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Psalms 39

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 1 I said, "I will take heed to my ways, so that I may not sin with my tongue; I will muzzle my mouth while the wicked are before me."

 2 I was mute with silence, I held my peace but had no relief except from good; and my distress increased.

 3 My heart was hot within me. While I was musing, the fire burned; then spoke I with my tongue,

 4 "LORD, make me to know my end and the measure of my days, so that I may know how frail I am.

 5 Behold, you have made my days like a handbreadth, and my age is as nothing before you. Truly every man at best is only a breath. Selah.

 6 Surely every man walks to and fro like a shadow; surely he busies himself in vain; he heaps up riches, and does not know who will gather them.

 7 And now, Lord, what do I wait for? You are my only hope. [From the Word of the Lord within: "You must wait on the Lord to receive salvation. Wait for, hope for, the Lord. Let Your mercy be in proportion to our waiting and hoping on You. If we go to him, and we wait on him, he comes. We need to get quiet and ready to listen. In humble silence we sit and wait. Patiently we wait in humble silence. Patiently and assiduously we wait. As we wait, we hope. We go to him, and he rains help on us; well does this exercise of God purify those who do. Listen, heed, and obeythe word is near thee."]

 8 Deliver me from all my transgressions; make me not the reproach of the foolish.

 9 I was mute, I did not open my mouth; because you are the one who has done it.

 10 Remove your plague from me; I am consumed by the blow of your hand.

 11 When you correct man for iniquity with rebukes, you make his beauty consume away like a moth; surely every man is a only breath. Selah.

 12 Hear my prayer, O LORD, and give ear to my cry; do not hold your peace at my tears; for I am a temporary resident and a sojourner with you, as all my forefathers were.

 13 O spare me, that I may recover strength before I go from here and am no more."

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