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The messages from the Word of the Lord within on this site are provided to help you gauge the truth of the words you hear spoken to you, to correct the many errors of the deficit sects' doctrines, to encourage you, to caution you, to help you understand the true promises of the Bible, the true restrictions, the true hope, true belief, true faith, and true way to attain the promises. However, the messages published on this site are dead words, without life; whereas words that you hear Him speak to you are words with life and resulting power. Regarding the similar dead words, (without life), that you read in the Bible, the Lord has spoken this advice: "When you have heard the dead words in the Bible and recall them, heed what is said; always obedient to His commands." Does that mean you should disregard any commands from Him that you read?—no, just like the many commands you read in the Bible, you should try to follow them; but as long as you don't deliberately violate a command, should you slip and fail, you should only regret your lack of ability and not feel condemned. The commands you have heard Him speak to you come with the power to obey, providing you do your best to comply.

The words you hear may not be exact duplicates of the words in the Bible or of these messages, but every message you hear from Him will be compatible with the true meaning of the words of the Bible, as well as compatible with the messages on this site. Every message you hear is like receiving a piece to a puzzle, each word fitting together, filling the gaps in your understanding, until you finally see and feel the brilliant truth and wondrous beauty of the scriptures' promises, salvation, and righteousness — the unfathomable depth of God's love to crown his creation in restoring man to sanctity and holiness in union with Himself through Christ.

New Messages from the Word of the Lord within:

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  • William Penn in his No Cross No Crown wrote about self-denial of the cross, referencing how Abraham denied his own will by being willing to sacrifice his only son as he as ordered, (which order was cancelled at the last minute). So that anyone seeking God knows that things have changed since the days and place of Abraham, the following commentary has been added to that writing by Penn:

    [Abraham lived in a time and location in which the sacrifice of children to false gods was common, so that command was not shocking like it is to us today. No one seeking God through following his commands will ever receive a command for them to harm another person. Gentleness is the fruit of the Spirit of God, not violence. Remember, ignore any command that is not moral, pure, peaceable, fair, gentle, easily accepted, immediately understood, sincere, James 3:17, (even commands to you that chastise or rebuke from the Lord have to be pure, gentle, fair, easily accepted, make sense, etc.). There may come a time, when you are sufficiently pure and can distinguish the Voice of the Lord vs. the voice of the enemy, that you are given the words to sharply rebuke someone such as an opposing priest or pastor; but because those words come from God's exact words you are told to speak, those words are supplied to help such a person understand the consequences of their behaviors, not to harm them.]


  • The following has been added to the list of Deceptions, in How to Benefit from the Changing Power of God by Waiting on the Lord:

    Until you have seen Jesus appear in your heart to guide you and bring your salvation, ignore any messages you hear that order or encourage you to spend significant time away from waiting on Him. See 2 Tim 2:4 for more detail. From the Word of the Lord within: "You can spend your time trying to correct evil, or you can spend your time seeking me. Forgo the world. In no way do I diminish those who spend time reading the web site."


  • In at least one reported instance, the demons are issuing commands to repent in harshness, intenseness, sometimes incomplete, sometimes in disdain for you, often requiring behavior that only the very-near-perfect could achieve. Therefore the following has been added to How to Benefit from the Changing Power of God by Waiting on the Lord:
    Ignore any command to repent that is not pure, peaceable, fair, gentle, easily accepted, immediately understood, sincere, (even commands that chastise or rebuke from the Lord have to be pure, gentle, fair, easily accepted, make sense, etc.).
    From the Word of the Lord within: "The Lord is gentle and kind to those whom He corrects, and even more than usual to those in suffering circumstances. He is nothing but love and kindness."


  • In William Penn's Introduction to the Journal of George Fox, Penn describes how the true church had fled into the wilderness. That description along with an additional footnote commentary to his description is below:

    "Now the true church fled into the wilderness; from superstition and violence to a retired, solitary, and lonely state. There the true church was hidden and out of sight of men, though not out of the world. In the judgment of the Holy Ghost, her usual visibility was not essential to the being of a true church. She was just as true a church in the wilderness, though not as visible and lustrous, as when she was in her former splendor of profession. In this state she made many attempts to return, but the waters of the world were yet too high, and her way was blocked. Many of her excellent children, in several nations and centuries, fell by the cruelty of superstition, because they would not deviate from their faithfulness to the truth."*

    * Site Editor's Comments: Some read the above statement by kingdom-dwelling William Penn to mean that since the founders of their sect were persecuted by the Roman sect, then their sect must be founded on truth. However, as Penn stated above, the true church in the wilderness was a retired, solitary, and lonely state, hidden and out of sight of men, which means the true church then only consisted of individuals who were not affiliated or part of any sect. Other than the Apostles church of the 1st Century, (lasting until 388 AD), and the early Quakers of the 17th Century, (beginning in 1648, lasting until 1880), there has never been any sect that was founded by Christ or represented true Christianity; and it is the same today, as spoken by the Word of the Lord within: "Christianity has no idea what I am or for what I stand. Just like Judaism was taken over by the enemy, so has Christianity, which is corrupt through and through. There is no church in the world that Christ set up specifically; none of the churches reflect true Christianity."


New Keywords:

come forth Like the resurrection of Lazarus, after you undergo the baptism of death, the Lord calls you by name to "come forth." John 11:25-26,43, John 5:24-25,
Isaiah 49:6,9 ;
imprisoned by darkness
All men start as slaves to sin, imprisoned in darkness, groping through life like blind men grope the wall. Isa 42:6-7,Isa 61:1, Isa 49:6,9,
Psalms 107:10, 142:7, 1 Pet 3:18-20;