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1 Kings 5

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 1 Now Hiram king of Tyre sent his servants to Solomon, for he had heard that they had anointed him king in place of his father, for Hiram had always loved David.

 2 Then Solomon sent word to Hiram, saying,

 3 "You know how David my father could not build a temple for the name of the LORD his God because wars were fought against him on every side, until the LORD put his enemies under his feet.

 4 But now the LORD my God has given me rest on every side, so that there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence.

 5 And behold, I purpose to build a temple for the name of the LORD my God, as the LORD spoke to David my father, saying, 'Your son whom I will set upon your throne in your place shall build a temple for my name.'

 6 Now therefore, command that they cut me cedar trees out of Lebanon; my servants will work with your servants, and I will hire your servants according to whatever wages you say. For you know that there is no one among us who has the skill to cut timber like the Sidonians."

 7 So it came to pass, when Hiram heard the words of Solomon, that he rejoiced greatly and said, "Blessed be the LORD this day, who has given to David a wise son over this great people."

 8 And Hiram sent to Solomon, saying, "I have considered the message that you sent to me; and I will do all you desire concerning the cedar and cypress timber.

 9 My servants shall bring them down from Lebanon to the sea, and I will make them into rafts and convey them by sea to the place that you indicate to me. Then I will have them taken apart there, and you can take them away. And you shall fulfill my desire by providing food for my household."

 10 So Hiram gave Solomon all the cedar and cypress trees that he desired.

 11 And Solomon gave Hiram twenty thousand measures of wheat and twenty measures of pure oil as food for his household. Solomon gave these to Hiram each year.

 12 So the LORD gave Solomon wisdom, as he had promised him; and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon, and they made a treaty together.

 13 Now King Solomon raised a levy of forced laborers out of all Israel; the levy was thirty thousand men.

 14 And he sent them to Lebanon, ten thousand a month by divisions; one month they were in Lebanon and two months at home. Adoniram was over the levy.

 15  Solomon had seventy thousand who carried burdens and eighty thousand who quarried stone in the hills,

 16 As well as the three thousand three hundred men from the chiefs of Solomon's deputies who supervised the project and the people who were doing the work.

 17 Then the king commanded, and they quarried great costly stones to lay the foundation of the temple.

 18 So Solomon's and Hiram's builders and the men of Gebal quarried and prepared the timber and the stones to build the temple.

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