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Romans 7:14-15

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 14 For we know that the law is spiritual; but I was carnal, sold under sin. [This verse and the following verses were incorrectly translated as present tense, but past tense is the correct translation because Paul had been translated into the kingdom, in union with Christ sitting with Christ in heavenly places; Paul had been crucified and was dead: dead to the law through the law, and he was no longer a slave to any sin. Christ had saved Him by destroying the sin in Paul's body. Babylon's translators portrayed Paul as a sinner like themselves destined to sin for the rest of their life, while believing that Christ's death had freed them from the guilt and consequence of continued sin. This is what the Word of the Lord within spoke about the Bible translators: "They want to be sons; they recognize the scripture, 'he that is born of God has no sin,' but they blithely go on."]

 15 For I understood not what I did, for not what I intended to have practiced, instead I did what I hated.5

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5 While the inner law on the heart of every man, which includes moral core of the outward law, is our schoolmaster, we know the first state that Paul described he once was in: For I understood not what I did, for not what I intended to have practiced, instead I did what I hated. Rom 7:15; and all men are in this state, before the Sprit of God mortifies the sin in them.

But Heed! You do have control of your hands and feet; you can stop your feet from pursuing evil, and you can stop your hands from reaching for evil. You can't control your mouth and your thoughts, until the Lord makes the changes in you — but beware, you must cease your practices of immorality that are under your control. You can't control your eyes from looking at a woman with lust the first time, but you can decide to not look the second time. The Lord sees your efforts or lack of efforts, and he therefore knows the sincerity of your seeking. If you are insincere, without having turned from evil the best you can, he will know it and give you little help; if you are fortunate, he will remind you of your hypocrisy; if you are not, he will ignore you.