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Matthew 7:5

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 5 You hypocrite, first get the log out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to remove the spec out of your brother's eye.2

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2 Don't try to take the spec out of your brother's eye until you remove the log from your own. When you get the log out of your own eye, (by being purified), you can see clearly how to remove the spec from your brother's. So he wants us sinless and purified so we can help our brothers, but until then, we can't even see how to help — and if we think we can, we are more blind than the person we are trying to help — we have a log in our eye, and he only has a spec — who is more blind? Only when Christ has perfected us, can we remove that spec; only then can we preach or teach, after we are purified, restored, specifically authorized; then we can help — until then we just harm those we try to correct. To be restored, is to be renewed into the image of God, as was man before the fall in the Garden — which is Christ's job with all of us — to reconcile the whole creation back to God, as it was, even better, than before it fell due to the disobedience of Adam. For we cannot be reconciled back to God in our fallen state, we must be purified, restored, perfected before union can take place — union that is only possible between two like beings. So until you are prompted by the Spirit of God as to exactly what to say and when, and until the Spirit of God is standing by to impart strength to that person, any criticism is totally ineffective. When you criticize others you are only hardening their hearts from hearing the true judgments of God, and so you incur condemnation in proportion to the problems you cause.