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Revelation 2:4

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 4 Nevertheless I have something against you: you have left your first love.1

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1 You have left your first love. Many people have a religious experience, or an awakening, or a touch by God — which sets them on fire. A touch by God, or a spiritual experience, is not to be born again. This experience is God's gift of hunger and a call to put on the incorruptible. So, in the beginning, with the memory of his goodness having touched them, they are on fire for God. They desperately seek how to please him; becoming kind and giving to those around them, turning from evil, doing everything they know how. This is the first love. But then we are lulled by the sects in to believing nothing more is possible than the false salvation they think they have found in the scriptures, failing to come to him, listen to Him, and receive the life of God. Because there is so much toleration of sin to be found in the thousands of deficit sects, we lose our fervor, and we slip back into our old habits. We fall from where we were at first.

Jesus is telling us to rekindle the love; to turn from evil again; to renew our efforts. And how do we do this? We turn from evil as best we can; at least those that our hands and feet control, while our hearts and mouths are in need of his changing grace. So we go to him. We wait on himlisten silently, with the humility of a sinner in need of his changing power — grace. So wait, watch, listen, hear, obey... wait, watch, listen, hear, obey..... seek, listen, obey. Do this, and you will be touched again; your fire will be rekindled, your love will be renewed, you fervor will be sustained, you will be back on the path of seeing, hearing, and uniting with your beloved.