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Ezekiel 41

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 1 Afterward he brought me to the temple and measured the posts, six cubits wide on one side, and six cubits wide on the other side, which was the width of the tabernacle [temple].

 2 And the width of the door was ten cubits, and the sides of the entry door were five cubits on each side; and he measured its length, forty cubits; and its width, twenty cubits.

 3 Then he went inside and measured the post of the door, two cubits; and the door, six cubits; and the width of the door, seven cubits.

 4 So he measured the length of the temple, twenty cubits; and its width, twenty cubits; and he said to me, "This is the most holy place [the Holy of Holies]."

 5 Then he measured the wall of the temple, six cubits; and the width of every side chamber, four cubits, around the temple on every side.

 6 There were three levels of these side chambers, one above another, with thirty on each level; the side chambers rested on ledges on the wall all around, so that they might be supported but not be inserted into the wall of the temple.

 7 And the side chambers became wider all around as they wound upward, so the chambers widened as they wound upward around the temple like steps; therefore the width of the temple increased from the lowest chamber to the highest by way of the middle floor.

 8 I also saw the temple had a raised foundation around it. The foundations of the side chambers were a full rod of six great cubits.

 9 The thickness of the outer wall of the side chamber was five cubits; and also the remaining foundation which was left free of the side chambers that were within the temple was five cubits.

 10 And between the chambers was the width of twenty cubits around the temple on every side.

 11 And the doors to the side chambers opened onto the open area that was left, one door toward the north and another door toward the south; and the width of the open area was five cubits all around.

 12 Now the building that faced the separating courtyard at the end toward the west was seventy cubits wide, and the wall of the building was five cubits thick all around and its length ninety cubits.

 13 So he measured the temple, a hundred cubits long; and the separating courtyard and the building with its walls, a hundred cubits long;

 14 Also the width of the front of the temple and the separating courtyard toward the east, a hundred cubits.

 15 And he measured the length of the building facing the separating courtyard which was behind it, including its galleries on each side, a hundred cubits. And the inner temple and the porches of the court,

 16 The door posts and the narrow windows, and the galleries all around on their three stories opposite the door were paneled with wood from the ground up to the windows, and from the windows to the roof,

 17 Including that above the door to the inner room, outside as well as inside. And on all the walls around within and without were carvings,

 18 And they were made with cherubim and palm trees, so that a palm tree was between one cherub and another cherub; and every cherub had two faces,

 19 So that the face of a man was toward the palm tree on the one side, and the face of a young lion toward the palm tree on the other side. It was made this way throughout all the temple.

 20 From the ground to above the door were cherubim and palm trees, and also on the wall of the temple.

 21 The door frames of the temple were squared, and the door frame in front of the sanctuary [the Holy of Holies] was similar in appearance.

 22 The altar was of wood, three cubits high and two cubits long; and its corners and its base and its sides were of wood. And he said to me, "This is the table that is before the LORD."

 23 And the temple and the sanctuary had double doors.

 24 And the doors had two hinged leaves apiece; two leaves for each door.

 25 And there were carved on the doors of the temple, cherubim and palm trees, like those carved on the walls; and there was a wooden canopy on the front of the porch.

 26 And there were narrow windows with palm trees carved on each side of the porch, and on the side chambers and canopy of the temple.

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