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Romans 2:10

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 10 But glory, honor, and peace, are to every man who works good,3 to the Jew first and also to the Gentile; [In order to protect their make-believe Christianity, Christendom deliberately ignores this verse and many others; they ignore the distinction between works of the law and good works, energized and motivated by obedient faith; such works are essential. Works of the law count for nothing. Works of the law are the cereal offering, the lamb offering, the bull offering, washings, not eating certain foods, circumcision, tithing, sabbaths, celebration of days, festivals, etc.; these are dead works of the law, decided when to be done by the carnal mind and will of man. Good works are works of loving obedience to what God orders you to do. The first of works you will be ordered to do are works of repentance; when finished, your works show the righteousness and love of God to the world.]

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3 But glory, honor, and peace, are to every man who works good. Work is required; work in doing good. How many works? As many as the Spirit of God commands you to do. How do you get commands from the Spirit of God? By listening quietly, in humility, patiently, waiting for the Lord to teach and command you — and then believing it is him, and obeying. From the Word of the Lord within: "Abraham willingly exposed himself to God's commands." So too we must wait on God, watch, and silently listen for His commands to us, and then we must act on them; that is operational faith.