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Galatians 3:24-26

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 24 Therefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.3 [Unless you come to strive to obey the moral core of the law, included in the law on every man's heart, you will never be brought to Christ to be justified by inward faith, hearing the word of God within your heart and obeying it with persistence; the moral core of the law is: do not steal, do not murder, do not covet (want), do not lie, do not commit adultery, honor your mother and father, and love you neighbor as yourself — which is to do to others as you would have them do to you — the golden rule.]

 25 But after that, when faith [received with the fruit of the Spirit] has come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster [the law that is on everyone's heart].4 [The faith that comes, is the faith received as a part of the fruit of the Spirit, after you have crucified your sinful nature on the inward cross of self-denial. Faith is not belief in Jesus based on the historical accuracy of the Bible; faith is hearing the word of God from within your heart, for faith is the gift of God and is authored by revelation from Jesus Christ. Paul further tells us: if (and when) you are led (prompted, ordered, commanded) by the Spirit, you are not under the law, Gal 5:18. To be led, is to have the Spirit prompt your thoughts, words, and deeds. Before Christ appears in your heart with the fruit of the Spirit to continually lead and prompt you, all the commands you hear from the Lord are also written in your heart to clarify and add to the law in every man's heart, which is your schoolmaster to be continually obeyed.]

 26 For you are all sons of God by faith in Christ Jesus. [only if as the next verse says, if you have been baptized by Christ; which is the unquenchable fire that burns up all the chaff (sin). Operational faith, faith within, is how the baptism is eventually realized.]

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4 But after that when faith has come, 3:25, as faith should afterwards be revealed, 3:23. Paul speaks of faith being revealed; so faith occurs when Jesus, the author and finisher of faith, Heb 12:2, reveals it to a man, Gal 3:23, which faith then frees us from the law as our schoolmaster. Gal 3:24. Further, in Gal 5:18, he says: if (and when) you are led (prompted, ordered, commanded) by the Spirit, you are not under the law. So he has defined faith to being in total obedience to the Spirit's leading. Paul further tells us when faith has come: it is received as a fruit of the Spirit by crucifying the sinful nature.

You receive the fruit of the Spirit with a new level of faith after you have been crucified on the inward cross of self-denial. From the Word of the Lord within: "There are no laws when you are under complete control of the spirit; you walk in love in obedience as prompted — you don't walk in restricted flesh." Faith that frees from the law comes with the receipt of the fruit of the Spirit, against which is no law. Gal 5:22-23.

Up to this time, as you are hearing the Spirit of Grace within convict you of sin and teach you about righteous living, you are in the Ministry of Condemnation, yet to receive the ministry of righteousness, yet to receive the end of grace, still subject to the Law of Sin and Death, still walking after the flesh and carnal mind, yet to receive the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, yet to be in Christ, yet to be dead to the law through the law, and yet to walk after the Spirit's prompting of your thoughts, words, and deeds.

This is a major clarification of the definition of faith, as Paul further tells us that he preaches the word of faith which is in our hearts and mouths, and faith comes by hearing the word; and Jesus says, Blessed are those who hear the word of God and "keep" it, such "keeping" (to practice, obey), results in the love of God being perfected in a man: But whoever obeys his spoken words, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. 1 John 2:5. So faith is to hear the word within, and believe it to be the Son of God speaking to you, and then to keep it [obey it, practice it], repeatedly — which yields the blessing of the perfected love of God within you, and you to be in Christ and God. Christendom would have you believe that hearing someone read the words of the Bible is hearing the word of God, and if you believe them, you are a "believer." But this only results in belief of a historical fact written in a book and faith in the words in a book. Yet Paul has just told us that faith comes from hearing the word, who is Jesus, which word is in our heart; so to have real faith, you must hear from within and believe whom you hear, to be the Son of God; and believe enough to completely obey him. For Jesus became the Author and Source of eternal salvation to all those who heed and obey Him. Heb 5:9. Faith is a series of revelations.

Your faith must stand in your experience of the power of God, not in words spoken by men or reading. The power of God is promised to deliver you [separate you] from your sins, which is salvation. You are saved through faith, and by faith your hearts are purified; but obviously in the beginning of faith, you are not purified, neither are you saved. Before purification and salvation, your faith must be tested in several trials, in which you must grievously suffer in order to be purified of sin. You must contend for the faith, grow in the faith, build up your faith, increase in faith, perfect what is lacking in your faith, fight the good fight of faith, until victory when your faith is finished by the finisher; faith is a process and a journey, the end of which is to see Christ bring your salvation, to bring your eternal life. From the Word of the Lord within: "faith within purifies; faith within justifies."