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Ecclesiastes 12:7

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 7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return to God who gave it.2

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2 the spirit shall return to God who gave it [at death]. All spirits of men return to God at death. If a man does not attain freedom from sin, purity, union, salvation, and translation to the kingdom of God while on earth, God destroys his soul and body, banishing his Spirit to Hell in order to learn about the evil in his heart. To even experience the purifying pain of the lake of fire as a man takes his part in it, there has to be some form of life; so complete destruction does not occur. The Light Christ, steps out of a man, as he is banished to take his part in the lake of fire; and then a man is left without restraint, free to pursue the desires of his heart to the maximum possible. He is satiated with his desires, until they are burnt out of him, and he returns to heaven to live in the outer court as a spiritual gentile whose heart was not circumcised on the earth, who was not part of the first fruits to God. See Is There Hope for All for more.