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1 Corinthians 6:18

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 18 Flee sexual immorality.5 Every other sin that a man commits is outside his body, but he who commits sexual immorality, sins against his own body. [From the Word of the Lord within: "A man must learn control of his body. Mankind's failure — sexual immorality. Those who are immoral have no inheritance in God's kingdom."]

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5 Flee sexual immorality. Any pornography in your life has to be given up; any and all, whatever the source: movies, TV, surfing the web, magazines, etc. All avenues and acts of sexual immorality have to be stopped to progress spiritually. He said to me, "he who practices adultery, (is unfaithful to a committed partner), cannot be my disciple; but I do not judge someone coming out of such a relationship, unless they fail to repent " Obviously you can't stop thought, but you must do all you can to stop all actions of sexual immorality. Thoughts and lust are something that Christ will eventually remove; (I write, having had lust removed, after a long and painful struggle, finished with the Lord's power removing my desires). Paul said: 'Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually, sins against his own body.' 1 Cor 6:18. When the gospel of peace was first preached to the gentiles, the Apostles Council in Jerusalem consulted with the Holy Spirit to give the gentiles the minimum rules they should follow. The only one of four that applies to current society is 'avoid sexual immorality.' So, you could say that this is the one rule that is necessary to start and succeed. He will then add other commands that are tailored to you.

He told me, "there is far too little love in the world today, and I look with favor on any love between men and women." Remember the Woman at the Well? She had five previous husbands, and was living unmarried with another man. But, Christ selected her, taught her, and then sent her out to witness and preach to the rest of the City. John 4:5-30. So, obviously he was not concerned. She was evidently in a committed relationship. Fidelity is what is important, not a ring; and not a ceremony from a "preacher" or civilian magistrate — neither of which have His authority. You cannot be unfaithful to man and faithful to God. So people who are living in a committed relationship, or people who have divorced and remarried, are not living in sexual immorality, at least in the Lord's eyes. You can be his disciple if you are living together in a committed relationship, but be sure your commitment is a commitment not only of yourself, but your partner also, (a committed relationship requires both parties to be committed, not just one). Realize, when you have matured spiritually to be able to speak and act according to His commands, your lack of a publicly recognized marriage would be a stumbling block for many people, and for that reason you will probably eventually want to remove that stumbling block out of love for your fellow man. You can get formally married any time you choose, or you can wait until you hear Him tell you to formalize your relationship with a legal marriage for the eyes of the world. The early Quakers' marriages took place in their meetings without a ring and without a man marrying, which you can read about in George Fox's Letter #264. When there are meetings of the true faith established again, marriages will be similarly performed; until then, perhaps a Justice of the Peace, a Judge, or the County Clerk, (not a priest or a preacher), is the best alternative for formalizing a relationship into a legal marriage.

Understand, divorce is to be avoided if at all possible by anyone seeking God, but if you are divorced and have remarried, the Lord does not condemn you. Mistakes are mistakes and cannot all be undone.

Regarding marriage: I received a command from him to dance with no one except your wife, not even close relatives of any age. Dancing is a mating ritual, so restrict it to your spouse to avoid arousal, interest, and/or temptation; even if you're not interested, your partner may be. Exceptions would be a rare cultural tradition, such as everyone taking a short whirl with the bride at a wedding.