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Micah 2:13

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 13 The one who breaks open will go up before them; they will break through, pass through the gate and go out by it. Their king will pass through before them, the LORD at the head of them."1

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1 There have only been two periods of the true Church: 1) the early Church founded by Christ's disciples, which disappeared around 403 AD, and 2) 1260 years after the true Church had been in the wilderness, George Fox broke through the gates of Hell to enter the Kingdom in 1649. Tens of thousands followed the disciples through the gate in the early Church, and tens of thousands followed George Fox through the gate to become the early Quakers. According to the Voice of the Lord: "The last substance of the early Quakers died out in 1880." To date there has not been another breakout. All the sects after the early Quakers continued in the ways of Babylon: adultery with the world, accepting sin of their members, substituting ritual for cleansing and purification, ignoring the teaching of Jesus, casting all the moral laws behind their backs, and celebrating a false salvation.

When the next breakout occurs, the same pattern will hold: the Lord will lead one man or woman through, and then together they (the breaker and the Lord) will lead many more people through — out of darkness, out of captivity to sin — to freedom from sin and into the glorious light of God, translated into his Kingdom.