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Galatians 5:18

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 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.3 [To be led by the Spirit is to obey what you see and hear the Word from within your heart commands you to do and speak; when you are totally walking by commands from the Spirit, faith has come. Until this gift of faith by revelation has arrived, the inner law, which includes moral core of the outward law, is your schoolmaster, Gal 3:24-25. From the Word of the Lord within: "Until you witness receiving faith from Christ, you are under the law. Until you witness the law fulfilled in you, you are under the law." Note verses 19-24 below. As you follow the Lord's first commands to repent from your evil behaviors, (resulting in His removal of even your desire to sin), your confidence dramatically increases in attaining all the gospel's promises.]

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3 If you are led by the Spirit [mark! if led by the Spirit, you are prompted, ordered, or commanded by the Spirit], you are not under the law. But until you are led by the Spirit, the outward moral law is your schoolmaster. Until you are led by (being obedient to) the Spirit's commands to you, you must be schooled by the Law — the moral portions of the Law that mirror the inner law on every man's heart. This law convicts us when we steal, lie, etc. The outward, moral laws sounds out our shortcomings, motivating us to seek the grace of God to be changed — motivating us to seek the counsel, teachings, commands, and leading of the Spirit. The outward, moral laws lead us to the Spirit and leads us to Christ.

The next verses show that you must rid yourself of the sins of the flesh (19-21), which occurs by crucifying your selfish, evil spirit on the inward cross of self-denial (24); to then receive from Christ the fruit of the Spirit, including faith (22-23). Then, and only then, are you free from the law as your schoolmaster; for you are walking in love, the love of God having been perfected in you.