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Job 25:3

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 3 Is there any number to His armies? And upon whom does not His light arise?1 [The light of the righteous rejoices, but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out. Pro 13:9]

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1 Bildad says that we all have God's light. The light that we all have is like the grain of a mustard seed, which can grow into the tallest tree in the gardenif it is watered and fed. The Spirit of God within us is chained down by the spirit of Satan sown into every man; which is the spirit of selfishness, greed, covetousness, immorality, impurity, anger, hate, etc. To have seen the light once is not to have been born of the spirit, born of God — it is only God's call to seek him. We must seek him with all our heart, as our the first priority in life; and then if we obey the word's heard from within our heart, the light will arise to reveal the face of Christ Jesus, the glory of Godthe day star arises in our hearts. Then the light then is our guide and rule, but not until then.