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John 1:7

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 7 This man came as a witness, to bear witness to the Light, so that all men might believe through it [the Light, Christ].4 [John came to bear witness to the Light, (the Light of the Word), so that all men might believe what the light reveals to be true, obey the light, and thereby be saved — this is to believe in Jesus. From the Word of the Lord within: "Heed the light, which is to assent to truth." Jesus tells us: "believe in the light, that you may become the children of light," John 12:36. This Light had been prophesied to be God's new covenant with salvation to the ends of the earth, to both Jews and Gentiles. Isa 42:6,49:6.The light of life, which God has hidden in the heart, is the mediator of the new covenant; he that would come into the new covenant, must believe the light and obey the light, Christ.]

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4 This man came as a witness, to bear witness of the Light, so that all men might believe through it [the light, Christ]. This verse is frequently incorrectly translated as This man came as a witness, to bear witness of the Light, so that all men might believe through him. However, John didn't come so that all men would believe through John; he only testified to what all men should believe: the light within men, who is Christ. In the Greek for this verse, the last Greek word in the sentence, autou, can be translated as: 1) himself, herself, themselves, itself, 2) he, she, it, 3) the same. Since the translators were all schooled in the doctrines of Babylon, (which ignores the light), they didn't understand and always translated that last word two words to be "through him," appearing to refer to all men believing John's testimony, which is a major reason the relevance of the light is totally missed by Christianity. This verse is correctly translated as "believe through it," but "believe through him" incorrectly implies all men are to believe through John.

Can you be saved believing through John?—No! Can you be saved believing there is a light?—No! To believe John or to believe there is a light, because John said there was, only has value if you pay attention to, heed, and believe the light; which light is in every man that comes into the world, (verse 9), put there so that every man might believe in the truth that the light speaks to him. If you believe what the light shows and tells you about your evil behavior, to then change your behavior, you are heeding the light; and then God gives you more of His Spirit. Jesus never told us to believe John's testimony or believe that there is a light, but Jesus did say: "While you have light, believe in the light, that you may become the children of light," John 12:36; and a child of the light is a son of the Father of lights, who is God, who is light, 1 John 1:5. To imply that there is great value in believing John, supports the false doctrine of Babylon: believe in Jesus and you are saved, which blithely ignores many very specific scriptures that speak to salvation's exclusions, requirements, and qualifying conditions.

Believe what? John — NO. Believe some historical facts expressed by Christendom's so-called Apostle's creed, invented 350 years after the death of the Apostles? — NO. Believe that there is a light? — NO. You are to believe the Light's anonymous pleadings, (which every man hears at some point in his life), to turn from your evil behavior, so you then might turn away from that behavior because you love the truth that the Light shows you. The light is another manifestation of the Word, Christ, the Spirit. The light or Spirit reasons with a man to reject his evil ways; if a man believes what the light shows or tells him to be true, then he believes in the light, which is why God gave every man the lightso that all men might believe in it. To believe in the light is to believe what it shows you by revelation as true and then to keep and obey its teachings; this is to believe in Jesus because Jesus is that light. If you do not keep or obey the words you hear Christ speak to you, those words will be your judge when you die. John 12:47-48. Continued seeking the light's revelations results in more light, (or Spirit of Christ, or grace), separating a man from his sins, resulting in salvation; which is a deliverance from all sin and union with God in his kingdom forever as a child of the light. For God is light, and in him is no darkness at all, 1 John 1:5. A child of the light is a son of God. The historical facts of the Bible are beautiful and inspiring, but their belief does not make a man acceptable to God; nor does believing John's testimony make you acceptable to God.

What is necessary for belief? Three things:

1) to believe the words you hear spoken to you in your heart are truth,
2) to believe the source of the truth is Christ, who is the word in your heart, and who is the truth, and
3) obedience — in fear of God's disapproval for disobedience — or to want to please God, respecting his virtue and not wishing to disappoint him.

Without obedience, your belief or faith is just lip service; and your disobedience is denial of Jesus as Lord and Master.