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John 6:44

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 44 No man can come to me unless the Father, who has sent me, draws him and gives him the hunger to come to me;3 and I will raise him up at the last day. [From the Word of the Lord within: "Those who hunger are God's chosen people." Everyone is anonymously called by God to turn from evil; those who heed His plea are chosen to be drawn by Him with a hunger for more. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled, Mat 5:6; but woe to you who are full, for you shall hunger. Luke 6:25. The Father draws us with love. From the Word of the Lord within: "People can't come in fear; they have to come in love." With a spiritual revelation the Father draws us to Himself, which creates a hunger in us for more; only that gift of hunger can motivate a man to lay down his life in obedience. The Hell-fire and damnation preaching, which tries to frighten people into sects, is an abomination.]

Matthew 22:14

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 14 For many are called, but few are chosen." [Every person is anonymously called by God to depart from evil on their day of visitation when Christ, the light given to every man so that he might believe, preaches the gospel in them; He knocks at every person's door, (heart). The vast majority of people ignore His anonymous call to turn from evil because they love their selfish lifestyle and have no love of the truth about their evil ways. Thus they deny and hate the truth; thus they deny and hate Christ. The few who do heed His anonymous pleas, loving the truth, turn from evil to then be chosen by God to receive more of His Spirit in return; God gives them a taste of His goodness by revelation, which creates the hunger and thirst in them for more of Him — thus to seek Him with all their heart and soul. From the Word of the Lord within: "Every man has heard the call to repent." But it is a gentle, anonymous call to forsake their evil ways. You might ask, why anonymous? What a man hears and/or sees is the truth of his ways; if he heeds the call, he has an appreciation and love of the truth; if he ignores the call, he hates the truth. Thus it is a test of those who love the truth or love their evil ways. From the Word of the Lord within: "Many people use the visitation of this web site to remove the blocking of past visitations. People cannot come in fear — they have to come in love. " Only a love for God and truth can motivate a man to deny himself and lay down his life in obedience; only by love can the cross be endured to death of one's selfish spirit.]

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