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The messages from the Word of the Lord within on this site are provided to help you gauge the truth of the words you hear spoken to you, to correct the many errors of the deficit sects' doctrines, to encourage you, to caution you, to help you understand the true promises of the Bible, the true restrictions, the true hope, true belief, true faith, and true way to attain the promises. However, the messages published on this site are dead words, without life; whereas words that you hear Him speak to you are words with life and resulting power. Regarding the similar dead words, (without life), that you read in the Bible, the Lord has spoken this advice: "When you have heard the dead words in the Bible and recall them, heed what is said; always obedient to His commands." Does that mean you should disregard any commands from Him that you read?—no, just like the many commands you read in the Bible, you should try to follow them; but as long as you don't deliberately violate a command, should you slip and fail, you should only regret your lack of ability and not feel condemned. The commands you have heard Him speak to you come with the power to obey, providing you do your best to comply.

The words you hear may not be exact duplicates of the words in the Bible or of these messages, but every message you hear from Him will be compatible with the true meaning of the words of the Bible, as well as compatible with the messages on this site. Every message you hear is like receiving a piece to a puzzle, each word fitting together, filling the gaps in your understanding, until you finally see and feel the brilliant truth and wondrous beauty of the scriptures' promises, salvation, and righteousness — the unfathomable depth of God's love to crown his creation in restoring man to sanctity and holiness in union with Himself through Christ.


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New Messages from the Word of the Lord within:

Bible Changes:

  • Footnote 2 to Galatians 4:9-11 has the following addition:

    Having read the history of Christmas and Easter, we had given them both up years ago without being commanded. The first holidays that the Lord commanded me to forego were USA Independence Day and Thanksgiving. We gave up Independence Day immediately and resolved not to celebrate Thanksgiving again. As Thanksgiving approached, my sister called and said that she was traveling to my mother's for Thanksgiving, and that we should come too. I decided to go and arrive in the evening after the Thanksgiving dinner; so I made flight reservations accordingly. I didn't inform my sister until a few days before Thanksgiving; when I told her my expected arrival, she said they would simply make the dinner to be later after my arrival. In error I decided to go ahead and fly there. Our flight had a stop and change of planes in Dallas where there was a storm of sleet, snow, and freezing rain. Airport personnel delayed the connecting flight while they sprayed the plane's wings and engines with a deicer. As the connecting flight was accelerating on the runway, suddenly an engine exploded, apparently from ice in it. We returned to the terminal, and waited several hours for another plane to become available. The second plane was also deiced. Hoping to compensate the passengers for the significant delay, free alcoholic drinks were served as we waited for take-off. As the plane was taking off, it also had an engine blow up on the runway; this time there was a significant smell of fuel in the cabin. Passengers, some drunk, were going bonkers in fear; one drunk woman, directly across the aisle from me, fumbled for cigarettes and lit one in the midst of the fuel fumes as she cried out for her estranged ex-husband. I got up, took the cigarette from her, and extinguished it; then I spoke sympathetically to her to calm her down until the stewardesses came and took over. We returned to the terminal and were told we would have to spend the night in Dallas because another plane was not available until the next day. As we stood in line waiting to receive motel and meal vouchers, one of the passengers who has secured his vouchers came back along the line and stood directly in front of me, (but not looking directly at me), and angrily shouted, "someone was not supposed to be on this flight." Fortunately no one was hurt, just inconvenienced. The airline and airport were very puzzled as to why the engines blew up; they sent both engines to the airline's headquarters for analysis.

    Since that time, we have not wavered in giving up all holidays, including the last command to forego birthday get-togethers of our sons, daughters-in-law, and even our young grandson.


Web Page Changes:

  • In this pandemic people are so afraid of going to a hospital that many emergency room doctors have lost their jobs due to lack of demand; Only the very, very sick go to a hospital, so most trials of hydroxychloroquine in a hospital will show little to no benefit, the exception being Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit that recently showed a major (50%) decrease in the death rate for those taking of hydroxychloroquine; 13% of those treated with hydroxychloroquine alone died compared to 26.4% not treated with hydroxychloroquine. (Those treated with azithromycin alone or treated with a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin did not show similar benefit.) None of the 2300 patients in the trial had documented serious heart abnormalities; however, patients were monitored for a heart condition routinely pointed to as a reason to avoid the drug as a treatment for COVID-19. (This trial apparently did not include zinc, which might make the results even more impressive.)

