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Exodus 20:12

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 12 Honor your father and your mother,2 that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God gives you.

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2 Honor your father and your mother.

Below is a wonderful expansion of honoring your mother and father from The Wisdom of Sirach, Chapter 3:

Listen to a father's reproof, children, and act accordingly so that you may be safe.
For the Lord has glorified father over children, and he has confirmed a mother's judgment over sons.
He who honors father will atone for sins, and like one who lays up treasure is he who glorifies his mother.
He who honors father will be gladdened by children, and in the day of his prayer he will be heard.
He who glorifies father will prolong his days, and he who listens to the Lord will give rest to his mother.
Among those who begot him, he will act as a slave to master.
By deed and word honor your father so that a blessing from him might come upon you.
For a father's blessing supports children's houses, but a mother's curse uproots foundations.
Do not glorify yourself by your father's disgrace, for you have no glory in a father's disgrace.
For a person's repute comes from his father's honor, and a mother of ill repute is a reproach to children.

Child, support your father in old aged, and do not grieve him during his life.
But if he fails in comprehension, excuse him, and do not dishonor him in the fullness of your strength.
For charity for a father will not be forgotten and will be credited to you against sins.
In a day of affliction it will be remembered of you; as fair weather upon frost, so will your sins be dissolved.
Like a blasphemer is the one who neglects a father, and cursed by the Lord is the one who angers his mother.