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Galatians 2:8

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 8 (For He who worked through Peter his ministry as an apostle to the circumcision, also empowered me to the Gentiles), [The difference in Peter's ministry to the Jews was for the Jewish-turned-Christians to continue to observe the whole Mosaic Law until the Spirit taught each person differently, (as Peter is recorded being taught), while the Gentiles-turned-Christians were taught to rely on only four rules. Of those four rules to the Gentiles, three of the forbidden practices no longer exist in most cultures, leaving only to abstain from sexual immorality as the one rule that still applies to most; yet with just one rule, those today who name themselves Christians are watching television shows, movies, and DVD's, which promote sexual immorality; reading books and magazines that celebrate sexual immorality; visiting porno web sites; and much worse.]

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