    To be of maximum benefit, hydroxychloroquine and zinc should be administered early, within five days of first symptoms; and this means your doctor or clinic should be consulted at first sign of symptoms. The French study shows that they've treated 3316 patients with hydroxychloroquine (600 mg daily) plus azithromycin (Zithromax or Z-pak); and as of 06/08/20, they have had eighteen deaths, which is a very low 0.05% of those treated, and which is 50 % less than the 0.10% annual death rate of those who become infected with the flu. If the French had also administered zinc, their success might have been even better.

    Zinc is proven to inhibit virus replication, particularly a lower respiratory tract viral infection. Dr. Roger Sehualt, a critical care physician specializing in pulmonary lung disease, explains in a video how hydroxychloroquine (or chloroquine) is an ionophore that allows zinc to pass through the cell wall in much higher concentration so it can stop the replication of viruses. Below is the visual representation of the in vitro increase of zinc brought about by added chloroquine, which operates as a zinc ionophore.

    As you can see below, zinc by itself barely enters the cell; but with chloroquine added, even a low level of zinc is very visible in the cell.

    * μM is a abbreviation for micromolar, a measure of molar concentration
    ZnCl2 is the chemical symbol for zinc chloride,
    and ChQ is the chemical symbol for chloroquine.

    There is also a study that shows that epigallocatechin-gallate, EGCG, the major catechin in tea, [preferably in a green tea extract at 80% catechins], also acts as a zinc ionophore; but I can find no record of any doctors prescribing green tea extract, (available over-the-counter), with zinc to combat any virus. Over the counter quercetin (QCT) was also identified in this study as a zinc ionophore; typically available quercetin is not very absorbable, but there is an inexpensive version of quercetin that is up to 50 times more absorbable. Also, adding the supplement bioperine will increase the absorption of most supplements. So, as a preventive prophylactic against any viral infection, (cold, flu, or COVID-19), I am taking zinc (50 mg per day), EGCG from a green tea extract, and bioperine on a daily basis; and at the first sign of a symptom, I will immediately double the amounts of zinc and EGCG and also add quercetin.

    If my symptoms, (currently none), should not improve within a day or two, I will contact a doctor, (hopefully by telemed video and not a physical visit), and request him to prescribe hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

    You might be thinking about taken zinc plus green tea extract, (and/or quercetin), plus bioperine as a possible preventive measure from getting sick from any virus, (COVID-19, colds and flu included); but before you do, do your web research on each supplement you prefer to be sure the restrictive advisories for each supplement do not apply to you; restrictive advisories such as: being pregnant, breast feeding an infant, possible interactions with drugs you might be taking, possible dangers taking the supplement(s) with pre-existing medical conditions, overdosing advisories, etc. If there are any doubts, consult with your health care provider; supplements always state you should consult with your health care provider before taking the supplement.

    In another detailed video Dr. Roger Sehualt makes a strong case for over-the-counter supplement N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) that boosts the immune system and totally eliminated flu symptoms in 75%* of those studied with the flu; it also inhibits the replication of viruses, and reduces the virus's later phase serious problems: oxidative stress, massive blood clotting, and much more. NAC appears to be able to counter the effects when administered in all phases of COVID-19 infection.** I have added NAC to my daily regimen (ECGC, zinc, and bioperine).

    * This was a random trial of two groups: one receiving NAC and the other receiving a placebo. Flu antibodies showed those who got the flu; and 75% of those taking NAC had no symptoms, while 25% of those taking the placebo had no symptoms.

    ** Oral NAC (pills) as a preventive of severe symptoms, and intravenous (IV) infusion of NAC in a hospital for severe cases, (hospitals routinely stock IV NAC to treat overdoses of acetaminophen, [Tylenol]).
    80% of New York City patients died after being put on ventilators. Patients treated for low oxygen saturation have been routinely put on ventilators following traditional medical protocol, but doctors are learning to use alternative methods of oxygen delivery and only use the ventilators when the patients' breathing muscles have tired out. COVID-19 is not like traditional pneumonia of the lungs; instead COVID-19 attacks the endothelial cells that line the body's blood vessels, producing massive numbers of blood clots, resulting in strokes, heart attacks, lung embolisms, aneurysms, etc. Tiny blood clots formed in the capillaries of the lung are what prevent oxygen from being absorbed by the lungs, thus producing oxidative stress, (which looks like altitude sickness), while the patient remains cognizant and alert, still able to breathe unassisted without buildup of CO2. Further, doctors are learning that COVID-19 not only affects the lungs, but also the kidneys, heart, intestines, liver, brain, even forcing an amputation of a Broadway actor's leg, (who later died at 41 yrs of age) — in short, the entire vascular system throughout the body can be fatally damaged without identification and attention. Organ failures eventually occur as blood circulation is shut down. Even some young are dying or being disabled from strokes caused by severe clotting. COVID-19's deadly clotting effect is completely explained by Dr. Sehualt in his video on NAC. COVID-19 has been universally treated as a pneumonia with ventilators until recently as a few doctors throughout the world, through rare autopsies of dead victims and monitoring deteriorating victims' levels of D-dimer, von willebrand and fibrinogen, have discovered that blood coagulation is the real culprit, which must be instead fought with IV blood thinners, IV or oral glutathione, and IV or oral NAC, (a precursor to glutathione), to normalize blood chemistry. Blood thinners alone don't stop the cause of clotting, and blood thinners can cause excessive bleeding elsewhere, which is why the Broadway star had to have his blood-clotted leg amputated. Glutathione is the master antioxidant, but it occurs less in older people and those with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, exactly those who have the highest COVID-19 mortality rates. An increase of glutathione strengthens the immune system to fight the COVID-19 virus. In addition glutathione:

