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2 Samuel 7

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 1 And it came to pass, when the king sat in his house, and the LORD had given him rest round about from all his enemies;

 2 That the king said to Nathan the prophet, "See now, I dwell in an house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells within curtains [in a tent]."

 3 And Nathan said to the king, "Go, do all that is in your heart for the LORD is with you."

 4 And it came to pass that night that the word of the LORD came to Nathan, saying,

 5 "Go and tell my servant David, Thus says the Lord, Shall you build me a house for me to dwell in?

 6 Considering I have not dwelt in any house since the time that I brought up the children of Israel out of Egypt, even to this day, but have walked in a tent and in a tabernacle.

 7 In all the places in which I have walked with all the children of Israel, did I ever speak a word with any of the tribes of Israel, whom I commanded to feed my people Israel, saying, 'Why don't you build me a house of cedar?'

 8 Now therefore you shall say to my servant David, Thus says the Lord of hosts, I took you from the sheep pens, from following the sheep, to be ruler over my people, over Israel.

 9 I was with you wherever you went, I have cut off all your enemies out of your sight, and have made you a great name, like the name of the great men that are in the earth.

 10 Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as in past times,

 11 And as since the time when I commanded judges to be over my people Israel, and have caused you to rest from all your enemies.1 Also the LORD tells you that he will make you a house.

 12 And when your days are fulfilled, and you shall sleep with your fathers, I will set up your seed after you, which shall proceed out of your bowels, and I will establish his kingdom.

 13 He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.

 14 I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men.

 15 But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away before you.

 16 And your house and your kingdom shall be established forever before you; your throne shall be established forever."

 17 According to all these words, and according to all this vision, so Nathan spoke to David.

 18 Then King David went in and sat before the LORD, and he said, "Who am I, O Lord GOD? And what is my house, that you have brought me to this position?

 19 And this was yet a small thing in your sight, O Lord GOD; but you have spoken also of your servant's house [and kingdom] for a great while to come. Is this the manner of your dealing with a man, O Lord GOD?

 20 What more can David say to you? For you, Lord GOD, know your servant.

 21 For your words of promise sake, and according to your own heart, you have done all these great things, to make your servant know and understand them.

 22 Therefore you are great, O LORD God, for there is none like you, neither is there any God beside you, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

 23 And what one nation in the earth is like your people, even like Israel, whom God went to redeem for a people to himself, and to make him a name, and to do for you great things and terrible, for your land, before your people, which you redeemed to you from Egypt, from the nations and their gods?

 24 For you have confirmed to yourself your people Israel to be a people to you forever; and you, LORD, have become their God.

 25 And now, O LORD God, the word that you have spoken concerning your servant, and concerning his house, establish it forever, and do as you have said.

 26 And let your name be magnified forever, saying, 'The LORD of hosts is the God over Israel;' and let the house of your servant David be established before you.

 27 For you, O LORD of hosts, God of Israel, have revealed to your servant, saying, 'I will build you a house;' therefore your servant has found in his heart to pray this prayer to you.

 28 And now, O Lord GOD, you are that God, and your words are true, and you have promised this goodness to your servant.

 29 Therefore now let it please you to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever before you for you, O Lord GOD, have spoken it; and with your blessing let the house of your servant be blessed forever."

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1 I...have caused you to rest from all your enemies. So here God is promising the rest again; a rest from all the enemies of Israel. The physical rest that is a mere shadow of the Christian's rest, which Hebrews severely warns us against failing to enter: Since a promise is left us of entering into his rest, let us fear, lest any of you should seem to come short of it. Heb 4:1. This rest is what Jesus promised: Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Mat 11:29. This is the rest with which you cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing; yet they would not hear. Isa 28:12. This is a serious warning to all who name themselves Christians: to avoid losing your soul and being banned from heaven, as the Jews were killed in the desert and banned from entering the promise land because of unbelief in God's promises, you must zealously labor in faith to attain the promised rest of the spiritual Sabbath, which is union with God and entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, within you and around you. We sit down in Christ to enter the rest, to enter the rest from fighting our enemies, like Israel entered the rest from fighting and purging their land of the surrounding heathen peoples; only our enemies are spiritual: lust, rage, pride, selfishness, envy, greed, covetousness, jealousy, lying, cheating, stealing, sexual immorality, profane language, and evil thoughts, etc. Salvation is to be delivered from sin and be protected from evil, sanctified from our enemies of sin. To be freed from sin, you must believe and hope in God's promise to set the captives free, to become free of sin; otherwise, you too will perish in the spiritual wilderness without ever entering the promise land — heaven. Don't be like the Jews who said they could not conquer the giants and refused to cross the Jordan to do battle, even with God fighting for them; don't say sin can't be conquered, even with God's promised mighty help; don't say who can war with the beast? Because victory over sin, our enemies within our heart, is the promised salvation.

Zacharias prophesied about Jesus, the Savior, saying: That he would grant unto us,
that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear,
in holiness and righteousness before him, all the days of our life. Luke 1:74-5


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