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4 Esdras 15:13

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 13 Those who till the ground shall mourn for their seeds shall fail through the blight and hail, and with a terrible storm.1 [The crops will fail because of blight, hail, and massive flooding storms. The world today is one crop failure away from a massive famine; the days of giant grain surpluses have past.]


1 Those who till the ground shall mourn for their seeds shall fail through the blight and hail, and with a terrible storm.From the Word of the Lord within: "Sudden rain gets the best of everything, then an interruption in the oil supply. The fields will be a mess." A world wide famine will quickly result from a failure of one crop season. We no longer have the surpluses to withstand a crop failure, particularly in the US, who is the bread basket of the world. The price of whatever remainder of food exists from past harvests will zoom; the poor throughout the world will starve to death. Countries like Pakistan, where the masses can only afford pan fried bread and pickles, will suffer the most. Now, should there be an interruption in the oil supply soon after the storm that destroys the current crop, then the next year's crop cannot be planted, fertilized, or harvested; the great majority of the world's grains are planted and harvested by machines that run on petroleum, and fertilizer made from petroleum. Even prescription drugs are made from petroleum. Food is distributed by petroleum. People get to work by petroleum. The world is dependent on oil to survive, and if it is interrupted by war or widespread pipeline breaks from landslides or earthquakes, much of the world's peoples will pass away; there will be panic, and panicky people rob, steal, plunder, and kill, even their neighbors; nations will attack nations for whatever food reserves are there for the taking. From the Word of the Lord within: "The selfish human nature is being exposed and brought out once for all."

Those people who have sought the Lord, listened to his voice, and obeyed him will have light, and they will be guided to safety; but it will be a horrific time, and his people need to have courage and trust that he will protect them; if they panic, they will be lost too.