    1. is a powerful anti-inflammatory, (which reduces the probability of an often fatal cytokine storm, the body's immune system overreacting to infection produced inflammation),
    2. can rid the body of the damaging substances produced by COVID-19, and
    3. breaks up blood clots without thinning the blood too, thereby reducing oxidative stress.

    As reported by Dr. Sehualt, so far all reported evidence of success has been on a few cases, but several significant trials have begun, (only one linked) .

    NAC's also appears to offer significant hope to eliminate the phenomenon of young adults and even children, who have mild symptoms with COVID-19, recover, but then days or even weeks later suffer from vascular disease, (clotting that produces strokes, aneurysms, heart inflammation, embolisms, death, etc.). Those who have mild symptoms are usually told to stay at home, and no further medical contact occurs. If you have, or your child has, mild symptoms without medical attention, as a precaution you might consider administering oral NAC during recovery and for a few weeks afterwards. (NAC is frequently prescribed for children with autism and high irritability).

    Some good news: 1) Tests that showed people who recovered from COVID-19 and later tested positive, had not really contracted the disease again. The residue of destroyed virus RNA particles were found to yield the false positive result. 2) Analysis of those recovered from COVID-19 showed that there were significant immune cells created to respond to future contact with the virus, but for how long remains to be determined. 3) Analysis of blood collected between 2014 and 2018, (before COVID-19), showed that people who have in the past had a cold from a coronavirus cousin to COVID-19,* already have immune cells that can successfully attack the COVID-19 virus.

    * That analysis of blood collected between 2014 and 2018, did not reveal what percentage of samples showed COVID-19 immune cells. Michael Levitt, a Nobel-prize-winning scientist argued at the start of May that the growth curves of the disease were never truly exponential, suggesting that some sort of “prior immunity” must be kicking in very early. Professor Karl Friston, a statistician, estimates that up to 80% of the population is not even susceptible to COVID-19; (if his estimate is 100% higher than reality, an amazing 40% of the population is still not susceptible).


  • On the web page How to Benefit from the Changing Power of God by Waiting on the Lord in the section titled Lying Wonders.

    1. the fiery darts description has been changed to: The fiery darts can be painful with itching or just very painful.

    2. The below description of demons' applications of body sensations,

        expect their application of bodily sensations: heat, cold, freezing, skin burning, pain, pricks, water, fire, darts, itchings, vibrations, twitching or jumping of legs, crawlings on you, sudden ringing in the ears, heart skips, heart racing up to 200 beats per minute for days, sneezing, internal blows like a slide hammer. These can be felt on any part(s) of the body, often the private parts. "Above all, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one." Ephesians 6:16

      has been changed to add the bolded itchings and twitching or jumping of legs in the above list.

    The itchings and/or painful darts are frequently applied to existing sores on your body. Rub where it itches; don't scratch, (even if no sore), because scratching will eventually make the itching worse and develop more painful sores. Rubbing temporarily stops the itch just as good as scratching. It can be helpful, but medications on itchy spots from demons only work temporarily. Regarding darts and/or itchings, from the Word of the Lord within: "Grin and bear it; don't complain."


  • On the web page How to Benefit from the Changing Power of God by Waiting on the Lord in the section titled Suffering — Tribulation (later in the disciplining process, and the hardest part of the cross!), the following addition has been made:

    One veteran of suffering at the hands of the demons wrote that the demons can torture a man in a thousand different ways. The list of the body sensations in the Lying Wonders of the above section are those that I have experienced; they are not an exhaustive list of all possibilities of pain and suffering. Further, you can already have some natural condition, (such as an infection anywhere within or on your body), and the demons will often jump in and apply additional pain/suffering to the area of your malady.


New Keywords in the Concordance: