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Proverbs 13:12

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 12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.2

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2 Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. The kingdom is one of patient endurance. For those who are seeking as their first priority in life, waiting on God in increasing frequency and duration, you will be subjected to many lies about when certain events in your spiritual life and/or physical life will change. These lies from Satan, when realized as lies, dash our hopes and make our hearts sick. The Lord has to break our hearts before He can create the new heart; the Lord has to destroy our self love, subjecting us to shame and loss before He roots and grounds true love in our heart; He turns the lies of Satan into the means of breaking our heart and self-love. This is very distressing to say the least, but as time goes on, the distress becomes less and less. When the desire comes, particularly the kingdom, then we forget the pain of childbirth and celebrate the child. In this way we learn patience, and our faith is increased, which the Word of the Lord within said: "that is what it is all about." Despite the severe pain of the journey, all is well that ends well. As the Word of the Lord within has told me: "Be like the early Church, who for inexpressible joy endured to the end."