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Revelation 17:1,15

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 1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, "Come here; I will show to you the judgment of the great whore who sits upon many waters;1

 15 And he said to me, "The waters that you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and languages. [In this verse the Greek word for tongues or languages, (glwssai <1100>) is the same word used throughout 1 Cor 14 that speaks about the gift of tongues or languages. Clearly the whore sits on the world of languages, not supposed heavenly tongues; clearly the gift of tongues or languages also speaks of the different languages of the world.

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1 The whore sits on many waters. The waters are the many tongues, peoples, and nations of the earth. The whore [the false church] sits atop of them. The whore is over the many tongues, peoples, and nations of the earth. This spiritual whore sold her body and her members to the world for its money, protection, approval, and acceptance; casting aside the commands of Jesus, to enrich herself with the luxuries and pleasures of the world. So the Holy Spirit finds no rest in Christendom, drunk on the lusts and pleasures of the world, leaving Christendom with only a form of godliness, without the power of the Holy Spirit as in the time of the Apostles; just as the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him into the ark, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth, Gen 8:9.

Edward Burrough, in an extract from a letter of his to the Pope, writes of this whore:

Behold I have heard the voice howling and bitter lamentation. I heard the voice of war and not of peace. I have seen the strong become weak and the mighty become miserable and the proud and honorable brought into contempt. Yes, I have seen her who has sat as a queen and has said, "she shall never see sorrow." I have seen the loss of children and widowhood, upon her [the whore] even in one day. I have seen her [the whore's] beauty turned into bitterness. I have seen her honor brought into contempt. I have seen the whore who has made all nations drunk with her fornications, who had the Golden cup in her hand. I have seen the cup of indignation prepared for her to drink. I have seen her cast upon the bed of never ending torments. I have seen the city that was full of people, which was the glory of kingdoms, which made all nations rich with her traffic and merchandise; I have seen that city laid desolate, dis-inhabited, and made the sorrow of the whole earth; and I have seen the smoke of her burning ascend forever. This is, and must, shortly come to pass.* If you have an ear to hear, you may hear. These things are true and faithful, and shall not fail; but the wicked shall know the majesty, dread, terror, vengeance, and indignation of the Almighty.

* Since this was written in 1658, obviously this has not occurred in the world we know. It is another instance of what happens in the mysterious world inside every man's heart. The events in Revelation was, is, and is to come, (like Jesus, who is, who was, and who is to come, so is His revelation; all are experienced by those past, those present, and those in the future).