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1 Peter 2:8

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 8 And "a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence," to those who stumble at the word, because they are disobedient;2 to this they were destined.

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2 a rock of offence to those who stumble at the word and are disobedient. Peter is saying, if you don't obey the word of the Lord spoken to you, the Lord will be a rock of offence. A rock of offence that will crush you after you die. From George Fox's To All That Would Know the Way to the Kingdom.

God is coming to judge the great whore, all manner of opinions, and all manner of sects and fellowships, (as you call them), all manner of her forms. For every one that lives in God is coming to overturn and overthrow, for all the sects lodge in the great whore; all the sects' foundations are in the earth, and earthly wisdom, gathered in the earthly nature. He will overturn them, that he may establish his own truth, his own truth in righteousness, his own kingdom. Now the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, begins to strike at the feet of the image, (that the head of gold begins to fall, and the breast of silver, and thighs of brass, and feet part iron, and part clay), and his dominion is a dominion forever over all. And all who dwell not in this light, which Christ has enlightened you withal, you will be found too lightweight, for he is coming to weigh all things in this balance, and before him the hills shall move, and the mountains shall melt, and the rocks shall cleave, who measures the waters in the hollow of his hand, and his thunders begin to utter their voices, that the mysteries of God may be opened, and the carnal hearts rent. Great earthquakes shall be, the terrible day of the Lord draws near, the beast shall be taken, and the false prophet; into the fire must they go, for the beast and the false prophet have gone together, the one has held up the other. Now is the Lord coming to sit as judge, and reign as king, who is the law giver which shall go forth of Zion. Now shall Zion arise and thresh to beat the hills, and thresh the mountains; now is the sword drawn, which glitters and is furbished, the sword of the Almighty, to hew down Baal's priests, corrupt judges, corrupt justices, corrupt lawyers, fruitless trees which cumber the ground. Drunkard, you cannot hide yourself; cursed speaker, you cannot hide yourself; whoremonger, you cannot hide yourself. Awake, awake all people everywhere who live in forms, see what you possess, not having that eternal spirit that gave forth the scriptures; all your formal prayers, formal preaching, formal singing, will be found as the chaff, which is for the unquenchable fire. For Christ is risen, the true light shines, the glory of the Lord appears, and you are discovered to him, to be empty of that eternal spirit in your understandings, which gave forth the scriptures. I am the light, said Christ, which enlightens everyone; that light you hate, and all who hate this light, set up teachers without them; but all who love this light, are of God, and lead to God, which is a cross to all the world, and this light is in everyone; wait in it to receive Christ. And as many as receive Christ, to them he gives power to become the sons of God, which are not born of the will of man, nor by the will of man, but by the will of God; and these are they who are out of imitations, and have no images, nor likeness of truth, but are in it, and possess it. Glory, glory to the Lord God forever, who governs his people, and is the head of the church; Christ is the head of the man, God is the head of Christ. He that can receive this, even if he does not have the letter, let him. He has come, who was before the letter was written. In the beginning was the word.