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Hebrews 10:34

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 34 For you had compassion for me in my bonds, and joyfully endured the spoiling of your goods [seizure of your property],8 knowing in yourselves that you have in heaven a better and lasting reward.

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8 you joyfully endured the spoiling of your goods [seizure of your property]. The Lord permits persecution of his saints, persecution by the "established religions." The Jews and the Romans persecuted and confiscated property of the early Christians; the Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and Congregationalists persecuted the early Quakers, including confiscation of their property for failure to remove their hats in court, failure to swear in court, failure to pay tithes to the Protestant parishes, traveling on the "sabbath," having an unlawful service, etc. It was called spoiling of goods, based on the tradition of spoils of war, where soldiers seized the property of conquered peoples and kept it themselves as booty. Tens of thousands of Quakers had their crops, animals, furniture, tools, and seed confiscated by the courts in sympathy of the priests and ministers who were losing paying hearers. The Lord used the persecutions to perfect many early Quakers as ordeals of tribulation, necessary for the perfection of any saint — and thousands were brought to perfection.