added to this site's Journal in HTML and PDF format.

The Journal of George Fox on this site in HTML and PDF format has the official two volume version (1 and 2 above) edited by Thomas Ellwood. This site's version also includes considerable omitted text from the original manuscripts that George Fox hand recorded, (The Journal of George Fox edited from the MSS by Norman Penney, Cambridge University, 1911), known as The Cambridge Journal, a two volume publication. Volume 1 is available for your study, though the spelling and lack of punctuation makes its reading applicable only to those with serious historical interest.

1. The "Cambridge Journal" - The Journal of George Fox, edited from original manuscripts by Norman Penney, Vol 1, (30.6 Mb)
Volume 2 of the "Cambridge Journal" is available for reading only, (downloading is restricted), at the following address:;view=1up;seq=13

2. William Penn's great book, No Cross No Crown, is in original PDF format on this site (9.6 Mb).

On this site, there are also many references and quotations from William Sewel's The History of the Rise, Increase and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers, in two volumes. This work was published in 1695, when Sewel could still interview eye witnesses to the events, and when the detailed court records were still available. Sewel is considered the definitive historian of the early Quaker movement, being the source of most Quaker writings in the 19th Century. Sewel was a Dutch Quaker himself, the son of Quaker parents, who were in England during part of the persecutions that he has chronicled.

1. The History of the Rise, Increase and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers, Vol I, (23.6 Mb)

2. The History of the Rise, Increase and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers, Vol II, (23.01 Mb)

Also available is The History of the Society of Friends in America, 1850, by James Bowden, Vol I, (13.6Mb)

A recent addition to the library is a compilation of Edward Burrough' complete works, titled The Memorable Works of a Son of Thunder, (155 Mb). This PDF is difficult to read due to the quality of the original book scanned, but it is full of very strong, very powerful writings. Some of the best are in the Memoir to Edward Burrough on this site and easy to read.